Ultimate Outlaw Shootout and LS Motor City Rumble Race Recap


For the second year in a row the Pritchett Brothers bring their Ultimate Outlaw series to Milan Dragway in Michigan. The skies are blue and the weather is hot, with temperatures in the upward 80’s some cars have been struggling to get a tune on the track.  This event brings a whole new meaning to Outlaw racing in the north with classes like Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw drag radial and many LSX sanctioned classes. Drivers from as far as New York, Canada and Georgia have made the trip this weekend for the event.

News from the Pits and Testing

Jim Plimton, winner of the 2008 pump gas drags and major MDRA supporter made the hall today to compete in the Outlaw Drag radial class. Jim purchased his unique 1988 Thunderbird from friend and chassis builder Stan Bartol who campaigned the car as a Nitrous Oxide car. Plimpton purchased the car in 2007 and quickly converted the car into a 582 BBF backed by a F3 Procharger and built by Steve Morris making it that much harder to apply so much power to a little tire. Jim uses Charlie at ATD to build the transmissions. The team make a couple of high 4 second passes in qualifying and is gaining ground each pass.

In the 8.50 index I ran into Yellowbullet.com supporter Keith Groves who is here as a local Michigan racer. Keith managed an average 8.72 in round 1 of qualifying. Groves builds his own engines and is currently using a 496 ci running on two 28 jets of Nitrous Oxide to apply the power. Beebe chassis supplied the chassis work.

Columbus Ohio based Fast Eddy Parker brought his beautiful all steel bodied 68 Camaro here this weekend to compete in the Outlaw 10.5 class. Friend and chassis builder of 30 years John Holt built the car in 2003 for fast Eddy. The car has an  all original frame rail, even has power windows and has to be one of the cleanest cars on the grounds today. With a Charlie Buck 706 under the hood they know there is plenty of power to be made but with the heavy body they have managed a 4.60 to the 1/8 and a 7.12 to the ¼.

Possibly the nicest car on the grounds was brought here today from Canada, Frank Pompilio and his father brought their gorgeous 1967 Mustang built by LE Chassis to compete in the Outlaw 10.5 class. Frank went a career best of 4.59 during the event this weekend. Frank’s engine was built by Al Moody racing engines and is currently being tuned by Proline’s Steve Petty, the engine is backed by twin 94mm turbos and was plumed by K and K precision.

All 3 of the Ohio Boys racing team were here running in Outlaw Drag Radial and LSX Drag Radial, of the 3 Mike Brown seemed to be running the number this weekend. With a career best of 4.80 at 160 and 7.27  at 200 Mike was on a roll this weekend. Mikes car consisted of a 1998 Trans Am that’s cage was updated by Brat Motorsports and otherwise built and assembled by himself.  The car is using a single turbo mounted on a 427 LSX Kurt Urban built engine to supply the power and is based out of Dayton, Ohio. Mike has been using a Rossler TH210 to go through the gears and has managed a couple of local wins this year including that last heads up race held here at Milan.

U.S. Marine Matt Avedian has been over seas in  Iraq and Afghanistan the past two years waiting for his 2001 Trans Am to be completely built and assembled. Matt was running his car in this weekends 9.00 class and managed a 9.22 in qualifying. Chris Crawford at National Speed built the car and Sea at Virginia speed took the duties of assembling the 371 ci engine using a 4788 turbo to supply some extra power. The Team is hoping to be able to make an exhibition pass after finals to break the world record for a 4788 turbo.


LS 10.00

In LS 10.00 Index 3 cars made it out today, one of which, Bill Kurres was running a beautiful Corvette to take the number 2 spot and was followed by John King, but leading the pack was Steve Verplank who won in the final over Bill Kurres with an 11.02 at 93.95 over Kurres 15.02 at 62.15.

LS 9.00

Taking the top of 3 spots in 9.00 was Raymond Litz who received a bye in the first round advancing straight to the finals. Ken Stone took the number three spot and advanced over number 2 qualifier Matt Avedian who red lit, to go to the finals. In the finals it was Ken Stone who red lighted handing the win to Raymond Litz who ran a 9.31 compared to Stone’s 9.22.


In LS Outlaw Radial we saw Mike Brown of Dayton, Ohio charge down with a 7.27 at 200.01 to take the number one spot. Mike was followed by fellow teammate Mark Koehler who ran a 7.50 and Steve Turley who managed a 7.70. Wrapping up the field was #4 John King who ran a 10.55.  In the First round of Eliminations we saw Steve Turley take the win over a broken Mark Koehler with a 7.60. Mike Brown ran another great pass with a 7.45 taking out John King who ran a 10.51. In the finals it was an all Ohio match-up with Mike Brown blasting a 7.33 to take out Steve Turley’s coasting 14.57.


With only one car showing in the Camaro Showdown Robin Lawrence took the win and number one spot, qualifying with a 10.98 and winning with a coasting 12.81.

LS TRUE 10.5

While there was only one car in True 10.5, Keith Berry had everyone standing on their feet as he set record after record all weekend long. Berry qualified with an 8.32 which was his fastest pass of the weekend but managed many mid 8.30 passes all weekend long. In the final he ran an 8.36 at 166 mph.

