Yellow Bullet Nationals 2011 Same Day Coverage


Sunday Sunday Sunday is eliminations day for the Yellow Bullet Nationals here at Cecil County Dragway. Today we have partly sunnny skies with a 30% cance of rain this afternoon and a full day of action packed racing to get in. Last year there were 22,000 hits on the live feed, so far this year as of this morning there were 23,000 including 200 hits from Australia, Coops must have been busy down under. Go to to see the feed.

Special thanks to our event coverage sponsor Mickey Thompson Tires.  Check out their great line of street/strip wheels and tires at

Crazy Bob and crew had a late night thrash replacing a piston with a broken skirt last night. They set the engine back in at 4 AM and are on 24 hours with no sleep thanks to Monster and 5 hour energy drinks.

Bob Collison runs this clean 73 Camaro in Pro Street. he races the car once a month here at Cecil and drives the car regularly on the street. The pump gas 468 ci. BBC powers the car to 10.30's with no problems. Bob also own the souvenir stands here at the track.

Karri Ann Beebe is running in Drag Radial with this 68 Chevelle. She runs a fuel injected nitrous combo and is sitting in 17th spot paired up with Ricky Fox for first round.

Jon Rittenhouse is the top qualifier in X275 with a 4.93, he ran another .93 in the final qualifying session and is ready to rock for eliminations today.

Chris Matters is here announcing this weekend along with regular track announcer Lee Sebring. Chris owns Fastmover Motorsports which sponsored the burnout contest as well as Eric kenward, Mike Pyott and Alex Vettros to help them make the show.

Qualifying runs started at 9 AM with Super Street. The first pair down was a mix of old and new school muscle, just how we like it.

We have one round in the books of heads up cars and are running Pro Dial now. I am posting the results sheets that are available at this time, with the rest coming asap.

Scotty G. got loose early in his run vs. Tim Johnson. He was able to recover and get by Johnson who lifted himself to a 6.75 @ 112.

Mel Nelson and Ricky Fox had a pedal fest with the turbocharged entry of Nelson managing a 4.69 @ 171 for the win.

Anthony DiSoma did a great job driving in his win over Tammo Mauro, keeping the car just straight enough to take the win and off the walls.

Buck Jarvis got crossed up and nearly into Brian Penna, getting into the wall pretty good, this is what's left of the front clip. He is ok.

Round Two Results

Vettros turned in his best run of the weekend on a single, 4.50 @ 179 MPH. Great job sneaking up on it guys.

Chris Evans ran his fastest pass of the weekend taking the win with a 4.97 @ 144.

Richie Stine earned a nice come from behind win over Craig Walls, his 5.06 over Walls' 5.21 and .012 light.

Marty Whitt drove the wheels off his turbo Capri in a match with Scotty G. Scotty slowed down and Marty pulled the wheels not once but twice and kept it straight and in the 4's for the upset win.

Vinny Fiore lined up with top qualifier Paul Major's Vette in a Procharger vs. turbo battle in round two. Major lost traction at the hit and Fiore went red handing the win to the off pace Major.

Round Three Results

Alex Vettros took out Marty Whit with a nice 4.51 @ 178 MPH to Whitt's .008 light and game 4.74 effort.

Nate Pritchett is having luck go his way today, he got a win over Jason Enos after his car lost fire due to a ignition box failure, Pritchett ran a 5.32 @ 139 off the gas.

Doug Harris got a holeshot win over Billy Gordon in his Travis Quillen tuned 68 Camaro.

Pete Harrell improved slightly to a 5.00 @146 over Trace Meyer's slowing 5.59 @ 137.

Fiscus has low ET in eliminations with a 4.45 @ 178 to take out Robert George Jr.

Final Results

8.50 Index

Adam Sailor went three rounds on holeshot wins with his 72 Dodge Demon and won the fourth on a red light by his opponent Mike Good. Mike Romeo would be the other semi finalist, the Quakertown PA racer runs a clean 74 Camaro with a 548 big block under the hood. He was qualified 21st and got the win over number four Mike Pyott in round three when he broke out by .08 after a .031 advantage on the tree. In the semis he faced off with number one qualifier Harry Gerb and put a .019 light in him and stay in front the rest of the way. Sailor would have his number in the final though with a nice .011 reaction to Romeo's .015, the final margin of victory would be a scant .008.

Outlaw Big Tire

The final in this class would be Mitch George and Sam Gottier, numbers three and one qualifier respectively. George would get out first with a .013 and go on to a 4.57 @ 155 as Gottier slowed to a 4.60 @ 157.

Top Sportsman would have five rounds of racing with number four and five qualifiers meeting in the final. Tom Fontana had the quicker car with a 6.78 dial and Mike Kaufman dialed at 6.93.with Fontana having the better reaction time throught the day between the two and a semi final bye as well, running just .001 over dial. Kaufman would get out first when it was needed with a .028 and fontana would break out trying to catch up in a tight race.

Outlaw 10.5

Meanwhile Nate Pritchett was having luck go his way getting by two rounds on red lights and a win over Jason Enos in the third as his car simply shut off soon after the launch. Hall had a broke by in the semis after Doug Harris leaked and was pushed back, Sexton was dead late on the tree against a game Pritchett who had his best run of the weekend with a 4.66 @ 163, it just wasn't enough to stay in front of the hard charging 4.28 of Sexton. In the final it was Hall's turn to be late with a .229 light as Sexton marched to a 4.26 @ 182 and the event win.

X275 brought 48 cars to first round wading through his opponents with consistanf 5.0 and 4.9 performance. Richie Stine didn't have a great run in first round but advanced over Chris Ketler anyway then put up some 5.0's himself. Bruder was tested in the semi against Pete "Vader" Harrell who put up a 5.04 @ 150 but was a bit late on the tree, falling to Bruder's .018 4.89 @ 144 run. Stine was late as well vs. Ron Rhodes but a clean 4.98 @ 143 made up for it, sending him to the finals in Ricky Fox's 90 Mustang in it's first outing. The final had Stine late again with a .140 reaction, Bruder's .037 put him in front where he pulled out a holeshot win with a 4.994 to Stines quicker 4.990.

Outlaw Drag Radial

The racing was tight and exciting in Outlaw Drag Radial with Paul Major setting low ET in qualifying but having no real luck after that. Steve Jackson qualified number three ahead of Vettros and all four cars in the semi finals had byes in round one. Jesse Lambert took out Major in round three, 4.79 to 4.83, Jackson had a bye but spun and lifted to a 5.87. while Vettros put up a nice 4.51 @ 178 while taking out Marty Whitt.

In the semis Jackson put a holeshot on Fiscus winning with a 4.52 @ 177 to the quicker 4.50 @ only 154, Fiscus must have lifted or lost power on the run. Vettros slowed as well to a 4.81 @ 148, still enough to get by Lambert's .83. In the final Vettros would have his best run of the day with a 4.49 @ 176 and the only other car in the 4.40's during eliminations as Jackson hazed the tires at 600 feet, slowing to a 4.53 @ only 163

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