Orlando World Street Nationals 2010 Same Day Coverage


It’s all about Sunday here in Orlando for the World Street Nationals final day. Today will be a little different as an oil down in the right lane last night cut the final session short. They will run out the rest of the cars in the Drag Radial class that were in the lanes at the time. That is set to begin at 10AM and then we will move to eliminations.

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Round 3 Qualifying Videos

Watch all the cars go down the track in an exciting qualifying session at the 18th annual Orlando World Street Nationals.

Round 1 Eliminations Videos

Catch the round one action  here in all classes kicking off with Super Pro Street. One thing about Orlando, you never know what will happen. Underdog Gene Kerr goes all the way to the winners circle after a showing of great sportsmanship while paired up with Jeff Lutz in Super Pro Street.

Nothing better than a cool morning sunrise over the track on eliminations day.

here Jason Reuckert from VP helps a staff member put of the tree.

This big talk around the pits this last night and this morning is that Tony Christian announced yesterday that this will be his last race and he is thinking of puting a new driver in the car for future events. This comes as a suprise to many fans as Tony has been an icon of street legal raceing for many years. With this news we all know Tony wants to go out on top but Chris Rini might have something to say about that as word is they are looking for some teens during eliminations today. It's still early today to round him up for a chat but I'll catch up with Tony and crew later for some more on this topic.

Craig Pio took the number one spot in Outlaw 10.5 this weekend after getting some updates on the car at Josh McLeland's shop in Georgia. He went over the front suspension to help the weight transfer after the New York Motorsports team stuggled at last weekends race at SGMP. Pio had some consistant 60's with a string of 1.18's on a soft set up, gradually creeping up on the tune to make sure they got in the show. Then on Saturday they turned it up some to knock Lynch to second. They had several runs in the 6.70 range and then a 6.63 in the final session. Craig would like to thanks Dave Hance and Don Baily, Montana Brothers Chassis, Bobby from Outlaw Engines and the whole New York Motorsports crew for helping out.

Stanley Albritten Jr was servicing his transmission this morning. Stanley will be paired up against Rocky Raynor in the first round of Super Pro Street.

Orlando staple Tony the Sandman Williams team were hard at work prepping the car for eliminations. He will have lane choice over the 1963 Impala of Mike Holdridge in the first round.

Dave Morris and team were unloading his RJ Race Cars 1968 Camaro. Dave steadily improved on nearly every run and finished up ninth on the qualifying order.

Gary Langer was warming up his sweet 1955 Chevy this morning when we dropped by. The steel Chevy is motivated by an injected and supercharged 540 cubic inch Chevy. Gary squeaked into the field in the number 30 spot and will have an up hill battle in eliminations today.

Rick Prospero has his nova wagon solidly into the Drag Radial field in ninth. There are still nine Drag Radial cars left to qualify this morning that were left stranded last night due to an oil down. As soon as they make their runs we will have an updated ladder.

Number three qualifier Jerry Mitrovic hails from Toronto Canada and runs a small block Ford with twin Percision 94 MM turbos pushing air into the 450 cubic inch mill. They are happy witht he position given the smalllish engine in the class which was built in house at Mike Carrabs Mustang Alley. He founded the business in 95 and slowly got into racing since then. The team consists of Jerry Mitrovic, Mike Carrabs and engine builder Eddie Veros. He faces Orlando's own Mike Miller in round one.

In a last ditch effort to make the field Jeff Gibbud punched his way into the radial field this morning. His 10.03 was good enough for the 32nd and final spot.

Mike Holdridge and Tony Williams put on a show in the first round with Williams moving onto the next round.

Steve King rattled the tires so hard he shook the drivers door open but still managed to drive around Thorne to move into the second round.

Here are the pairings for round two of Super Pro Street

Frank Mewshaw had a large fire at the top end of the track in his win over Patrick Adams. Frank got the car stopped quickly and was able to exit the car safely. We will check in the pits to see if he will make the second round.

Tim Lynch went 6.72 in his new ZR1 Vette to move on to the second round.

The ladder for Outlaw 10.5's second round.

Kevin Fiscus went low for the first round of Drag Radial, with a 7.65. In other new Steve Morris brushed the wall just before finish line in the big wagon, steve was able to drive through and brought the car safely to a stop with only minimal damage.

Phil Hines has his procharged mustang figured out. Hines dropped deep into the seven second zone in the first round of Heavy Street.

Luis Rivera ripped of a 7.17 in the first round in Extreme Import at only 187mph.

Michael Baghdadi all the way from Cordell Park, Australia ran a 7.40 with his 2000 Nissan to advance in Extreme Import 2.

Round 2 Notes

Super Pro Street

Halvor Hanson Jr. was late on the tree in his match with Kenny Voss but put up a 6.29 @ 224 to get around Voss' 6.73 @ 208. Number one qualifier Chris Rini lost in the upset of the day after getting some severe tire shake and moving right towards the wall, then slowing to a 6.76 @ 214 to Rocky Raynor's 6.66 @ 207.

