Bradenton Outlaw Drag Racing Championship 2011 Same Day Coverage


Welcome to the final day here at the Outlaw Drag Race Championship in Bradenton. Eliminations are set to start at 10 AM kicking off with 7.50 index. There will be a second chance race for X275 with the racers putting up some money to buy in and the track will match the pot. news for the Open Outlaw class has top qualifier Eddie Careccia out as of last night with a locked up engine, Tom Wirth is also out after burning a cylinder head and block on his last qualifying shot and personal best. Tough break for the Lil’ Pup racing crew. Brain Goss will also not make the call in X275 after breaking two rocker arms on his supercharged SBF.

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It's another beautiful day here in central Florida's West coast. We may reach a high temp of 79 degrees today with full sunshine forecast through the day the track may get a little tricky this afternoon. As always it's do the best you can, cut a light and race the track.

Billy Hamilton was the top qualifier in 7.50 index and is still in aftet two round of competition, defeating Shawn McNaughton after having the earned bye in round one.

Chris Adams is here again competing in 7.50 Index after having won here at bradenton at several different events. He took out Gerry Vizzo in round one with a perfect 7.500 @ 85 MPH.

Ed Wester launches hard in his Real Speed racing nitrous huffing SBF Mustang. he won over Paige Sosa, then John Fernandez in round two.

Bill Lee Jr. is driving this 79 Fairmont this weekend, he is also into the second round with the hard launching Ford.

Bill Lee Sr. is driving this weekend for the first time is over two years. He got by Carl Mitchell in round one but then fell to Ray Degiovine after breaking out with a 5.464.

Mark McElwee laid down low ET in Open Outlaw making the team very happy. A straight 4.88 @ 188 for them.

Teammates ken Cruz and Chris Mendola faced off in round one of Automatic Pro Mod with Mendolataking the win with a very nice best of weekend 4.19 @ 177. They have brought on Bob Newberry this year to help with tuning the car and it is paying off.

Frank Meshaw put down a 4.58 @ 139 after lifting early on what started out as a great run. the car drove to the right and he clicked it about 500 feet out. A red light in round two against Tony Johnson has him doe for the day.

Pat Adams al;ways launched hard with the wheels up, today he got into some tire shake and the car moved around towards the center line and he had to lift, taking the loss to Tony Lobaldo.

Amanda Long had a single running a 4.68 @ 166, matching Tony Ridenour's ET.

kevin Fiscus posted low ET for round one in ODR/Limited Street with a 4.541 @ 177 on his earned single.

Walt Drakeford had low ET in a round one single against the broken Brian Goss. Round two had Drakeford and Berry matching up with Drakeford again coming away with a round win.

Lary Hart had luck go his way big time after being matched up with the number four qualifier Rick Losee. Losee lost traction and coulnd'nt make up the differance handing Hart the win with a 5.32 @ 137.

Cory Berry faced off with Darrell Peterson in the only NA entry of the event. A .031 tree put Breey out frontand ran a nice 5.10 @ 138 taking the win.

Round 3 Sheets

Brand and Adams had a tight race in the semis of Auto Pro Mod , a 4.26 for brand takes the win over Adams’ 4.27. The El General Racing Team faced each other with Turull taking the upset win over Gonzalez who fell off pace early in the run.

Hutson takes a loss to Mcelwee, 3.82 to 3.91. Logan gets the round over Mike Laws with a 4.01 to Laws’ 4.17.

Final Results

7.50 Index winner Matt Cummings was the number two qualifier behind Chris Adams. Adams and Cummings met in the final with Adams going red giving Cummings the go ahead victory. Photo Courtesy Stephen Hawes.

6.50 Index Runner Up - Ramiro Sosa Jr.

6.50 Index Winner Ray Reese was one spot up on the ladder from Sosa at the start of eliminations and they wound up in a tight double break out final.

5.50 Index Runner Up - Steve Tiona

5.50 Index Winner Ray Degiovine put a .017 tree on Tiona forcing him to run hard at the stripe and breaking out by just .006 to Degiovine's 5.52.

X275 Winner - Walt Drakeford had low ET in round one then took out the number two car of Clint Lonon in the semis with a 5.07 @ 135 as Lonon slowed to a .20. In the final with Pirez he was out first with a .039 and put up a nice 5.02 @ 142 to stay in front of Pirez' 4.99 @146 MPH run.

X275 Runner Up - Troy Pirez Sr.

X275 Second Chance Winner Ray Korkowski fron Jupiter, Florida put his 1980 Elcamino in the winners circle here today. The car runs a simple cast iron Merlin head 468 ci. BBC on nitrous good enough for 5.50's. He met James Urban in the final seemingly redlighting away his shot but Urban broke early in the run and passed the scales on the top end to give Korkowski the win.

X275 Scond Chance Runner Up - James Urban

Outlaw 632 Winner - Mike Schmidt was the number one qualifer this weekend and met number three man Eddie Whitlow in the final after having low ET the past two rounds. Schmidt left first and was on a pass with Whitlow no slouch putting up a 4.70 @ 154. Shcmidt would have the stripe with a fine 4.66 @ 155.

ODR/Limited Street Runner Up - Amanda "Puddin' " Long ran well but struggled and came to the final hurt. Thew crank trigger was rubbing and caused a loss of power, also putting aluminum shaving under the car on the track. Initally waved back by the starter, the track was swept off and Amanda pulled forward to stage but lost traction at the green.

ODR/Limited Street Winner - Kevin Fiscus ran a 4.69 @ 175 after Amanda Long spun the tires at the hit.

Outlaw 10.5 Winner - Tony Johnson hails from Conyers, Georgia and qualified third in the ten car field. A .066 light and a 4.457 @ 172 took down top qualified Rob Wells as he shut down early. Photo Courtesy Stephen Hawes.

Outlaw 10.5 Runner Up - Rob Wells

Automatic Pro Mon Runner Up - "Tripple B" Bad Brad Brand Ripped off a 3.96 @ 203 in round one over Jerico Balduf for low ET of eliminations after struggling some in qualifying.

Automatic Pro Mod Winner - Gustavo Turull qualified fourth then laid down a 4.08 over El General Racing team mate Jose Gonzalez in the semi final. In the final he put a light on Brand and a 4.08 @ 180 for the win over Brands game 4.16.

Open Outlaw Winner - Mark McElwee posted low ET for every round after qualifying third. Perhaps not so strange being that the top two cars were out but running four 3.80's in a row is getting it done. He met with Ron Logans T n A Racing dragster in the final laying down a 4.87 @ 198 as Logan took himself out on a foul start.

Open Outlaw Runner Up - Ron Logan had two byes into the semis where he met with Mike Laws taking the win with a 4.01.

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