As predicted the weather is awesome this weekend and the performance in several classes shows it. Multiple new bests in Prolite Batteries Limited Street with Kevin Fiscus leading qualifying with a 4.40 flat. In Fastest Street Car Magazine Jose Gonzalez is on top of the class after a 3.86 @ 205 MPH in the El General Racing Camaro. We should have full sun all day which may give some of the teams some trouble as the track heats up this afternoon.

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Pat Steele is number one qualifier in 6.50 with his 1970 big block Chevelle. He has owned the car for fifteen years with most of it's life on the track. The Palm Haarbor, Florida racer runs a 505 ci Chevy from Scotty's Racing Technology in Spring Hill, Florida.

I stopped by the Heads Up Composites Ulrta Street's number one qualifier John Snyder's pits this morning. The Middletown, Delaware resident runs a 1965 GTO in class with chassis and cage work by Drummond Race Cars and a 541 cubic inch Pontiac engine from BES with a Dale Cubic dominator and Tiger heads. His best run here was a 5.10, just a bit off his personal best 5.04 in the 40 degree air at Cecill County Maryland.

Things kicked off this morning just after 10 am with the National Anthem and 7.50 Index the first class out.


Jeff Gibbud took a win over Stanley Albritton Jr. in 6.50 with his Real Speed Racing prepped fox body. Albritton broke out trying to make up for a late leave.

Real Speed's owner Walt Drakeford (near lane) made his best run of the weekend earning the win over Larry Hart"s 56 Chevy with a 4.92 @ 144 MPH.

Scotty Guadagno is driving for Eugene Rodriguez this weekend in X275. The number 5 qualifier was paired with Richard Ness who had trouble keeping the front end down. Scotty G got the win with a 4.95 @ 142 in the in house built small block powered Stang.

Don Lamana had a single after Mark Mahowski did not make the round in Ultra Street this morning running a 5.41 @ 133.






Denise Sosa took home the honors in 7.50 Index over Robert Wilson. Number 2 qualifier Wilson was off pace on the tree with Sosa running a 7.547 earning the event win.

Troy Pirez Jr. has been on a roll in 6.50 over the past few months with multiple final rounds appearances and several wins for car owner Kurt Sanders. Pirez was easily the most consistent on the tree all day.


7.50 Index runner up Rich Tilden runs this show car clean, street driven 63 Chevy out of Punta Gorda, Florida with a supercharged Chevy small block.

Number 4 qualified Bill Lee Jr. met number 1 in the final of 5.50 Index pulling a perfect light on Jim Walter's 57 Chevy, earning the win by just .002 at the stripe.


TRZ Motorsports X275 Winner Justin "Lil' Country" Swanstrom was second quick in eliminations after qualifying number two. The Fat Boy Racing crew brought three cars this weekend and got at least one in the winner circle with Justin earning back to back wins after the Tomato Nats in Immokallee earlier this month. Eric McMillon's Speed 365, Seidle Racing Engines are on board with Induction Solutions nitrous set up.

Scotty Guadagno made his X275 debut this weekend driving for Enrique Rodriquez. The Catagory 5 built 93 Mustang has a small Chevy from Scotty's Racing technoloogy and Induction Solutions nitrous. This makes 5 wins in a row for the Induction Solutions Additional fab work was done by Steffy Fabrication near Orlando.


There was a good showing for the first Heads Up Composites Ultra Street class this weekend with 13 cars making it for Sunday elims. Event winner Robert Rodgers put up consistent mid 5 teens and was second quick overall behind John Snyder's Pontiac. Team TRZ now includes Rodgers and Kevin Neal on board helping with the nitrous program. The Chevy small block is prepped by Nelson Competition in St. Pete, Florida.

Ultra Street runner up Brian Keep hails from Ft. Myers, Florida running this 1998 S-10 Chevy.

Prolite Batteries Limited Street winner Kevin Fiscus showed his hand early with a 4.36 @ 185 on his round one single. He bested Scott Husted in round three after both cars spun and Fiscus was late to the tune of .255. The final was also a pedal fest to a point but Turull was red by .002.


Gustavo Turull pitoted the El General Racing 2004 Corvette to the runner up spot in Limited Street with a new best ET 4.39 @ 176 coming in a tight race with Will Stevenson in the second round.


John Schroeder won the long haul award in T&J Services Outlaw 632 and swept the event with number one qualifier, low ET (4.53 @ 161) and the win. He ran a 4.55 @ 161 in the final with Robert Briscoe fouling first. Scotty's Racing and Induction Solutions are responsible for making the record setting power.

Outlaw 632 Runner Up Robert Briscoe pushed the tree too much in the final, his best run today was a 4.591 @ 157 MPH.


Jimmy Keen held strong for the nitrous lovers in Fastest Street Car Magazine Outlaw Pro Mod running mid/high 3.90's all day. He had a tight race against Fast Frank in the semi's coming from behind with a 3.97 @ 188 to the Viper's 4.059 @ 186. His .077, 3.991 @ 187 MPH run took the win after a foul start by Gonzalez.

Number one qualifer Jose Gonzalez set low ET with a 3.824 @ 206.89 MPH blast over Mike Tokars in round one. Gonzalez left .004 too sonn in the final getting loose near half track and clipping the ET cones before getting it back into his lane, reacting quickly to avoid contact with Keen.

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