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Street Car Super Nationals VI is in the books, but like last year, it took Herculean effort to get it all done. Going in, it looked like rain might be the main problem, but as it turned out, precipitation of a petroleum-based nature was the real hangup – multiple crashes and blown engines meant that eliminations stretched from 8 AM to almost 11 PM. A desire to keep cars from going “pop” on the top end, plus a crosswind hitting the top third of the track not in the lee of the grandstands meant that the decision was made to go to 1/8 mile for all classes when we hadn’t completed more than the first round of Pro Street and half of Outlaw 10.5 by four in the afternoon. Even so, it still took another seven hours to get through eliminations to the finals. Kudos to the hardy racers and insane fans who braved the wind and cold right until the end.

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Final Round Results

Pro Street

Rod Burbage probably wasn't too many people's favorite to win Pro Street - Qualified sixth in the 32-car field, Burbage caught exactly the break he needed in the quarter finals when Mike Maggio went hugely red, then outran Ed Thornton end to end in the semis. That set up a blower vs. turbo final against Giuseppe Gentile, and when the Mustang driver got loose and had to lift, it was all over.

Outlaw 10.5

Mike Murillo had a steep hill to climb in Outlaw 10.5 - when the announcement went out that races would be shortened to half-track, everybody knew that Billy Glidden had been given a huge advantage due to his ADRL experience. Glidden's 4.278 in the second round against Dan Saitz seemed to bear that out, and there was some talk of "Billy has a 3.99 tune in his trailer..." Whether he did or not, Glidden apparently did some damage on that pass with pops of yellow flame from the right-side header, and against Murillo in the quarter-finals he could only muster a 94 against Murillo's rock-steady 4.360. A follow up 4.361 in a broke semi-final bye proved Murillo had a handle on it, and against Doug Sikora in the final, Murillo ran a slower 4.378 to Sikora's 4.309 but won on a holeshot.

Extreme Drag Radial

Roger Holder qualified fifth in Extreme Drag Radial and worked his way through the 31-car field to meet number six qualifier Josh Lindsay in the finals. Lindsay gave up the leave, .066 to .041, but was pulling hard trying to catch Holder. Unfortunately for Lindsay, he ran out of track and went down 4.778 to 4.724, but carrying almost 6 mph over Holder through the traps.

Limited Street

Number 5 Limited Street qualifier Mark Washington made it to the finals Sunday night where he faced off against Mike Orban. Both drivers were slow on the tree, with Washington clocking a .101 and Orban a glacial .254. Washington ran the number - he had the quick time of eliminations with a 5.275 in the opening round, and only slowed a couple ticks in the final, clocking a 5.308 to Orban's 5.600.

Hot Street

Hot Street came down to a shootout in the finals between top qualifier Robbie Blankenship and number two on the ladder, Ron Dewild. Blankenship was slightly quicker beam to beam, running 5.245 to Dewild's 5.254, but reaction times decided it with Dewild taking the win on a holeshot.

Wild Street

George Raygoza earned a bye into the finals by defeating Ryan Jones in the quarters, then took home the win when Frank Vasela couldn't hook up in the finals, 6.415 to 6.934.

Street Challenge

Don Bonahoom took the Street Challenge title over David Welker on a holeshot - his .021 reaction and 6.566 ET were more than enough to get around Welker's dead-late .220 but quicker 6.454 pass.

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