2018 World Street Nationals Same Day Coverage


We went late last night till after midnight with some amazing performances coming in the fourth round of qualifying. Sunday brings us to the finals under mostly Sunny skies with the current temp at a comfortable 78 degrees. Track temps will certainly play a factor here later this afternoon under Florida’s sunny skies.

The track went ahead with the fourth round of qualifying running cars down the track till after midnight, offering the racers a chance to improve their lot in the qualifying order. Melanie Salemi and Steve Jackson certainly were two prominent racers vying for position with Salemi coming away better with her 3.648 at 205 earning top qualifier in Extreme Concrete Pro Mod. Jackson improved slightly to a 3.662 at 209.79. Adam Flamholc held onto his number three spot improving to a personal best 3.664. Todd Tutterow jumped in the top five with a 3.676 at 203 and Dave Norris also kept his fifth place position from Friday night’s 3.705.

Resolution Racing has been here servicing customer cars for some time now and has brought Melanie’s car here the past two years. The team has been on a hot streak recently winning three of the last four events and coming away with the PDRA Pro Boost record heading into the off season and qualifying number one in Pro Mod here last night with a 3.64 at 205 miles per hour. “The car has ran strong all year long and we are just really happy, everyone works really hard on this thing and it’s nice to see the fruits of labor pay off.” John Salemi. The car has picked up a solid five hundredths over their mid year performance.

Melanie told us the team has “…Been on our game, you know, with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work…” The team was fortunate to do well at the Shakedown this year in one of Melanie’s favorite quarter mile events which is one highlight for her this season. “I really enjoy driving the car in the quarter mile and wish there was a few more places we could go and run outlaw style quarter mile stuff. To be able to say we have the Pro Boost record for the rest of the winter was one of the biggest highlights of the season. Winning that race was really awesome, but being able to leave Virginia as the record holder was something that you kind of only dream about” – Melanie Salemi The team had a successful season with the PDRA competing in five events with one rain out and came away fifth overall for the year making a big move up from thirteenth coming into Virginia.

Tom Ratliff is leading the Racers for Christ Sunday service this morning with Jeff Berdahl also here from RFC assisting. “We’re glad to be here at the Silver Anniversary World Street Nationals at another great day the Lord has given us. Tom is talking about the rewards of Heaven and what we can look forward to. Glad to see all the people here and pray for safety for everybody.” Jeff Berdahl

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Chad Opaleski made a big improvement in OL 10.5 qualifying last night scoring a 4.07 at 181, just one hundredth off his personal best and a best since switching to the Bob Newberry tuned TAFC style combo. He posted to his Facebook this morning it was ” Time to wick the blower up” and #questfor3s The team will definitely be looking for their first three second run at the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals in December with the 125% over pulleys.

There was a short ceremony acknowledging Orlando’s starter Richard Stetson on thirty eight years of service this morning. The longest active serving NHRA starter.

There first pair of Pro Mods out this morning were Jerico Balduf and Alex Handras with Handras coming away with the win running a 3.83 to Balduf’s .86.

Stevie Fast was all smiles this morning and put up a 3.69 at 207 for his round one effort in the Bahrain 1 Racing sponsored Shadow 2.0.

Isaias Rojas would face off with “The Sandman” Tony Williams winning with a 3.88 at 195 over William’s struggling 4.11 at 153.

Chuck Mohn struggled through qualifying and rebuilt the engine last night to prepare for Sunday eliminations. He found what he was looking for putting up a 3.85 at 195 and will move on to round two.


Team Brazil made it through to round two in the Fuel Tech sponsored Camaro's. The car's qualified sixth and seventh with Roderjan Busato (pictured at left) just ahead of Fabio Costa with a slightly better top and charge and identical 3.710 ET's.