Gene Keer did his job on the tree in his 88 IROC Z to take out number 6 qualified Randy Jewell' twin turobcharged 68 Camaro. Jewell was way late with a .591 handing the win to Kerr's slower 7.07 @ 195 MPH.

Outlaw 10.5

Craig Pio ran a nice safe 6.85 @ 219 to take down Sandro Sementilli. He will me Jarvis in the next round after he made a move to the center line and lifted in a loss to Mark Kyger's Purple Nova. Lynch took out Floridian Pat Adams with a clean 6.71 @ 212.

Mitrovic was late and had tire shake and shut it down early against Dale Collins Jr. Engle won his round early with a red light by Amma.

Eric Kenward in his Malibu wagon beat Mackowski's mustang in the second round. Kenword will face the number one qualifier Mel Nelson next round.

Mike Schmidt is on a roll, two rounds of racing and two mid seven second runs. Schmidt will have lane choice over Norris in the third round.

Extreme Import Semis

Damon Chin set low ET and the track record for imports at the event with a 7.01 @ 199 as Rivera shut down and pulled off the side.

The other pair in Extreme Import was Herberto Santiago and Raul Reyes Buozo. Santiago left fires but moved out of the groove allowing Buozo to get around him to a winning 7.25 @ 188.

Extreme Import 2 Semis

Miguel Ortiz had a single as Orlando Torres wasn't able to make the call for the round. He shut is early after mooving towards the center line.

Edwin Burgess left first against Michael Baghadi and went on to a 7.89 @ 164 to advance to the final with Ortiz' RX-7.

Tony Christian had a big back fire in the lights and cross into the left guard rail. Tony is out of the car and ok but is done for the day. Rob is on his way to the top end for check on the situation. In the other notes Rocky Raynor made is best pass of the weekend to take out Jimmy Marino.

Tony Christian had a big back fire in the lights and cross into the left guard rail. Tony is out of the car and is ok but is done for the day. Rob is on his way to the top end for check on the situation. In the other notes Rocky Raynor made his best pass of the weekend to take out Jimmy Marino.

Jeff Lutz had a fuel leak inthe lanes and the staff allowed them a few minuites to see if they could make repairs before his match with Gene Kerr. Some great sportsmanship on the part of Kerr for waiting. The sourced the problem to leaking injector O-rings and got some replacements from Steve Petty.

Mark Kyger and Craig Pio had a barn burner of a race in their match up in Outlaw 10.5. Kyger was out first with an .035 light but Pio came around for the win with a 6.72 to Kyger's game 6.89

Mark Ingle was the last nitrous entry left in standing in Outlaw 10.5. Mark fell to Dale Collins Jr in the quarter finals.

Gene Kerr graciously waited for Jeff Lutz for the better part of a half hour. Gene was rewarded with a huge upset win when Lutz broke the rear about two hundred feet into the run.

Mel Nelson trailered Eric Kenwards popular wagon with a huge 211 mph blast.

Heavy Street rd 3

Sam Gottier put a tree on Cape Coral racer Terry Duffy and marched on to a 7.34 @ 182. Walt Drakeford did his job as well but couldnt hold off the Procharged Mustang of Phil Hines despite his 7.63 best of the day pass. Drakeford made the switch to Heavy from Radial and was fighting tire shake on the gear change all day.

Jeff Lutz went into tire shake and the rear window popped out about 200 feet out as he went on to win the round over Townsend. Mike Schmidt gave the tree to David Norris and drove by to a 7.41 @ 180.

The OL 10.5 semis were Tim Lynch and Craig Pio with Pio shutting off at the line and Lynch going on to a 6.69 @ 216. He will face off with Dale Collins Jr who had a single and ran a 6.96 @ 194.

Drag Radial had some excitement as Kevin Fiscus got way loose on the top end and slowing to a 9.07 @ 119 after clicking it in a nice save over Kenny Markwich. Mel Nelson shut it down early for his win over Griffin.

Super Pro Street Final will be Halvor Hansen Jr who had a bye run in the semis, verses Gene Kerr who has to be the Cinderella story of the event.

Sam Gottier will face Mike Schmidt in the final. Gottier will have lane choice with his 7.15 over Schmidt's 7.27

Gene Kerr shocked the world by laying down a .031 light combined with a 7.01 win Super Pro Street. Halvor Hansen will have to settle for runner up his quicker 6.81 was not enough to run down Kerr.

Dale Collins Jr is taking home the trophy and the big check in Outlaw 10.5. Tim Lynch broke on the burnout and staged his car anyway, but once the tree went green is was all Dale Collins.

Mel Nelson (far lane) won Drag Radial over Kenny Markwich in a pedal-fest. Mel managed to get his car to recover first and that was all he needed to take the stripe.

Raul Reyes Buozo will be taking the Extreme Import trophy back to his home town of Bayamin, Puerto Rico. The Lucimia team went round after round consistanly in the low sevens when others struggled to get down in elminations.

Sam Gottier was on a mission to avenge last years runner up finish. Not only did he do that, he did it with a 7.09 in the final, his best run of the weekend.

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