Video: World’s Fastest Golf Cart Races (And Beats) Some Fast Cars!

pq1If you clicked play on the video above before reading this text, you probably figured out really quick that the golf cart shown racing alongside — and almost beating — a souped-up Pontiac GTO at the Darlington Dragway is definitely not the beer…err golf club-carrier, you borrow for a few hours up at the country club. And our guess is, it was right about the point that it pulled into the water box like the race cars you’d usually find a golf cart pulling, and ripped off a real, honest-to-goodness smoky burnout all the way to the starting line.

And you would be entirely correct.

Plum Quick Motors, a South Carolina-based supplier of high performance electric motors for golf carts, put together an insane creation known as “Tee Time” that set a world record for speed in the 1/8-mile back in 2012 when it clocked 98 MPH on a 7.48-second pass at the Mooresville Dragway — a mark that was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The highly modified cart is based upon an original stock DS model Club Car that was built for extracurricular purposes by Plum Quick’s Robby and Rick Steen and their father, Carson. The cart is deemed “80 percent stock,” complete with the original body, suspension, disc brakes, forward and reverse gears, the original stock tires front and rear, and of course, the onboard ball washer club rack, and even a golf bag and a set of clubs strapped on for good measure.

pq2What HAS been modified, however, includes a number of safety features like a full roll cage, a five-point safety harness, and kill switches for the driver, and even mounted a parachute. Yes, a golf cart with a fully-functioning parachute. And of course, the power has been substantially upgraded from the 15 MPH snoozers on the golf course, and Tee Time is outfitted with one of Plum Quick’s 204-volt, 1,000 amp motors and what one media outlet describes as “1,000 pounds worth of lead acid batteries.”

Since the record-setting run, other video — like the one shown here — has surfaced of Tee Time making full 1/4-mile passes in Darlington. According to the video credits, after the cart dusted a 5.0L Mustang, only Rick Olin, with his Pontiac GTO, was willing to line up alongside it. The GTO runs in the neighborhood of 123 MPH at the stripe, and Tee Time is hanging right in there, meaning the cart is capable of running upwards of 115-120 MPH. 

That will certainly get you through 18 holes in record time!


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