The Quartuccio/East Side Service team worked incredibly hard this year with the new Skinny Kid built OL 10.5 Corvette locking up the Atomizer Outlaw 10.5 series with his qualifying for this final points race. The list is long with thank yous and shout outs to family and supporting team members and companies that came on board starting off with Billet Atomizer Mickey Thompson, Jim Halsey, Jerry Morgano, Dave O’Donnell, Monty Micko and Duck for bring attention to Outlaw 10.5. “I have to thank my family, my wife Denise, Kelsey, Kaitlin, Kenny, Kyle, Julia, Richie and Diana. My team Gary, Jimmy, Johnny, Kaitlin and Kelsey and Tim Davis who is on loan from Dwayne Mills team and of course my sponsors and partners in this effort. Proline Racing, Skinny Kid Race Cars, M&M Transmissions, Menscer Shocks, Carmack Engineering, Fuel Tech, Mickey Thompson, Alan Pennywitt and last but not least Jamie Miller. Together we had this vision and he helped put this deal together, He guided us down this road and we couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished together” – Ken Quartuccio

Jim Aldus had been struggling with a lean condition backfire after changing to a faster burning fuel through OL 632 qualifying but made the field and the team figured out the problem for Sunday where he scored a 4.30 in round one. Aldus would face off with number two qualifier Dillon Voss in round three where he earned a personal best 4.26 at 165 but lost on a holeshot to Voss’ 4.29 at 167. Stacy Covey from the class sponsor Performance Welding pictured.

OL 632 racer Daryl Hameetman, shown here with Brian Keep (pictured at right) going over the data drives the Frank Beal owned 5 Day Plantation Shutters Mustang based out of Cape Coral, Florida. He scored a 4.30 this weekend, his best run at this heavier weight. The team struggled a bit getting the car to work with the added weight and Clayton Murphy offered his assistance getting the suspension tuned back up and back where they were. Daryl started HRE in 2008, taking over Nortech Power Boats after 8 years there. The go fast boat market was going through major changes to center console boats with multiple outboards so the former owners got out of the business and sold the shop to Daryl. He purchased some new equipment and changed the name on the door and expanded into the drag racing market.

This year’s BFE award goes to Dan Holt, a Top Sportman racer out of Green Cove Springs, Florida parked all the way down at the end by the last turn off. He qualified ninth but took a red light loss to Niles Rubar in round one.

Jeff Ensslin drives the Still Doin Time 37 Chevy for Edmunds Metal Works and qualified mid pack here this weekend. Jeff and his son Jordan followed the PDRA series this year earning fifth and fourth positions respectively. Team Ensslin has two new cars in the works fro 2019 from Smart Car Fabrications in North Carolina. They are planning to run the NMCA Bradenton race in March and have both new cars ready for the April PDRA season opener.

The Pirate Boys have both cars running well this weekend with Walter Lanigan the higher qualified car this weekend. The Groveland, Florida based team runs a pair of 53 Corvettes with Walter based out of Savannah, Georgia who finished sixth over all for 2018 PDRA points in his first full year racing a series and number two in Bradneton Motorsports Parks 632 points. Walker has been racing since he was sixteen years old starting out in Super Street and Super Gas.

Johnny Pluchino qualified number one this weekend and scored a lucky round one win today after shaking the tires and pedaling the car. The team has performed well in PDRA winning the championship and setting the world record with a 4.16, “ Doing eveything we wanted to do” said Johnny Pluchino. “The conditions have been a little difficult this weekend so our race day set up we are working on every round so hopefully we can get this thing consistent and get her in the winner circle.” The team uses an NA Kaase built Ford Hemi with Bob Book carburetors, Ram Clutches and Precision Racing Suspension. Pluchino is done for the day after losing fire against Mike Stravinos who laid down another 4.2 with Masiello- Stravinos Motorsports team showing improvement over the last several events.

Charles Hull paired with John Townsend’s Red Rum in Heavy Street giving up the starting line but powering his way past for the round win with a 4.39.

Kirt Sanders and Troy Pirez Sr. representing Pirez/Sanders Racing have supported this race from the beginning. Sanders’s earned a runner up finish at the very first OWSN as car owner with Mike Fernandez driving “ The Turtle”, a big block nitrous huffing green four door Nova. Both racers have campaigned several different cars through the years here in Orlando with three cars here this weekend. This Mustang which Troy took over driving recently from Kirt’s daughter Hannah Sanders who recently had a new baby. Troy Jr. has two cars, his new “Stonewall Jackson”SBNOS N/T S-10 and the trusty Camaro entered in Holeshot 10.0 Index where he made it to eight cars left, taking a double break out loss to Ray Reese out of Coconut, Creek, FL.

