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 It’s going to be a little cooler overall with less wind through the day for eliminations. We start racing with 7.50 index at 10 AM here in Bradenton for the 2012 Outlaw Drag Racing Championships.

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Chaplin Ron Buuza led the Racers For Christ service this morning with opening remarks by Bill Lee Sr.


Jerico Balduff runs a Jan-Cen big block Chevy with a Kobelco Superman blower in his Pro Mod Corvette. During Saturday's warm up session he recorded a 4.33, a new personal best ET. In qualifying he managed a 4.36, in the final session last night they were having trouble putting down enough power and got into some severe tire shake that sent the passenger door off the car and skidding into the next lane. Balduff is paired with the Sir Thomas Racing Corvette driven by Tommy D'April.

Chris Tedeshi has a new big block 632 from BES under the hood, replacing the small block. They installed the engine just before No Mercy III and they are getting a handle on it this weekend qualifying ninth with a 4.85 @ 156 and will face off with 2011 Limited Street Heads Up Madness Champion Scott Husted.


Bobby DeBlasio lost the ring and pinion in his 6,50 index Chevy Vega this morning and twisting the driveshaft up in two pieces causing a short delay for cleanup.

Walt Drakeford has struggled recently with some electronics issues but managed a 4.91 this morning earning the win over Al Dito's Pat Musi small block powered Malibu.


Troy Fredrickson has his family here this weekend, he qualified fourth in X275 and was paired Mark Mahowski who put a .005 light on the Fast Forward Race Engines powered Camaro. Fredrickson drove around him with a 5.008 @ 143.


Tedeschi had a wild ride in a win over Scott Husted getting into tire shake, pedaling then going into a wheel stand. he was able to get the car back under power earning the win with a 5.12 @ 156 MPH.


"Big Lo" Angelo Graham has been running consistent 4.60's this weekend with his nitrous assisted Malibu. A 4.668 against Billy Driscoll advanced him to round two again Will Stevenson.


Robert Briscoe set low ET in Outlaw 632 with a 4.59 @ 158 MPH blast on a single.


James Hovarth backfired on the line and was pushed back after a small fire in the scoop sending Jimmy Marino on to round two with a 5.04 @ 147 to face Rodney Campbell who has lane choice.


Top Outlaw 10.5 qualifier Rob Wells ripped off a nice 4.16 @ 190 on his earned single this morning. The Ford Speed Racing Mustang has a twin turbo big block Ford providing the muscle.


Billy Glidden has run straight down every run this weekend with a 4.22 @ 168 on a single this morning and a .047 reaction.


Jon Adams (far lane) managed to squeak by Chris Mendola at the stripe with a 4.33 @ 170 and Mendola slowed to 140 MPH and a 4.36.


Frank Cersosimo took a holeshot win and a wild ride over Wayne Smozanek's blown Corvette coming just so close to the center line pedaling the car several times on the run.


Tom Wirth put his car on the pole in Open Outlaw and set low ET for round one with a 3.82 @ 192 on his earned single.


Kenny Gonyo did his job with a .037 light earning a holeshot victory over Stanley Albritton Jr. in a blower vs. nitrous match up in Open Outlaw.


Jason Hamstra got into tire shake on his single clicking it off to a 5.90 @ just 89 MPH.



7.50 Index winner Mark Mullen was qualified number one but was bumped out by class runner up Lee Neal. Mullen had a single in round one and left firs on his opponents till the final with Neal taking the win in a double break out final. Photo courtesy Bryan Epps.

6.50 Index Winner Ray Reese hails from Coral Springs, Florida running a 1968 Nova. Reese pulled an .011 light to lead start to finish line after five rounds of competition.

6.50 Index runner up Troy Pirez Jr. Troy has been doing well in 6.50 lately earning a Wally at the division finals racing for Showtime Dragstrip, and again on Friday night at Showtime for car owner Kurt Sanders. Thanks go out to friends, family and crew member J.T. Performance Torque Converters, Fast Forward Race Engines and Devastation Motorsports.

5.50 Index Winner Dave Marcus is based out of Sarasota, Florida and runs out of the Bill Lee Race Cars shop in Palmetto. 5.50 was another class with five rounds to get finished where Marcus met up with Joe Puleo and cut a .017 light to Puelo's .076 break out run playing the catch up game. Photo courtesy Bryan Epps.


