2017 Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Coverage From OKC


After running very late last night we faced rain this morning and it’s non stop so there will be no racing today and the second day of the event will be run on Sunday pending weather. We will be on site proving our same day coverage if the weather holds out for us to get the third annual Outlaw Armageddon in the books.

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The Punisher 2.0 is an old school Ford pick up owned and driven by Matt Fetty based out of Pueblo, Colorado and powered by a 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine with an F3R 131 Procharger and a three stage Nitrous Outlet fogger system. Yes you read that right, a Procharged, nitrous huffing diesel with extensive head work and porting done by Craig Armon from DICheads. It's backed by a Lenco Transmission and Bruno drive and a Neal Chance two piece lock up converter. The engine uses the stock PCM and injector control module using a custom stand alone wiring harness from Diesel Conversion Specialists in Montana and tuned by Jesse Warren using SCT software. Matt has had the truck for about ten years after purchasing it as working ranch truck with the original 292 Y block engine and promptly swapped in a 428 Super Cobra Jet with a top loader 4 speed. The chassis was built by Greg's Speed Shop with the rest of the fabrication done in house at his shop Fetty's Automotive which specializes in Power Stroke repair. This is the event debut for the combo which was finished just this week with no time to test before hand. A low charging issue forced him to back off in first round of the truck class Friday. From right to left, Matt Fetty, Steven Fetty and Allan AKA Rock , other crew includes his father Carl, Craig Armon, David Winegardener and Jeff Hetrick.

Southern Sportz Racing runs this 1974 Chevy “No Luv” pick up powered by a Garrett 88MM single turbo small block sporting 377 cubic inches and managed by Holley EFI and backed by a power glide transmission. The truck was built with plans to run Texas 2K and play with the GTR's and Lambos but an engine failure put that on hold and he swapped the engine combo from his other truck, Blazonic, with the switch taking right about two years to complete. He is entered in the True Street class this weekend which is tortured on a 60 mile cruise.

Friday's Big Tire winner Shawn Wilhoit has the Mistress 2.0 based out of Weatherford, Texas and has campaigned this Montana Brothers built chassis in 2017 after several years with the OG Mistress Chevy II. Shawn did not want to cut up the Nova for the needed upgrades to compete as the racers keep getting faster so he pulled the trigger on a purpose built car. Power comes from a 540 from Morgan and Sons fed by twin 98 MM Garrett turbos with Ryan Mickie ComSync engine management with a Speedwire harness connecting all the electronics. The engine is tuned by Manny Alvarez from HPP Racing. The Big Tire class had fifty four cars in class with seven rounds of competition including the toughest no prep cars in the country. This makes back to back wins for Shawn after his No Preo win at Ozark Raceway last weekend. “We didn't finish racing till about 330 and I got to race my idol Larry Larson in the final who was the inspiration for the original Mistress Nova build. We had severe tire shake in round two which required between round repairs and thankfully we had the parts on hand to fix it. Sponsors for out team include Phil's Trailer Sales, Morgan and Sons, Texas Meat Packing, HPP, ComSync, Wolfe Aircraft for the hot and cold side fabrication, M&M Transmissions, Custom Ect. Royal Purple and Nitrous Outlet and Monkey Shine Speed Shop.” - Shawn Wilhoit

James Love aka Doc was running well in the Big Tire race on Friday and is preparing his car for the Herc All Star race this afternoon. He runs Morgan and Sons big Chevy topped with a Vizner Engine Development intake and throttle bodies managed by a Haltech EFI. A Rossler trans handles gear changes with a new converter undergoing testing from a well known, but currently undisclosed builder and a new billet third member from Nitro Gear. His match Friday night with Big Chief went to the tape for the call with the track officials putting The Crow on to the next round. The update from Rob's Pro Fab Race Cars is now two years old and still features the the original steel body with carbon doors, front clip and deck lid. He is running a new Mickey Thompson 34.5 17 x 16 tire this weekend with very good results so far.

Mike Qualtney was the runner up in the truck class Friday and unveiled the new engine combo today so we stopped by for another chat and some photos. The engine is a t win turbo small Chevy with a stroke crank backed by a power glide transmission. Mike is still working out the tuning on the set up but was running about 1,100 horsepower tune with quite a bit more left so Mike is happy with the results so far. He runs a Mega Squirt MS3 Pro engine management system. “The Mutt” has quite a few interesting features including a computer touch screen dash with full internet capabilities and an on board air compressor for easy tire pressure adjustments.

