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Aeromotive Fox body Direct Fit Fuel System

Tuning up our Fox Body’s fuel supply is a simple process – Aeromotive’s Stealth fuel system provided everything we needed with one part number. Engine not supplied.

Carb’d Coyote Engine Project Goes Fuel Injected With AEM Infinity

We’re blazing a path down new roads with our naturally-aspirated Coyote engine, and that means we get to test it at CPR Engine’s dyno with AEM’s Infinity engine management system as we look to break 600 hp NA.

Life In the Fast Lane At 16

Kennady Jones picked up drag racing form her grandfather, and now she’s one of the shining stars of NMRA’s Truck and Lightning class.

Video: Weld Racing RT-S Wheels Have Thousands Of Applications

Weld Racing solves wheel fitment problems with their RT-S line of wheels with literally thousands of made-to-order applications. We take a closer look, and show why big brakes don’t pose a problem for the RT-S.

Video: Aeromotive Phantom Fuel Pump Install On Project Bullzeye

Older fuel tanks have a drawback: they aren’t baffled and fuel slosh can be a problem. We install Aeromotive’s Phantom Stealth fuel system on a classic musclecar with its own built-in baffle. Problem solved.

LS Rocker Arm Tech with COMP Cams

COMP offers a range of solutions for upgrading your LS valvetrain with better rocker arm performance and reliability, from bearing kits to full-blown shaft mount rockers.

VIDEO: Merchant Automotive’s Duramax-Powered Sand Rail

Put sandy high jinks and diesel power together, and the fun never ends. That’s what we learned from Merchant Automotive in this video, that showcases its Duramax sand rail in action.

Video: Shocking Onboard Footage Of Two-Car Crash In Australia

Australian Modified racer Trent Morrison got the shock of a lifetime when the Mazda of Paul Carey crashed up and over the back of his machine in the shutdown area at the recent ANDRA Westernationals.

Standing Out: Barry Lutz’ Outlaw 275 Drag Radial Chevelle

Creating a car that stands apart from the crowd in the highly competitive 275 drag radial class is extremely difficult, yet this is exactly what Barry Lutz has accomplished with his stunning Outlaw Radial Chevelle.

Video Tour: We Take A Look Behind The Welds At Flowmaster Mufflers

Flowmaster recently opened their doors to the nearly 160,000 square foot facility where they manufacture their mufflers and cat-back systems. It takes a lot of pride to produce 46,000 mufflers every month!

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