5.50 Index runner up "Smokin" Joe Puleo qualified number two and runs out of Royal Palm Beach with an 81 Corvette.

Sean Ashe, Jason Gatlin and crew put the ATF Musting in the X275 winner circle this weekend after changing to an F1R procharger from the F1X . Bradenton run under the 2013 rules this weekend which allows the F1X only on factory angle inline cast heads only. He set low ET every round and pulled of a 4.80 @ 146.17 MPH in the final against Troy Pirez Sr.'s big block nitrous Camaro. The car and engine is built and maintained in house with machine work by Nelson Competition.

X275 runner up Troy Pirez Sr. with Troy Jr. taking the double up runner up this weekend. Troy runs Induction Solutions nitrous, Fast Forward race Engines big block with a PTC converter in the Greg Stevens owned tried and true Camaro out of Dover, Florida.



Josh Klugger ran the table in Limited Street qualifying number one with the Pro Lite Batteries Mustang. He also set low ET in round one with a 4.37 @ 184 then just edged Chris Tedeschi in a pedal fest round two come from behind win. The twin turbo Proline powereplant is getting freshened this week at Fiscus/Klugger Racing in preparation for a shot at the 1/4 mile drag radial record at the MIR World Cup.

Limited Street runner up Bill Futch ran a best today of 4.48 @ 176 in round two against Tony Ridenour who red lit. Bill was handling driving duties this weekend for Mel Nelson for the south Florida based team.



Rodney Campbell took the win in Outlaw 632 over number one qualifier Robert Briscoe. Campbell was running consistant low 4.60's beating Jimmy Marino and Mike Schmidt on the way to the final with lane choice over Briscoe. When the tree came down Campbell was out first with a .031 but Briscoe's car hesitated going on the trans brake then backfired before it moved sending the scoop flying in bits and pieces landing in front of the tree. Photo courtesy Bryan Epps.


Outlaw 632 runner up Robert Briscoe hails from Stuart, Florida where he owns Atlantic Collision. The number one qualifier also set low ET for the event with a ner personal best 4.59 @ 158 on a first round single running a Nelson Competition 632 ci. big block Chevy.


Back to back wins for Rob Wells in Outlaw 10.5 after his win at Shakedown. Here he was number one qualifier and put up a 4.163 @ 190 on his round one single. Round two was a pedal fest against Mike Pruss' 51 Chevy out of West Palm Beach slowing to a 4.41 @ 184. In the semi final Tony Johnson got out first but lost traction with Wells slipping by with a 4.16. His .037 against Billy Glidden put him out front early and going on to win over Glidden's very game 4.180 @ 171 best run of the day. Wells' crew is Kenny Brengle and Steve Cooks this weekend. Big thanks go out to Precision Turbo, Pro Torque, Ford Motorsports, Micky Thompson Tires, Big Stuff and David Hance's New York Motorsports.


Outlaw 10.5 runner up Billy Glidden made the haul from Whiteland, Indiana with the Micky Thompson tire test car. he qualified number two and turned it up when it mattered in the final running a weekend best 4.180 @ 171.52 with his small block nitrous combo. This is the first race with the trusty small block in over two years.


Jason Hamstra took the win in Open Outlaw after driving down from Demotte, Indiana. After round one hamstra was the pictute of consistancy running a 3.77, a 3.76 and a 3.770 in the final over number one qualifier Tom Wirth who slowed to a 4.10 @ 152 after getting out of the groove. Hamstra had high MPH with a 199.20 in round two. Photo courtesy Bryan Epps.


Open Outlaw runner up Tom Wirth is based out of Lake Placid, Florida running a blown 1999 altered. He is a regular here for the Heads Up Madness series and qualified number one and set low ET in eliminations as well running a 3.764 @ 194 to take out Eddie Careceia in the semi final.


The Outlaw Pro Mod class split the final after neither competitor was able to make the call for the final round. Fast Frank had the advantage with a 3.954 @ 188 to Stavrinos' 3.980 @ 185. There was definitely some tight racing in Pro Mod this weekend.



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