Ron Gibony brought his White Rhino GMP Sierra here with zero tuning time to support the event, his sponsors and the fans. Over the last three months he has switched from his nitrous combo to an F2R Procharger driven by a Midwest Performance and Turbo gear drive on E85 fuel. Henson Race Engines reconfigured the nitrous engine to a 565 cubic inch big block Chevy topped with Dart Pro 1 heads and an Edelbrock intake. Ron plans to run Drag Week next year and updated the cage to help in putting the new power to the ground. He also switched over to a ladder bar rear suspension which tends to work better with longer wheel base cars and to fit in more street oriented classes which ban 4 link suspension. We took some weight out going to Optic Armour lexan windows and Wilwood brakes“We do everything we can to be street legal casue I love driving it.” Ron Gibony

Chuck Parker own this 55 Chevy he has campaigned for two years winning about eleven racers in 2016 with a 632 cubic inch Chevy just swapping in a Sonny’s Chevy Hemi sporting 880 cubic inches and three systems of Nitrous Outlet foggers a month ago. The car is a Teddy Houser chassis with paint and body work by Mike Baker at Baker Bodyworks in Elgin Oklahoma. Engine management is done with an EFI Technologies system with torque transferred by a Pro Torque Converter and Rossler transmission. Mickey Tessner did the headers and has done some other chassis mods on the car to fit the 5.3 bore space engine. Chuck also own Rigid Oil Fielf Services and is on eof the sponsors of this event. “This year we started out the season winning Edinburgh Raceway No Prep in December, then The Dirty South in San Antonio for twenty five thousand dollars and one other race for three win so far this year.” – Chuck Parker. Chuck is pictured on the left with crew chief Kirk Peters.

In round one of the Herc All Star race Bobby Ducote left early against Lucifer taking a loss.

Jonathan Cornelson and crew made some adjustments to the Vette which is being driven by Mike Henson today in the Herc All Star race after breaking his car “Plan B” on Friday. He lost traction at the hit ending his day early against Birdman (near lane)

We stopped by “The Outcast” pit and talked with Kenna Novacek to get updated on the combo which is driven by her husband Tony Rizzi a “37 Chevy pick up powered by a 360 cubic inch Duramax diesel engine with twin turbos and nitrous used to cool the cylinder temps. “We do a lot of work with Wagler Competition Products sled pulling and decided to throw the engine in a drag race application to see how it does. We have been as fast as 4.60 at 158 MPH which is better than we expected and are close to our chassis certification. We had the engine and bought the truck for the build and have run it for about a year with a Rossler transmission and NCRC converter.” - Kenna Novacek The team is based out of Edmond, Oklahoma from their shop Full Pull Diesel Performance and took a loss to Monza by three cars.

Big Chief faced off with Taggart’s Swamp Thing who earned an upset win as both cars struggled with traction and heavy steering input from both drivers.

Friday’s Big Tire winner The Mistress 2.0 was paired with David “Bird” Jones who shook the tires hard at mid track and Wilhoit’s Mistress moving to round two.

Megalodon faced off with Reaper in a close match taking the stripe by about a car length. (shown at right) Dominator also goes to round two as Hellinore fell behind early.

The Zombie faced a tough opponent in The Godfather but managed a win getting around the Camaro who looked to push a head gasket out just past mid track.

In another upset loss Shawn Ellington in the Murder Nova went left hard at the hit in his match with Kye Kelly’s Shocker. He fought the car to gain control but wound up in Kelly’s lane and following him to the stripe.

Disco Dean faced off with last years winner Steve Wiley. Dean’s Mopar struggled early getting out of shape as Wiley went right down earning the round win.

Final Results

The True Street Shootout had a good field and some very tight racing with Blake Hughes taking the win in the “ Lucky Bear” Mustang owned by Javier Fernandez and based out of the 417 Motorsports shop in Springfield, Missouri.

Sixteen thousand dollars was on the line in the High Roller Bit Tire Shootout with an 8 car field and a 2K buy in had Ryan Martin and Larry Larson in the final with Larson jumping past the starting line while staging, disqualifying himself allowing Martin to take the win in the Fireball Camaro. Larson did back up and made a hit anyway showing he had more than plenty for Martin but it was not to be his day today.

Birdman James Finney took the win at the third annual Outlaw Armageddon over Kye Kelly in a hard fought battle dealing with a difficult track until the sun went down and things tightened up. Finney has been running 572 Hemi from Nelson Competition for about five weeks now with very good results, scoring 33 round wins, four runner up finishes and the win here at Thunder Valley tonight. He was here for the Thursday night TNT session where he broke a converter, after going through the trans and cleaning it out he forgot to install the filter which resulted in a damaged transmission and a round one loss to Doc’s Street Beast on Friday. Sponsors include Neal Chance Racing Converters, Proformance Transmissions, VP Fuels, Billet Atomizers, Wolfe Aircraft and AMS 2000.

“It was real slick during the day so the lower horsepower guys had a chance against us but Megalodon nearly beat me, I think we beat by half a car, maybe. Kye is always fast but the track had tightened up about twice as tight and it was game over then. Howie Crabtree is my crew chief, car chief, he keeps this car together, man he is a work horse, has been my best friend for twenty seven years. Nick Guettler works side by side with Howie. Chad Rogers is our super tuner and fabricator, man he can get us down a dirt road. Dave at Proformance gives us great service and helps out looking over the data and is so much help with our program” - Birdman


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