Same Day Coverage from ORTC SGMP 2010


Saturday morning has brought clear skies for us here in South Georgia for what we hope is the final day of the first ORTC Boost vs. No Boost event of 2010. The rain yesterday has us a little behind schedule. We will be having a test session this morning before we get into qualifying begining with the index classes, then Open Comp, Monte Smith No Boost, Proline Boost, Limited Street, TRZ Ultimate Street then FTI Extreme 275.

Special thanks to our event coverage sponsor Mickey Thompson Tires for stepping up.

We want to give a big shout out and thanks to Joseph Harnage for taking care of the track prep this weekend in Wade Rich's absence.

Lenco Jim is ready to rumble this morning. He's got all the official ORTC gear for sale near the tower for sale.

People are getting set up and warming things up for the morning test session.

Brand new Limited Street car owned by Rickey Presley that has to to make a pass down the track. Powerplant is a Gene Fulton 632 on three kits.

Troy Pirez told me this morning he will be running Monte Smith No Boost today. I also spoke with Eric Kenward and it’s looking like he and Bruce Roberts will be running two classes. Eric in Ultimate Street and Extreme 275, Roberts in X 275 and No Boost. We should be starting in aboiuyt 15 or 20 minuites.

Testing Notes

A wheelstand and pedal job for the McNew/Brewer entry on it's maiden voyage with the new engine which resulted in a 5.74. Markwich ran a 4.82. Brad Edwards and Mel Nelson were paired up with Nelson getting a 4.71 @ 159 to Edwards 4.80.

4.81 @ @ 158 with a 1.22 60' for Tony Ridenour this morning. Mike Modeste laid down a 4.77 on his pass this morning. Terry Elam ran a 4.92

Neil Hawkins got a 5.26 @ 134 on his pass. Eric Kenward managed a 5.22 @ 135 on a nice lcean pass in the wagon.

Jason Richards leads the No Boost field aftr the first qualifying session with his 69 Camaro with a whopping 157 MPH . His 4.75 will be a record for a leaf spring car if he can back it up. Jason Black sits in second with a 4.78 @ 156.

Mel Nelson was kicked up to Limited Street for his 91 MM turbos. He leads the class with a 4.71 @ 169 just ahead of Jeff Cooner's 4.72 @ 168.

Eric Kenward is running well this weekend and currently is top qualifier in TRZ Ultimate Street with a 5.20 @ 135. Charlie Pixley is next with a 5.25 @ 134 driving Mike Burkharts Real Speed Mustang.

Sean Lyon put his Panama City, Florida based 93 Stang at the top on the FTI Xtreme 275 class with the only 4 second pass of the round, a 4.95 @ 148.

Jason Black took over the top spot in the No Boost class with a 4.741 @ 157 bumping Richards back to second. Stine sits in third for team North. He has a new 706 ci bullet under the hood this weekend from Charlie Buck.

Sean Lyon maintained his top spot in Xtreme 275 ahead of Crowden. Bruce Roberts jumped up to fourth with a 5.15 @ 137.

In the Proline Race Engines Boosted class Kolivas kept his number one after round two session. Mustang Mike and Will Stevenson moved up to second and third respectively bumping Ridenour to fourth.

Well we are in a holding pattern again today. The heavy rain yesterday has soaked the ground and now that the track is hot it’s seeping up through the seams. We sent the cars back to the pits and will resume racing when the surface if cooler and dried out.

Round One Notes

Ok we have one round in the books and are working on round two with index cars running now. No Boost had Jason Black with a single as top qualifier. Ron Hamby also had a single and he sut down early. Pete Chevere did his job on the tree but could not hold off Francis Johnson’s 4.83 @ 154. Number two qualifier Jason Richards had a single and ran his out to a 4.80 @ 155. Opaleski laid down his best run of the weekend to take out Dave Boger with a 4.92 @ 149. Ritchie Stine set low ET of the round with a 4.77 @ 156 on a bye run. Troy pirez beat Bruce Roberts 4.88 @ 151 to 6.40 @ 109.

The Boost class had John Kolivas with a single running another  4.69 @ 163. Ridenour took out Matt Tucker. Markwich beat DJ Loiacano with a 4.74 to 4.86. Mike Modeste ran a 4.64 getting the win over Robert Britton. Jere Etheridge got the win over Klugger who could not make the call. Will stevenson ripped off a 4.71 @ 158 to take out Tommy Brewer’s roots blown Mustang in his best run of the day a 5.26 @ 133. Walt Drakeford red lit aginst Brad Edwards. Edwards ran a 4.84 to Drakefords 4.87.

Neil Hawkins had a single and ran a 5.19. He will face off in round two with Robert Coady who beat Michael Strickland. Ari Birchfield took out Keith Berry and will face off with Matt Davis next. Clint Lonon ran well and got the win over Kevin Smith.  Sean Snodgrass won his match with Justin Brixey’s Buick Regal and is matched up with Clint Lonon. Eugene Rodriguez is also doing well this weekend taking down Jody Voyles. He will run Wayne Oliver in John Sears Malibu after getting a single over Bart Tobener who could not make the call for round one.

