It’s that time of the year when the weather turns cold in Las Vegas, but the track heats up for some of the fastest door slammers in the country to race at the Street Car Super Nationals.  There are estimations of 50+ Pro Street/Mod cars to show up this weekend and with a big purse for the first Outlaw 10.5 car in the 5’s, you never know who might be converting for this weekend.  Keep it tuned to DRAGZINE all weekend for updates and photos from Vegas.

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This morning we shot Chris Alston's awesome Vortech supercharged Nova for an upcoming feature. Alston sits third in Outlaw 10.5W qualifying.

Eliminations Notes

Brad Brand made history during the first round of Pro Street by being the first person to ever run a 5 second pass on 10.5Ws with a 5.97. Brad collected $7,800 for that pass from a variety of sponsors that put up the cash for the first to the 5s. Better yet, Brad can still win the $20,000 Pro Street purse if he can keep running consistent 5.9s.

Randy Walker would have a close call when he crossed the centerline racing Randy Adler, who went on to a 6.261 win.

There were a two holeshot victories during the first round, starting with Rod Burbage who took out Dave Hance on a 6.090 to Hance's 6.088. Burbage would have Hance by .013 at the tree, and it looks like Hance's motor was also letting go on the top end of the track

Troy Coughlin would continue his consistency in the class and post up a 5.981 at an insane 255 mph - the fastest pass of the round. Clint Hariston would have problems with bad wheel hop the first 100 feet of his run, but was able to regain the GTO and narrowly beat out Monte Berney with a 6.529 to a 6.551.

Outlaw 10.5W

Nearly half of the pairings in Outlaw 10.5W was a broke bye run - 6 in total. Billy Glidden would set low ET of the round on his 6.426 single run. Mike Sasina would have a hairy run in his Mustang while racing Chris Storlie. Sasina's Mustang would begin to hop and while in the midst of regaining control, got dangerously close to the concrete wall. Storlie would go on with the 7.571 win.

Extreme Drag Radial

It was a bad round for John Wall...who ended up in the wall during the first round of Extreme Drag Radial. John was on a pass until around the 330-foot cone the Mustang got loose, cut in front of Dana Cook's Mustang, (who was able to luckily dodge Wall) went into the wall, bounced back off and then rested back onto it. Wall was reported to be ok.

Roger Holder is going to be hard to catch in Extreme Drag Radial, as he has been the low ET of every round, dipping to a 7.095 during the second round. An interesting run between Sandi Wold and Walt Brock found Brock going up into smoke off the hit, with Wold's car shutting off at 100 feet. Brock was able to straighten the car out and beat the costing Wold to the stripe.

Hot Street

It's been a Blankenship and DeMayo battle in Hot Street for low ET, with both Mustangs running in the teens, though it would be DeMayo with the class lowest during the first round with a 8.133.

Wild Street

Outlaw 8.5

If you think that an 8.5-inch tire doesn't hook, then you need to talk to Jack Avetisiam, who bounced his way down the track at every blip of the throttle. Fresh out of retirement Manny Figueroa continued his reign of terror by having the field covered by over a tenth during every round.

In the semi final round of Outlaw 10.5 Mike Murillo would take on Chris Alston. The race was extremely close, that was, until the top end of the track with both cars suffered from significant mechanical failure. Though it was Murillo who kept his foot down and the oil spraying to edge out Alston. 'I hit the fire bottles before the chuts, I could see fire under my cowl,' said Murillo. It was an easy final round win for Glidden who simply staged and idled down the track.

It was an amazing quarter finals in Pro Street were Gonzalez and Brand would run identical 5.942 ETs, with Gonzalez narrowly winning on reaction time. The final round was no surprise when Maggino would face off against Gonzalez. Maggino would throw everything at his Camaro, which ended up costing him on a starting line with Gonzalez grabbing the $20,000 prize.

Final Ladders – All Heads Up

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