U.S. Street Nationals 2018 Race Coverage From Bradenton


Bart Tobener landed on top of the Fast Forward Race Engines Ultra Street class this weekend scoring a 4.71 at 149 MPH in his Coyote powered, Bullseye Turbocharged 2015 Mustang based out of Windel, Georgia. The engines was built by MPR and is fed by a Bullseye 76 MM turbo with additional sponsorship from Holley EFI, Race Parts Solutions, Speedcraft Racing and Diablosport. “We worked really hard over the winter to get some weight out of the car for the Ultra Street series which is a focus for us this year. The 60′ is where we want in the 1.10-1.11 range and the car is doing what it needs to do.” – Bart Tobener

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Mark Micke was number two last night with a 3.749 at 212.96 MPH and had been 213 in testing and is the fastest MPH in RVW to date. The team has been testing some new things in the trans and converter that is working well now and are right in the heat of things going into 2018 season. “Nelson Competition has found a few things in the engine in the off season as well, with that and the testing things we have been working on in the transmission, we don’t want to let it all out yet, people are paying attention and we are looking forward to this season.” Mark Micke

“Lumber Jack” Keith Jackson has his former OL 10.5 Camaro here this weekend for the first time in the RVW class running a best so far of 4.13 at 175 in his first event on drag radials. “I been racing about 20 years, just trying to get out feet wet with the radial, I’m really impressed with the tire, really drives good and works good, we are going to try and go a few rounds and make out way to the winner circle. The best we had been in OL10.5 trim was a 4.40, and already been a 4.13. We sat out a couple of years kinda waiting for 10.5 to come back, it’s never come back we had to make a move forward, and this tire is bad ass so I don’t care any more.’ – Keith Jackson


James Lawrence was pumped for this morning's final session of RVW after running a 4.00 at 192 last night. A quick assist in the FT 600 this morning by Steve Petty had things tuned up resulting in a 3.97 at 194 for his first three second pass and enough to hold on to his fifth place position in the field.

Ruben Tetsoshvilli is running his first time on radials this weekend scoring a 4.83 so far at 167.


Mike Rimar is debuting his new Procharged Ultra Street combo this weekend running a blow thhru set up tuned by Jon Bitler with IRD Carburetors. He is the first blow thru in the 4.80’s and sits eighth with a 4.89 at 145 MPH.

Final Qualifying Results


Jason Scruggs is one of a few cars testing for Pro Extreme this weekend, he is piloting Roger Henson’s Camaro this weekend with his own engine. He got a little close to the wall last night and had to pedal it but was on a .51 pass. Ran a 3.54 today, we are going to hit four or five races this year and have some fun while my car is being updated at Rick Jones.


Shane Novak is running his new car this weekend in Pro Mod Boost qualified at 15th. The car has brand new everything with a Procharged Pro Line Racing Hemi for power with updates to the Jeffers chassis by Brandon Hess from Brando Speed in Ceder Rapids, Iowa. Shane has about 5 clean hits on the car with a best of 3.84 at 187. Plans for the year include some NMCA, PDRA and radial racing at Duck’s along with some Top Sportsman. “We have a pretty versatile engine combo and look forward to trying some radials, have to than ks Procharger and Pro Line, without then this wouldn’t happen.” Shane Novak pictured at right.

Adam Flamholc received delivery of his Corvette this week here in Bradenton fresh from Chris Duncan Race Cars pulling a 3.83 on his first pass. A hung throttle had Adam just a few feet in the sand yesterday but no major damage was done. The team is using this as a test weekend and just concentrating on getting the car right, not worrying about the race itself. “I’m happy, the first run down the track we went an .83, the guys at Chris Duncan Race Cars built me a super car, so far so good.” Adam Flamholc. He sits in fourteenth going into round one.

Bob Harris the PDRA CEO got us tightened up with his son Jason Harris’ performance this weekend with Harris being teamed up with car owners Jimmy and Brad Boone and the Harris trailer and towing operation. “We are running good, qualified second, not pushing it right now but may have to in the finals if we get that far. We still have the Musi engines with Danny Perry who drove last year as crew chief now, which takes a lot of pressure off Jason when he is driving, it feels good to be in Florida right now, we had about a foot of snow just a couple weeks ago so this weather is real nice for us. We will be running PDRA this year and trying for a championship, taking it away from Tommy Franklin who won it the past two years.” Bob Harris

Pete Ferber’s crew was making adjustments to the 4 link prior to round one. He made a good pass with a 3.83 but left early taking a loss to Jose Gonzalez.


