Video: Wicked-Quick 1936 Inline-Six Turbocharged Pickup

Most trucks you see on the road today are used for their intended purpose, hauling or towing things.  Ultimately that is what the manufactures had in mind when they created all these different types of trucks. Like most things automotive, though, the purpose of a vehicle changes after a hot rodder gets hold of it, and trucks are not immune to this. You can find them slammed, chopped, lifted, and raced in all sorts of venues.

We have featured on Dragzine some pretty gnarly race trucks in the past that run on diesel power, but nothing like this little monster of a truck owned by Steven Staff.  Steven’s truck is a 1936 Chevy pickup truck that, from a distance, appears close to stock. However, this truck is the definition of a wolf in work truck clothing. Staff really let the truck eat this year at the Raceday held recently at the San Antonio Raceway in Texas.

The truck itself is a 1936 1/2 Chevy truck, and what sets it apart from others is the fact it still has the 292-inch inline-six under the hood. The inline 6-cylinder motor was used by GM from 1929 until 1990, but never quite like this. This motor is built to the hilt with all kinds of go fast goodies and has a Garrett 80mm turbo making plenty of boost. The turbo gets a fresh charge of air from a custom air-to-water intercooler setup. Shifting the gears is handled by the classic GM Powerglide transmission, and a Ford 9-inch rear end filled with a set of 3.70 gears out back keeps the tires rolling on the truck.

This truck has been a 22-year project for Staff and his brother, Craig, who acts as crew chief. NMRA racer Mike Murillo helped the team out with the tune after the switch from nitrous to a turbo, and Sissell Automotive has assisted with a killer intake, cylinder head and valve train setup. All of this is put together by K&S Machine. 

The truck has been as quick as an 8.44 in the quarter mile, but Steven and Craig want to put this truck into the 7s!

(Video courtesy of Javier Padron)

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