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We are here for the final day at the 22nd Annual Haltech World Cup Finals. Vendors are setting up for some great deals and action!

After the rains came last night many of the racers needed to cover up the cars for today's eliminations. The track staff has requested that all racers make sure that the cars are not dripping any water when they come up for a pass.

Racers are in the pits getting ready for the 11am start of eliminations today.

Be sure to stop by the Haltech to take a look at all the electronic goodies they have to offer from mild to all out race setups.

The 22nd Annual Haltech World Cup Finals is seeing a packed house here today for eliminations!

Jason Miller and the track personnel have been keeping on top of the track all day!

One of the WCF Girls making her way down track to throw some goodies out the packed house here at Maryland International Raceway!

Track prep has been excellent today. Carlos Sobrino in All Motor headed towards the sky in the Joker Mustang!

Bill Lutz climbing the ring gear in the first round of eliminations where he had a broke bye. Kenny Lutz put a tuneup in her this round!

Outlaw vs Extreme, Radial vs Modified, and X275 vs Hot Rod First Round of Eliminations.

All Motor, Street Fighter, and True Street First Round of Eliminations.

The clouds came in over Maryland International Raceway after first round of eliminations. This time no rain followed! We are hoping to finish up eliminations tonight!

Jimmy Dolan continues to improve every pass in the Yetti! Justin McChesney has the tuneup in the Haltech making some power!

Jesse Lambert, Michael Martin, and Joe Newsham all were on some passes in round one. Unfortunately Joe Newsham was driven around on the big end.

While the track crew was getting some heat into the track as Street Fighter was waiting to run, Fabian the announcer from Maryland International Raceway, came out and was throwing some swag shirts to the spectators here at the 22nd Annual Haltech World Cup Finals.

Check out the elated faces on the crew as the racer they were behind took the win!

Outlaw vs Extreme, Radial vs Modified, and X275 vs Hot Rod, and Street Fighter Semi Final Sheets.

All Motor, Super Street, True Street, and Wild Street Semi Final Sheets.

Outlaw vs Extreme Winner Versatil Dejesus, Radial vs Modified Winner Rafelito Rivera, and X275 vs Hot Rod Winner Vinny Palazzolo. Both Versatil and Rafelito weren't the quickest in OvsE and RvsM but both were consistent enough to bring home the win. Palazzolo, driving the Benny Ortiz KBX-tuned Mustang, was on a string the entire night running mostly six second 1/4-mile passes. In the final he had a slight oil leak which cause a small fire after he went through the traps.

Alton Clements came out of the No. 4 position and battled through a tough Street Fighter class to pull out a win with his 8.2 Deck Mafia Ford combo. Shawn Ramey in Super Street was far and above the rest of the class running a couple 7-second passes. Carlos Sobrino sliced and wheelied his way through the All Motor field en route to another win!

The 22nd Annual World Cup Finals saw some exciting and thrilling racing. The Imports took the class wins by a 4-3 mark. Maybe the domestics can come back and sweep like in previous years. Make sure you mark those calendars for the 23rd Annual Haltech World Cup Finals October 31st - November 4th at Maryland International Raceway.

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