It’s that time of the year when the weather turns cold in Las Vegas, but the track heats up for some of the fastest door slammers in the country to race at the Street Car Super Nationals.  There are estimations of 50+ Pro Street/Mod cars to show up this weekend and with a big purse for the first Outlaw 10.5 car in the 5’s, you never know who might be converting for this weekend.  Keep it tuned to DRAGZINE all weekend for updates and photos from Vegas.

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Notes From The Pits

Unfortunately this morning's test session didn't start off on a good foot. Rick Snavely lost control of his GTO at the 1000 foot marker, caught air and went over the wall where it tumbled end over end. Rick had to be cut out of the car and transported to the hospital. We hope he is ok and will update you on his condition when we can.

Last weekend Dave Hance went 5.79 at MIR, letting people know he can be a contender in Pro Street. Unfortunately Hance had engine problems yesterday, and had to take their power plant to Brad Anderson's shop for a repair. The team was finishing up the install of the motor to get ready for the first round. There are a bunch of manufactures putting up cash for the first in the 5s for Outlaw 10.5, and Hance could win up to $7,800. After their first round shakedown on the big tires, they will be strapping on the 10.5Ws

Larry Larson is here with his beautiful, Drag Week championship winning Nova. Last night Larry went a 7.13 with some clutch slipping problems on the first run and then on the second pass, tightened it up too much and had an aborted run. Larry plans to cruise the Las Vegas strip this weekend, as he usually does, in true Pro STREET style.

Mike Murillo is looking to defend his SCSN Outlaw 10.5 title in 2011. Murillo has been on a hot streak this year by taking both the NMRA and NMCA Outlaw 10.5W championships this year.

Qualifying Round 1  Notes

Pro Street – Q1 and Q2 (rest are Q1 only)

It was an action packed (and long) first round of Pro Street with 46 cars in the class. At the top of the class is Jose Gonzalez in his '06 GTO with a record breaking 5.955 @ 248 mph pass. Up second is Mike Maggio who ran consistent 5.9s between yesterday's Pro Street Shootout and the first round of qualifying

Joe Barry is another one of those real Pro Street cars that was going to take a ride down Las Vegas Blvd with Larry Larson tonight...that is until he chucked out the driveshaft 100 feet into his run.

Bad Brad Brand is trying for that Outlaw 10.5 record while still running in Pro Street with a new record time during the second round - 6.02 @ 239 mph.

One of the last runs of Pro Street round two was Mike Maggio, who bumped Joe Gonzalez off the number one spot with a 5.915. Top 8 cars are running 6.09 or quicker, top 16 is 6.18 or quicker and the current bump spot 6.65.

Outlaw 10.5

Ron Weems, always a dominant force on the west coast PSCA series races in Outlaw 10.5, was the only car of the first round to run in the 6s with a 6.811 @ 202.94. Out of the 20 cars currently qualified in the class, Dale Moznik in his monstrous 833ci Fulton-powered '68 El Camino came in as the top racer in the 7s and second on the ladder with a 7.024 @ 201.25 mph pass.

Extreme Drag Radial

There is a strong showing in Extreme Drag Radial this weekend with 28 cars in the first round of qualifying. Josh Lindsay sits at the top of that ladder with a 7.272 @ 197 mph. Al Jimenez is back after his crash earlier in the year and sits strong in fourth with a 7.479 @ 178.64 mph.

Hot Street

The NMRA/NMCA naturally aspirated cars are dominating Hot Street this weekend so far with NMRA champion Robbie Blankenship at the top of the ladder with a 8.126 @ 165.40 mph. Most might be thinking though 'How are these guys running two tenths faster than at NMRA races?' Well, among the rule differences is less weight and no spec fuels. Michael DeMayo sits at a close second with a 8.168 and Don Bowles in third.

Wild Street

Jeff Kyle takes the number one spot in Wild Street with a 7.641 @ 189.39 mph pass. Artis Houston in his blue Nova keep with the Wild Street mantra by pulling a wheel stand to the 60 foot cone, bouncing down and then back up again, though the pass was aborted and sits in 10th.

Outlaw 8.5

Manny Figueroa was making his nitrous-assisted Mustang work during the first round of Outlaw 8.5 where he bested Mike Orban with a 5.296 @ 136.29 mph to Orban's 5.431 @ 137.05.

Street Challenge

If you think running on an 8.5-inch tire is crazy, Street Challenge puts the power down to a true radial tire. One of the class favorites is Mickey Thompson's ST series, which defending champion Steve Fulgham relies on. Though for the first round, Ron Shaw managed to snag the number one spot with a 9.144 @ 158.74 mph pass, and Anthony Smith in second with a 9.621 @ 147.78 mph run.

Qualifying Round 1 Sheets

Qualifying Round 2 Sheets

The only classes that ran a second round was Outlaw 10.5W and Pro Street.  There is a memorial service at the track for the track announcer who died last week.