Ultimate Outlaw Results

A&W Performance 8.50

In 8.50 Luis Martinez  from Philly went to the number 1 spot with 8.51 at 155.63, following Luis was Mike Pyott with an 8.58 and Keith Groves from 8.72. Rounding off the class was Ted Hall from Romulus, Mi with an 8.74 and Jimmy Plimpton Jr with a 9.36.

In round 1 of Eliminations Luis Martinez had a bye and did not take it for granted running an 8.52 at 155.65. Jimmy Plimton Jr. took out Keith Groves with a 9.43 to Groves 10.20. In our last pair Mike Pyott took out Ted hall with a 8.54 over Hall’s 8.77. Martinez took out Plimpton Jr. to go to the finals with a 8.74. Mike Pyott had a competition bye to the finals and managed an 8.57.

In the final Mike Pyott ran an 8.52 to win over Martinez who ran a perfect 8.50 but car stuttered to move off the line resulting in a .654 reaction time and a runner up finish.


In Extreme 275 NMRA champ Jason Lee went straight to the number 1 spot with an 8.05, trailing was Ben Mens with an 8.58, Scott Grove with a 9.08 and rounding off the class was John Zombeck  with a 10.44.

In Round 1 Jason Lee took out John Zombeck with an 8.40 to John’s slowing 10.39. In the next pair it would be Ben Mens who ran an 8.54 to beat Steve Groves rolling 16.38. In an all Mustang final Ben Mens went .023 red handing the win to a wheel standing Jason Lee who still managed an 8.14 at 160 mph.


In ODR Dave Hinzman Had the field covered by nearly a full tenth all day long long with his effortless 4.70 runs. Dave Qualified number 1 followed by Wisconsin based driver Jim Plimpton.

Hinzman had a bye first round running a 4.70 at 153 while Mike brown took out Tim Hupson with a 4.83. Mark Koehler broke handing the win to Junior Southwell who ran a 5.68. Jim Plimpton ran a 4.85 to knock out Mike Keinz 5.41 attempt. Other drivers who advanced were Dale Arbogast, Adam Gier who ran a 4.85 and Wes Blakenship.

In Round 2 Hinzman ran a 4.71 to take out Dennis Hopper, Mike Brown ran a 4.83 to take out Michigan’s Junior Southwell. Jim Plimpton Tuned his 88 Thunderbird to a 4.89 over Dale Arbogast and Wes Blankenship managed a 5.03 to take out Adam Gier.

In the Semi’s is was the Ohio and Michigan Match up between Mike Browns 1998 Trans AM and Dave Hinzman’s Proline Mustang.  Hinzman got the jump and never looked back as he ran yet another 4.71 over Mike Browns career best of 4.77. In our next pair we saw Jim Plimptons Thunder Bird take out Wes Blankenships Red Lighting 5.15, Plimpton ran threw the traps with a 4.93 to face Hinzman in the finals.

In the Finals Jim Plimpton has the F3 Turned up as the car went into tire smoke as Dave Hinzman ripped down with a 4.76 to claim the win.


In Outlaw 10.5 we saw long time 10.5 racer Billy Glidden bring his hatchback mustang out of the garage. Billy made a few 330 hits and then blasted to a 4.41 to take the top spot over Jason Enos who ran a 4.42 at 178.49. Other Notables were Nitrous cars Scott Gaudagno who ran a 4.47 and Mo Hall who also ran a 4.47. In the first round of qualifying Jim Robbins had an explosion right past the 330 and was unable to find the parts to fix the engine for eliminations.

In Round 1 of eliminations we saw Billy Glidden run a 4.38 on his bye run to take lane choice over Mike Kimmis who managed a 4.49 over Greg Blevins Jr. Joe Newsham ran a 4.40 to take out the wild looking challenger of Brian Hicks. Jason Enos got off the hook as Jeff Baker left before the tree went down. Bill Lutz got the easy win as Canada’s Frank Pompilio went .009 red, Bill still ran a stout 4.58. Scott Gaudagno went a clean 4.45 to win over Ed Parker and to top off the round was Rob Golobo’s 4.51 win over Ron Stang.

In Round 2 Mike Kimmis went Red handing the win to Billy Glidden who ran a 4.40 at a coasting 147 mph. Joe Newsham ran a 4.42 to take out Mo Hall’s 4.94. Jason Enos went High MPH of the round with 177 running a 4.47. Scott Gaudagno went a 4.52 taking the win over Rob Golobo.

In the Semi Finals Billy Glidden had the Small Block on kill as it cruised to a 4.32 win over Joe Newsham’s crossed up 4.96. In our next pair Scott Guadagno was late on the tree but ran a 4.44 to take out Jason Enos 4.53. As Jason crossed the finish line, the car make a hard left into the wall head on taking out the front end and smashing the body of his beautiful 1967 Mustang. While the damaged seemed to be mostly cosmetic it was a very hard hit and could have caused some chassis damage.

In an all Nitrous final everybody expected the ever so consistent Billy Glidden to take the win, but track conditions changed and the little small block over powered the track blowing the tires off and going sideways about 60 feet out giving Scotty G the win with a 4.87 at 148.99.

Final Ladders

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