If you happen to own a high performance machine shop or aspire to set out on your own and looking to acquire some top-of-the-line equipment, we may have just the source you’ve been looking for. Nearly a year ago, Bill Mitchell of World Products announced the World Products Engine Builder Program, effectively transitioning the role of building and supplying complete engines on to Worlds’ network of client engine shops. World Products continues to offer their complete line of award-winning engine components, as well as custom machining options on all of their blocks and heads.
With the first anniversary of the closing of the engine division right around the corner, World Products is liquidating a vast array of their no-longer-needed engine shop machines and related tools and equipment, which come with all of the tooling needed to prepare, test, and even install your own high performance engines. Some of the machines being offered include a Sunnen Precision Connecting Rod hone, two Hines electronic balancing machines, a Vectrax 14×20 lathe, a Global Finishing Solutions paint booth, a Miller Matic Challenger 172 wire welder, three complete DTS dyno rooms, a Waterman Sprint Flow Bench, and a 9000-pound Karlift auto lift with height extension.

Bill Mitchell Jr. indicates that all reasonable offers on these items will be considered. Bill can be reached for further questions or offers at 631-981-1918, Ext. 180.