Procharger’s Dave W is here testing with two cars this weekend, Shane Novak and James Lawrence, both cars feature Pro Line Racing’s newest 550 cubic inch Hemi’s. The Dragzine sponsored Corvette of Lawrence is running the F3R 136 making 49-50 pounds of boost, with Novak’s Pro Mod running the F3R 143 running right at 54 pounds, still spinning it fairly low getting initial test runs on it. Going a 3.84 has been just outstanding according to Dave. “For us personally as a company it’s been a long time coming for us to break solidly into the threes consistently and with a new product like that, with new cars and engine combinations for Lawrence and Novak. Working with Pro Line and those racers on development we really feel we have formed a great team and look forward to 2018.” Dave W.


Jerico Balduff faced off with Jay Santos in Pro Mod Boost round one with Santos slowing to a 3.90 after losing the blower belt and Balduf running a 3.79 at 194 to earn his way to round two and has scored a new best 3.77 here last night.


Bob Bridges pedaled his way down and pushed out a breather on the top end pushing out some oil that resulted in a bit of a clean up. Tracy Stunkard would advance in this match.

Number one and two qualifiers Les Feist and Craig Andrews were the two cars left after the cleanup with both having earned single runs. Les ran a 3.80 moving around a little past half track with Andrews a little off pace with a 3.86 at 194. Feist Shown


Daniel Pharris scored a holeshot win over Randy Adler in a close match up with Adler running a 3.78 at 202 and Pharris there first with a 3.80 at 207.

Dewayne Mills was spitting flames in round two with Scott Husted scoring a 3.83 at 204.59 to earn his way past Husted who put up a new best 4.18 at 184 for his efforts.


Final Results

The Open Outlaw final pit Tracy Stunkard in Ken Gonyo's dragster against Craig Andrews' 23 T Roadster who was number two qualifier. Stunkard was away first with a .050 reaction and runnign a 4.19 at 167, a solid run for the team and enough to win as Andrews had trouble and slowed to a 4.58 at 123.

Radial vs the World US Street Nationals Champion Mark Micke re set the class MPH record this weekend with a 215.56 blast in the second round of eliminations today over Lyle Barnett in a come from behind win and scoring low ET 3.744 at 212 in the final against the screw blown Camaro of Jeff Miller who ran a 3.80 at 199.91 for his effort. Team M&M put the class on notice this weekend with several great runs with power coming Nelson Competition 540 ci Big Chief style Chevy topped with Vizner billet heads. Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.

Jeff Miller Radial vs the World US Street Nats Runner Up. Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.


The final of Nitrous Pro Mod was set with Jason Harris and Lizzy Musi with Musi having the ET advantage by a good margin after her 3.68 int eh semi finals over Jimmy Stoupas. Harris’ .017 reaction was a good start for him but Musi’s car faltered at the hit allowing Harris to ride through to a 3.76 at 199 and earn the event win. A good win for Pat Musi Racing as both cars run his power plants. Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.



Tommy D’Aprile is the Pro Boost Pro Mod winner this weekend driving Al Billes car with a 4.9 bore space Noonan Hemi combo in the car’s second outing. “I couldn’t be prouder of our team, Al Billes Racing, Noonan Race Engineering, this new engine we have thanks to Jamie and Rene, we have about 16 runs on the car, it’s fantastic, I’m just honored to be part of it” – Tommy D’Aprile Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.


Ultra Street winner Tony Alm struggled a bit in early qualifying with a broken converter before tracking down the problem with the car being off what the team was asking of it. Once that was repaired tings were back to normal running two 4.70’s in eliminations and earning the event win over Brian Keep in the final with a 4.70 to Keep’s 4.80. “Thanks to MPR Race Engines, Pro Torque, RPM Transmissions, Richard Colas at NRP , Thunder Autosports and my crew. I can’t do this without all the great help from my crew, friends and my wife Patti.” – Tony Alm Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.


