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Video: Hemi Under Glass Does A Shake, Rattle, And Roll With Jay Leno

Jay Leno wanted to fulfill his bucket list and go for a ride in the famous Hemi Under Glass Barracuda. Things didn’t quite go as planned, so we called up driver Bob Riggle to get the full story.

Inside Moroso

We take a look inside Moroso and discuss some of their innovations past and future. From tanks to electrical Moroso adds new technology to their line-up.

Big Dually “Farm Truck” Flies Down The Dragstrip In 10 Seconds

Diesel engines can be found in abundance on most farms, and every now and then one sneaks off for some fast fun at the local dragstrip or NHRDA Nationals.

Video: 1970 Camaro LS7 Sleeper “Junk”

This 1970 Camaro really is the definition of a “sleeper.” It looks like it was just yanked out of a field, but drives like it was built for the racetrack. Don’t judge this car by what is on the outside!

Video: 1,000 Horsepower Cummins Rolls Coal On A Corvette

As America’s most widely modified vehicles, pickups like the Ram 2500 can be taken to performance extremes that make even the Corvette look slow.

Video: This Ford FPV Sleeper Rips Off 9-Second Runs!

In Australia, the battle to be the quickest street car keeps getting hotter. Check out this stock-looking Ford FPV that runs deep into the 9’s in street trim.

IMG_6112 copy
Hardcore Testing: 4th Gen Camaro With A TCI Bolt-Together Converter

When we heard about TCI Automotive’s new lockup, bolt-together torque converter for the 4L60E transmissions, we knew that it was going to make faster times at the track. We did some testing to find out how much.

Grant Frasier’s F3 BBC

This is a 615″ BBC engine package we designed for Grant Fraysier and “THE HUMMBLER”.

PRI 2014: Derive Powers SCT, Bully Dog, And Race Winning Champions

SCT brought out Mike Murillo and Nina Gussler to talk about their winning ways with SCT this season. Now under Derive systems, combines the best technologies from both SCT and Bully Dog, and cloud tuning.

PRI 2014: Racepak’s New Stick-On Temp Sensor, GPS Module and More

We caught up with Racepak to learn about the numerous new products they brought to PRI and see how they are making it even easier to get the critical vehicle information you need.

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