We asked Troy how it feels being here after twenty five years? “ It’s feels great..” he said, “I never miss this race, I’m glad they are still having it, it’s getting bigger and bigger each year now. I like to say it’s the promised land, like coming back to the promised land.” As a personal aside here I have known these guys for more than the twenty five years this race has existed. We both cut our teeth racing on the Gandy Bridge and assorted streets in the Tampa Bay area back in the 80’s and 90’s. This event came along and filled a gap in with an international flair like no other. Back when the outlaw racers tested Wednesday night at Sunshine, sometimes stopping by Gandy or Morris Bridge on the way home to prepare for battle on Saturday night. It sure is something to be here behind the camera, covering this incredible spectacle of an event after all these years. Troy qualified third and made it to the semis representing Team Nitrous before falling to Brian Keep’s Procharged Camaro on an .006 foul start looking for every advantage he could over the faster car.

Final Results Sheets

Holeshot 8.50 Index, Holeshot 10.0 Index, Top Sportsman, Hull Concrete Heavy Street.

Performance Welding 632, TRZ Ultra Street, Duck X Outlaw 10.5, Extreme Concrete Pro Mod.

Pro Mod was super competitive this weekend with thirty cars making it to Sunday morning round one eliminations. 3.60’s were the order of the day if one wanted to survive the later rounds with Billy Glidden defying the odds making it all the way to the semi finals resting on consistent low .80’s and representing for team nitrous before falling to eventual winner Steve Jackson. Stevie Fast earned the Silver Anniversary win here in Orlando over number two qualifier Melanie Salemi with a 3.648 at 210. That number is the new track record ET, jointly shared by Jackson and Salemi who’s engine was hurt going into the finals and did not quite make the ride to the stripe, giving up past half track and falling off to a 3.87.

“I love this race, grew up as a kid coming here spectating. Outlaw Street Nationals is where it’s at, this race spawned outlaw racing, back in the day of Scotty Cannon and Todd Tutterow and all those guys, this is one you want on the bucket list, a lot of my heros are in the field. We had a good hot rod, we went 60’s every single run except when the transmission broke. A good consistent car with awesome people working on it and a good team behind me… Bahrain 1 always stands behind me. Phil Shuler my partner. I told him before the final I’m glad you’re not hear cause I’m gonna burn your engine to the ground. And he told me, ‘Burn it all the way to the ground’. When you got a partner like that behind you it makes it easy, it’s fun. Book ending the year with a win in Orlando is pretty special. The biggest highlight this year was we won the NHRA US Nationals, Lights Out in Valdosta, winning here this weekend.”

“We had some treacherous failure and great success this year, if we can figure how to knock the tops off the mountains and bring the lows out of the valleys and run it through the middle we’ll have a championship team. In 2019 I wanna win the Championship in NHRA Pro Mod that’s my goal.. I thought I had it locked up this year and everybody stepped it up on me. It’s competitive over there and that’s what are gonna focus on. We’re gonna do some radial tire racing and focus on running NHRA next year” -Steve Jackson. Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography

Mike “Hollywood” Decker III earned the Duck X Outlaw 10.5 win this weekend starting from the number two spot with fifteen cars on the ladder for round one. “We raced one round at a time today, putting the right tune up in there and it worked out for us.” said Decker. It was Decker’s first time racing here and to come away with the win in such a tough class is no easy feat. Gil Mobley is a bit part of the team’s success. “Gotta thank dad and my grandfather, all my crew, David Reese, everybody that helps me out and my wife Hannah” – Hollywood Mike Decker III Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography

Mark Woodruff had a fantastic showing at his first OWSN OL 10.5 class entry making it to the finals in the Nelson Competition powered 2010 Jeffers built Vette and sneaking by number one qualifier Ken Quartuccio in the semi finals with a 3.88 to earn lane choice for the final round with Decker. He carded another .88 for his efforts in the final at 203 but it wasn’t enough to catch the 3.86 in the other lane.

