Watch This: A 12 Second Smart Car Powered By A Big Block Chevy

If you look close enough, a Smart Car can be spotted on top of this Big Block Chevy. The Smart Fortwo has been around for awhile now and it was only a matter of time before someone hot rodded one. The concept is like something out of an old episode of Monster Garage “Take an Eco friendly car and make into a drag racing machine.” The welders were lit, the tear down and fabrication was complete and after a few weeks of sweat the Smart Car can pull low 12 seconds passes at the strip. Who’s laughing now, haters?

The car is built around a custom tubular frame rear wheel drive chassis. Its interior looks more like that of a funny car’s rather than a smart car with a single seat directly behind the motor. A massive 454 BBC rockets the car down the strip, while a powerglide tranny sends the power to the wheels. Mickey Thompson drag slicks sit on the rear and wheelie bars prevent this lightweight from capsizing.

The Smart Car body is placed over the chassis, housing the driver and creating the ultimate stinkbug. The owner plans on taking this little machine into the 10’s. This is what happens when you take a feminized car and inject it with with a gigantic needle of testosterone. What do you think is next, a Hemi Prius?

The internals of a man’s Smart Car.

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