Brian Keep made it to the Ultra Street final but suffered to the 60′ against Alm and slowed to a 4.80. at 147.


Ben Wolverton earned back to back wins this weekend after his Heavy Street win at the Snowbird Nationals in December. Ben runs a home built big block Chevy with Induction Solutions nitrous and TRZ Motorsports suspension in his 1978 Malibu with assistance from Randy Shearin, Jimmy and Justin Mccurdy and Bobby Breton. Wolverton was .080 on the tree to Christopher Perry's sleepy .351 making all the difference in the world at the stripe earning the win pulling 4.94 at 141 out of the hat when he needed it to stay in front of the hard charging 4.73 at 155 of Perry. Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.

Ken Quartuccio earned top qualifier in Outlaw 632 running a record setting 4.22 and was in the .20’s all day going into the final with Jordan Ensslin. Ensslin got away first with a .057 but wasn’t able to hold on as Quartuccio drove by with a 4.31 at 169 as the Trans Am had trouble near two hundred feet out with Jordan shutting it down and Quartuccio earning the win in the East Side Performance C&S Performance Camaro. Winner Circle Photos by Audra Lustig.


Jordan Ensslin US Street Nationals Outlaw 632 Runner Up.

Kendall D’Aprile qualified number two in 8.90 Jr Dragster with ten cars in class with Lauren Sandrey the top qualifier and her final round opponent. D’Aprile took the reaction time advantage with a .099 light. Sandret ran it to the stripe first breaking out with an 8.83 at 71 trying to make up the lost ground at the start. D’ Aprile was .03 over index earning the event win here in Bradenton.


Parrish Florida based Lauren Sandrey Qualified number one in 8.90 Jr Dragster earning her way past Tyler Vinacco in round one and tradin goff singles with D’Aprile in rounds two and three. It was a good start to a new year for both racers this weekend.


7.90 Jr Dragster aslo featured the top two qualifiers in the final with Gage Burch and Jonathan D’Aprile respectfully and two. Burch met Alexi Stoupas in round two after his earned single sending her home early with a .020 staring line holeshot. The stripe went .015 to Burch setting up the final with D’Aprile who put a .018 on McKenna Kitterman for his round two effort. Burch left first in the final by .014 making it tight at the stripe with D’Aprile making up .02 more but not enough as Burch earned the win by .012.


Jonathan D’Aprile earned the 7.90 jr Runner Up this weekend and great family performance with taking two of three final round wins for the Port Charlotte, Florida Sir Thomas Racing team.


Dean Thompson earned fifth qualifier in 5.50 Index in his 1964 Chevy II based out of Sarasota. He had a tight match with Kenny Puffenberger in round two giving up .008 on the tree to the Bradenton based racer. he pushed it to a 5.506 to take the round win over Puffenberger’s 5.534. the semi final by gave him a chance to air it out to a 5.486 and set up for the final with Steve Tiona driving a 1999 Monte Carlo this weekend. They were locked at the tree with just .001 separating them. Thompson would earn the win running a 5.513 to Tiona’s 5.529 pass.


6.50 Index Lee Neal put his 1996 S-10 Chevy tenth of twenty four cars and waded through four round of racing before meeting number five Bill Step’s 81 Oldsmobile in the final round. He faced the double entered Heavy Street racer Austin Stephans in round one, advancing to meet Matt Marcus, Scott Travers and a semi final single putting up a 6.537 on the board. Step went red in the final ending the race for the US Street Nationals Championship early for both racers.


Bill Step, 2018 Us Street nationals 6.50 Index Runner Up.

Joe Tillman out of Longwood, Florida put his 2002 Ford in the winner circle after meeting up with Bob DeMilt in the 7.50 Index Final. Tillman won the reaction time battle, .035 to DeMilt’s ,083. He would also earn the event win running a 7.546 to DeMilt’s 7.522. Gage was also entered in Open Comp where he met Troy Pirez Jr. in the final round taking the holeshot and pushing Pirez to a 6.42, way under his 6.51 dial.

Bob DeMilt 7.50 Index Runner Up hails from Myakka City with his trusty Malibu wagon.




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