Dillon Voss came from number two spot in Performance Welding 632, meeting with teammate Mike Oldham in the semi finals with both racers pulling identical .060 reaction times. His 4.243 at 168 earned him a spot in the final round with Mike Stavrinos’ 69 Camaro. “ We had a good car. This was absolutely the hardest one it took to win, we won last year but this one we definitely had to work for. You couldn’t leave anything on the starting line, actually won one on a hole shot in round two with both cars deep in the twenties.” Suncoast Race Cars, Frankenstein Heads, Modern Racing, Nitrous Outlet and Voss Racing Engines are all part of this winning program. Dillon finished second in points in the PDRA 632 class this year and the team plans to campaign for the championship there for 2019. Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography

Outlaw 632 runner up Mike Stavrinos qualified sixth in class and scored a new best this weekend, a 4.27 at 165. He was hurt going into the final but held on till past half track slowing to a 4.87 allowing Voss to get by his .047 reaction. Mike runs the only competitive steel body car in class owned by Anthony Masiello and powered by Oscar and Jose at PRD Race Engines. “We did good, we’re happy, making it two back to back finals for us and winning at No Mercy, this was probably the quickest 632 field yet. Speed and Truck Workd is our main backing, we maintain the car at the shop back in Ft Lauderdale. The whole crew did their job, can’t complain one bit. Gotta thank Anthony the car owner, he does make this all possible, Jose, Anthony Jr. Oscar, Cami, Jason and Pete, Mikey the driver, everyone chipped in this weekend it was a group effort, team effort.” – Mike Stavrinos

Charles Hull earned the Heavy Street title this year in a match with Dean Vallese’s Zombie Wagon. Vallese went way red trying to get out front of Hull’s TEC equipped Mustang. This is the third race for Hull since buying his car back from Leroy Neighbors with two semi final round appearances and earning the win this weekend. “This ends our year, we’ll get back going in February with Duck’s race and do NMRA and NMCA next year. We fought gremlins the last three rounds, couldn’t spool up and some electric issues… couldn’t have done with without the KBX boys and my wife Heather who was here to help me all weekend, she got her nails a little dirty, but she’ll be alright. Thank you to M&M Transmission for a bullet proof unit.” – Charles Hull Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography

Dean Vallese was outgunned facing off with Hull’s NMRA Street Outlaw prepped turbocharged combo and tried to push the tree. It was a good showing for the Zombie Racing crew this weekend making it to the finals is always an accomplishment here at the OWSN.

Joel Greathouse pulled the full sweep this weekend pulling a come from behind points win for the Ultra Street Shootout 2018 Championship, setting the class record, number one qualifier and the event win here at the 25th Anniversary Orlando World Street Nationals. In the Outlaw racing world it just doesn’t get any better than that. Joel earned a semi final bye with a win over Bill Gregan who found a replacement driveshaft from Advanced Driveline and some welding of the tail shaft housing thanks to Troy Pirez Jr, and Matt Larue from Pro Fab Performance Plus. He earned lane choice over Brian Keep laying down a 4.66 at 152 and I think he may have given it a quick pedal job neat the tree. Keep went .004 on the light but could not stay in front, matching Joel’s 4.66 but getting edged out to Grethouse’s 4.645 at 153.11 with a twenty nine ten thousandths MOV for the Ford.

“First and foremost I have to thank my crew, Justin McChesney, Ben Thomas, the car owner Jeremy Wolf, period. I don’t own the car, I haven’t owned it this season. He put me back in the car first race this year and stuck with me, allowed us to put it back in Ultra, he gave us hands on for the car again and we went with it. I have to thank KBX, obviously, Pressurized Solutions, Bennett Racing, Pro Torque Converters, Precision Turbo, and RPM Transmissions. We came here to win the race, the championship was a bonus deal, we had to work at it.” The team is considering their options for 2019 but given their successful season this year I don’t expect much to change but perhaps a quest for a different series championship?? Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography

TRZ Ultra Street runner up Brian Keep fought a hard battle for the championship this year meeting with Joel Greahouse in the final round. “It was a very good year, Joel and I went head to head this weekend, it was a phenomenal weekend for both of us. Not one of us gave each other an edge anywhere and it showed in the final, it was a great year altogether, we went to every race and came in second in points. I gotta thank the people who partnered with us this year. HRE, Procharger, Haltech, Lenny at Ultimate Converter Concepts, Rodney at RPM Transmissions, Diamond Pistons, Manton pushrods, Pro Fab performance has helped us out a lot too. We look forward to 2019 where we hope to improve our outcome in the series.” – Brian Keep

The N/T Shootout came down to Chris Patton and Brian McGhee. Chris dripped a little water out getting under his left rear tire sending the car into a quick move about sixty feet out. He was quick to react and kept the car in his lane with McGee going on to earn the shoot out win. Brian McGee has been focusing on his family racing Jr Dragsters with Connor and Spencer McGee in Pro and Top Jr Dragster this year in PDRA and other local events and only had his Mustang out four or five times. “We actually had a pretty smooth weekend, had a good time, made it to the winner circle and did what he had to do to win.” McGee told us. He runs Fulton power and is looking to hit it a little harder next year, and maybe get back into some class racing with Limited Drag Radial. This is McGee’s first time to the World Street Nats but he has raced in Baldie’s “No Guts, No Glory” in previous years. Winner circle photos BME Photography

Chris Patton was the N/T Shootout runner up and is from Jacksonville, Florida with his car based out of Pro Fab Performance Plus’ shop in New Port Richey. “I have some great guys behind me at Pro Fab, they turned this whole car around, the whole program, I owe it all to them, I just turn the wheel. I’ve had the car twelve years, it has always been slow.. last year we ran like a 6.0 index class, was terrible you know. I got with Matt and Don and they got me some good parts and we are getting there now. I take it down there it seems every other week to have them do something. I been racing about twelve years, never been to something like this before, this is huge, never been in the winner circle, ever.”

Top Sportsman Winner this year is one Tracy Barnes from Jackson, Georgia running a 1968 Camaro built by Bob’s Pro-Fab Chassis Shop in Culleoka, TN. It’s Bob’s first time here at Orlando making it extra special to take the win. He is two for two in first time’s with this car debuting it last year at Reynolds NHRA division two points race. Barnes uses a Tim Neighbors built all aluminum 632 power plant topped with twelve degree heads. Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography

Platinum Products’ John Platt took the Top Sportsman runner up honors this weekend with his 1992 Camaro. Platt’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on Mothers Day this year and he has been sporting the #momstrong and butterfly stickers on the car to honer and support her struggle. He has earned a couple of wins and runner up finishes since doing so and earned another runner up here this weekend. The Platt’s hail from Coco, Florida, about thirty minutes from the track on the east coast. “ I gotta thank Platinum Products, Atlantic Wire and Rigging, K&R Performance and FTI.” – John Platt Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography


Scott Fifield slogged his way through six rounds of Holeshot 10.0 meeting with number two qualifier Ray Reese in the finals. Ray would leave first with an .022 light but Fifield had the more consistent car through the traps all day in his 71 Ventura. He would earn the stripe as both racers clocked over 132 MPH through the lights in a very tight match. Scott travels a lot running NHRA Super Street but is based out of Cocoa, Florida and races here when schedule permits. Scott worked for Pontiac for twenty five years and when GM shut the division down he went to work for Chevrolet and has owned this car since high school, driving it his senior year in 1984. It’s powered by a 468 cubic inch Pontiac topped with Kauffman D Port heads. “ I can’t do it without my wife Christine, she’s at every race, she pulls me in the water, she does almost everything. The couple was married a year ago Thanksgiving weekend and have a long relationship, first meeting here at Orlando Speed World’s Night of Fire, twenty years ago last weekend. A match made in paradise.

Holeshot 8.50 Index featured five round of racing with number four and eight qualifiers meeting in the final round. Freddy Perkins had the more consistent day on paper but neither driver eased their way to the finals. Rich Gardner took a .010 starting line advantage but it would be Perkins earnign the win at the stripe with an 8.505 to Gardner’s 8.521. Winner circle photos courtesy BME Photography.


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