After the rain shortened round one yesterday we picked up where we left of with Outlaw Drag Radial. The chance of rain turned into a certainty causing a stoppage and couple of hour delay but smooth running and a lack of crashes helped us get the race wrapped up.

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Tim Lynch and the Pro Line Racing crew put together 5 runs between 4.241 and 4.211 to earn the win Ultimate Converter Concepts Outlaw 10.5 at the 2012 No Mercy III, September to Remember. Hailing from Woodstock, Georgia he faced off with Coral Springs, Florida racer Mark Kyger in his twin turbocharged show stopper 66 Chevy II. Lynch took the advantage on the tree and laid down a 4.211 @ 183, his best pass of the day, to Kyger's 4.69 @ 167. This makes two wins in two races for the team with the Shakedown at E Town next on the schedule. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Outlaw10.5 runner up honors go to Mark Kyger from Coral Springs, Florida. The show quality 66 Chevy 2 has seen duty in NMCA Super Street for several years though he now travels the outlaw circuit on a more limited schedule.



New Port Richey, Florida resident got it done in Monte Smith/Holley/NOS Outlaw Radial through five rounds improving some each time till the finals where he lifted early after Will Stevenson lost the blower belt before the 330' after a 1.16 60'. The 598 ci BBC from Nelson Competition is fed by twin Precision turbos. Photo courtesy John Fore III.

After just his second event with a rebuilt car and a new engine from Steve Morris Will Stevenson topped the field with a 4.53 @ 168 for number one qualifier. After a round one single Stevenson got wins over Kerri Ann Beebe, and Robby Montgomery before setting low ET and a personal best 4.49 @ 166 in the semi final over Joel Greathouse before loosing the blower belt in the final. Dan Neumann Race Cars built the car and did the recent upgrades. Kevin Smith from KSR Performance and Fabrications scaled the car and some other fabrication. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Rich Bruder earns another win in TCI/FAST X275 with his F1-X Procharged 88 Mustang. He qualified number two with a 4.669 @ 157 and set high MPH for the event with a 159.38 MPH blast behind Martin Connelley's big block nitrous combo but Connelley, and several other cars, were broken and the ladder adjusted accordingly. The New Jersey based Bruder Brothers Racing has either won or broke every race they have entered this year making for a lot of ups and downs, and expenses. Photo Courtesy John Fore III.

X275 runner up Dustin Mewbourn hails from Lexington Alabama running this gorgeous turbocharged 89 Mustang. Dustin had a consistant low 4.80 car and did his job on the tree every round gathering three holeshit wins including number two qualifier Terry Elam in the semi final and a 4.802 @ 151.92 best run of the weekend. He pulled out a .001 against Bruder in the final. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Kevin Fiscusbested the rest of the X275 class in the $5,000 to win Automatic Transmission Factory X275 second chance race. Thirty six cars made it for first round with Barry Mitchell blasting a 155.01 best MPH in first round. Fiscus ran some low 4.90's and three singles to meet with Brian Tuten in the final where he put up a .032 light and a 4.991 @ 146 to Tuten's .053, 4.996 @ 148.85 earning the win. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


NMRA racer Brian Tuten rolled out from Lexington, South Carolina running a 1991 Ford Mustang turbo. Tuten qualified third with his mod motor powered Team Z Motorsports built ride with a 4.992 @ 146.round two had him meeting with Swanstrom where he set the 4.748 low ET. Tuten's better .055 light sealed the deal due to Justin's .334 reaction. A .019 4.919 @ 149 dispatched February's second chance winner Walter Drakeford in the semi final. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Bryan Marrow moved over to ProformanceTransmission/CAPSLOCK OIL Leaf Spring from Outlaw Radial at the last event here. it payed off in a big way for the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida racer. His F3-R Procharged 565 ci 79 Camaro ran the table in the class, qualifying number one with a 4.758 @ 158.71 MPH and earning high mile per hours on that run. His low ET 4.749 came in round three against John McDonough who fouled by just .003. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Number two qualifier Jason Richards is past event winner with his 632 ci nitrous huffing 68 Camaro. His best et of the event was a 4.850 @ 159.20 in a come from behind win in round three over Brian Brooks beautiful blue 66 Chevy II. The engine was injured when he got to the finals and he staged the car for a chance at Marrow red light in the nitrous vs. supercharger final. Photo courtesy John Fore III.