Mike Freeman and Bill Clary had one heck of a drag race as Freeman carried the wheels way out and drove around Clary on the top end. he is matched up with Aaron Gramer in round two. Ricky Pennington got a win over Charlie Pixley who was leaking water into the intake runner which ended their weekend. he will run Chris Ownes turbocharged Mstang in round two.

FTI Extreme 275 number one qualifier Sean Lyon had the earned single but ran a 5.46 @ 134. Sean Adkins took down Mark Mahowski’s Dart with a 5.36 @ 136. Brad Medlock put up his best of the weekend to beat bruce Roberts with a 5.02 @ 148. Al Marlow’s 5.48 was good enough for the win over Jimmy Griner.  Pete Chevere put Shane Crowden on the trailer with a 5 flat to the losing 5.06. Ronnie Wilson ran a 5.04 to take out Brett Long. Pierre Burley left first and stayed out in front of Kevin Fiscus running a 5.55 for the win.

Limited Street had top qualifer lay down a 4.70 for low ET over Ricky Presley.  Mike Collins left on Ruben T winning with a 4.86 to the quicker 4.80 in Rubens best Et to date. Jeff Cooner beat Kyle Marcengill with a 4.79. Steve jackson was not able to make the call sending Marty Witt to round two.

Round 2 Ultimate Street

Neil Hawkins ran a 5.22 @ 135 over Robert Coady. Matt Davis beat Ari Birchfield with a 5.47 @ 131. Clint Lonon set low ET taking out Sean Snodgrass with a nice 5.17 @ 135. Kenward wheelied and pedaled to a  5.56 @ 128. on a bye. Mike Freeman took down Aaron Gramer with a 5.48 @ 134 and pennington ran a 5.58 over Chris Owens’ 5.61.

Things are running faster than I can keep up with so I will have results to get you up to date.

Mel Nelson matched up with Mike Collins in the semi finals with Collins getting the holeshot and Mel driving around on the top end, 4.67 @ 170 and low ET beats a game 4.84 @ 153 from Collins

Jeff Cooner faced off with Marty Witt in the other half of the Limited Street semis. Witt was out first and ran a 5.09 but came up on the losing end of Cooner's 4.88 @ 165. nelson will have lane choice in the final.

John Kolivas got the round win over Tony Ridenour's "Dot Rocket" after he staged and rocked out of the beams. He ran a 6.68 @ 162

Will Stevenson and Mike Modeste lined up and Modeste was out first with a .025 light . He carried the wheels out but lost traction allowing Stevenson to get by running a 4.68 @ 158 for the win

Francis Johnson (foreground) and Jason Black lined up in half of the Monte Smith No Boost semi finalwith Black getting out first and Johnson spinning the tires.Black ran a 4.71 for low ET .

Jason Richards and Troy "In the Jungle" Pirez faced off on the other side with Richards getting the atarting line advantage by .015. Pirez ran a game 4.90 but it was'nt enough for Richards 4.84 @ 154.

The final winners are…

Teammates Eric Kenward and Neil Hawkins made it a one-two finish in TRZ Ultimate Street

Neil Hawkins took runner up honors.

FTI Xtreme 275 winner Pete Chevere made the trip from Coral Springs, Florida and wound up in the final with Maryland racer Al Marlow after qualifying at the bottom of the ladder. Marlow took the tree first and ran a 5.00 @ 148 to Chevere's winning 4.97 @ 148.

Monte Smith No Boost had friends and neighbors Jason Black and Jason Richards match up in a battle of top qualifiers. Rochards had a broken transmission and could make the run, Black ran a single on motor only to a 5.85 @ 130

No Boost runner up Jason Richards from Gastonia, North Carolina is now the king of nitrous and leaf springs after qualifying with a 4.75 and backing it up with a 4.77 in eliminations taking the title from Pete Chevere the Xtreme 275 winner.

Proline Race Engines Boost class winner Will Stevenson has seen the ORTC winners circle before. The number three qualifier knocked off number one man John Kolivas with a 4.69 @ 157 after Kolivas fell off pace only mustering a 4.85 @ 152 after both racers had run a string of high 4.6's in eliminations.

John Kolivas had two bye runs and ran it out on both runs with a pair of 4.69's then ran a 4.68 @ 162 in the semi final against Ridenour who went red because of the car rocking in the beams when he went on the trans brake.

Limited Street winner Mel Nelson qualified number one and took home the win against Jeff Cooner in a radial vs slick tire final. Cooner went red by .002 negating his 4.64 @ 170 and best ET of the day, giving up the win to Nelson's slower 4.71 @ 170

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