Billet Atomizer Injectors/Media 1 Ultimate Street winner is one Robert Rodgers, the Southern Regional Manager at VP Racing Fuels. Driving Bruce the Roberts Mustang prepped by Eric Kenward, along with the guys from TRZ Motorsports, they also ran the table with low ET, number one qualifier with the new class record 5.075and high mile per hour. He took the tree on his earned single in round one, beat Bill Clary in the second with a 5.115 @ 142.57 for the high MPH and new record MPH, then got by former NMRA True Street racer Chris Lancaster's mod motor turbo 66 Mustang after getting beat on the tree. In the final he was late with a .179 reaction to Pennington's .002 but was able to get by with a 5.079 with both cars having their best elimination runs in the final. The combo is a Nelson Competition 427 small block Chevy owned by Rodgers with an FTI transmission and converter, the Wilson cross bar plate system was flowed by Kevin Neal form Junebug Nitrous. Holeshot Wheels are found all around. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Ricky Pennington put his Chevelle in 19th out of 31 cars in Ultimate Street with a 5.482 @ 130. He runs a 432 ci small block Chevy on nitrous and is from Calera, Alabama. The car has seen competition in the now defunct ORSCA 7.00 and 6.00 before running here in Ultimate Street. He ran consistent 5.3x's in eliminations and his best run of the weekend in the final, a .002 light and 5.333 @ 131.28 MPH. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Precision Turbo/ MacFab Beadlocks Outlaw 275 Winner Marty Stinnett from Kuttawa, Kentucky. Marty qualified ninth with a 4.805 @ 159 MPH running a twin turbo 96 Cobra with a 450 ci small block Ford and Proformance Transmission. In round three Stinnet faced off with John Kolivas putting up a 4.483 class record to get around him after getting beat on the tree by .012. An .026, 4.488 @ 168.51 pass against "The" Kevin Mullins who went red by .003. Photo courtesy John Fore III.


Number three qualifier in Precision Turbo/ MacFab Beadlocks Outlaw 275 "The" Kevin Mullins was consistent running a series of low 4.6x's, improving to a 4.57 @ 161 in the semi final against number two qualifier Phil Hines. The "El Diablo" hatchback Mustang runs out of the Harrell Engine Shop with Blue Thunder heads on a small block Ford with a single turbo with a reducer.


PTC Radial vs. the World Winner Kyle Huettel put his 894 ci Fulton beast in the winners circle after qualifying in 16th with a 4.575 @ 162. He met up with Steve Jackson in round two putting a tree on him and running a 4.304 @ 175 for the nitrous ET record, sending Jackson to the trailer early. A 4.32 in the next round took out the double entered and Outlaw Radial winner Scott Husted. In the final he would meet Yellow Bullet Nationals Radial winner Frank Soldridge who was .002 better on the tree. Huettel's 4.353 @ 172 was enough to get by Frank's 4.365 ET, his best run of the weekend. Photo courtesy John Fore III.

Open Comp Winner is Kell Phelps from Douglas, Georgia over Matt Brewer.


7.50 Index winner and Open Comp Runner Up - Matt Brewer from Mt. Plymouth, Florida. Robert Fulton was 7.50 runner up in his 1985 S 10 Chevy.


6.50 Index Winner - Billy Walker from Bryceville, Florida.

6.50 Index Winner - Billy Walker from Bryceville, Florida.


6.50 Index Runner Up - Robert Jones form Tallahassee, Florida.


5.70 Index Winner - Charlie Tensley from Hephzibah, Georgia.


5.70 Index Runner Up - Jeff Gibbud from Palm Harbor, Florida. Jeff drives for car owner Phil Manquin out of the Real Speed Racing shop in Clearwater, Florida.


4.70 Index Winner - Randy Griswald from Phenix City, Alabama.


4.70 Index Runner Up - Casey Prince from Griffen, Georgia.




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