Kinsley And Hennen Tops In AA/Fuel Altered At Texas Raceway


The Painless Performance Outlaw Fuel Altered Association thundered into Texas Raceway on May 31st with fifteen blown fuel altereds ready for action on a Friday night under the lights in Kennedale, Texas.  This event was a double header for two racers, Donnie Massey and Howard Farris, who would settle their rained out final round battle from Ardmore Dragway during the first qualifying session here tonight at Texas Raceway, both looking for their first win of the season.

Terry Brian and the “II N’Tense” team came into the event leading the points by a slim margin over Jimmy Jones’ “Texas Tremor” team.   In the final pair of the first qualifying session, Donnie Massey and Howard Farris lined up to decide the winner from Ardmore.  The two nitro burners crept into the beams and were side by side at half-track, but just before the finish line Farris lost a blower belt and Massey’s 3.88 was enough to take the win over Farris’ 3.89.


Photos by Chris Graves and Tara Wendland

After two completed qualifying sessions, Jimmy Jones found himself atop the qualifying chart with Aaron Leyda rounding out the quick twelve field with a 4.30 elapsed time.  Kebin Kinsley posted a career best 4.04 in the “Nitro Junkie” fuel altered owned by Roger Hennen to qualify number three and Donny McSwain posted his best qualifying effort of the season in the number two spot.  Howard Farris, Bobby Marriott and Mary Reep took spots in the top half of the field as the teams returned to the pits to prepare for the first round of eliminations. 

Parts attrition sidelined the “Hemi Hunter” team of Wilkens & Leyda before eliminations so first alternate Jim Overly was inserted into the field.  Chris Trussell came up a bit short with a best of 4.36 and missed the cut, but was able to post a 4.03 in a test pass later in the evening.  Paul Gordon debuted his “Red Baron” nitro burning Fiat at Texas Raceway, with John Hale behind the wheel.  Gordon and team found success in their first test outing and look forward to racing in the OFAA series more this season. 

Final Qualifying Order:

1) Jimmy Jones (Cleburne, Texas) – 4.021 (3.979) @ 166

2) Donny McSwain (Rockwall, Texas) – 4.030 (3.970) @ 178

3) Kebin Kinsley (Arlington, Texas) – 4.040 @ 180

4) Howard Farris (Springtown, Texas) – 4.048 (3.952) @ 174

5) Bobby Marriott (Pilot Point, Texas) – 4.05 @ 173

6) Mary Reep (Austin, Texas) – 4.09 @ 163

7) Donnie Massey (Little Elm, Texas) – 4.120 (3.880) @ 173

8) Terry Brian (New London, Texas) – 4.12 @ 179

9) Raymond Dawson (Nevada, Texas) – 4.16 @ 169

10) Mark Bowman (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) – 4.171 @ 170

11) DoDad Burton (Tyler, Texas) – 4.172 @ 167

12) Aaron Leyda (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) – 4.30 @ 151

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

13) Jim Overly (Oyster Creek, Texas) – 4.34 @ 129

14) Chris Trussell (Canton, Texas) – 4.39 @ 135

15) John Hale (Addison, Texas) – 6.25 @ 77

Opening the first round of eliminations, Donnie Massey lined up with Jimmy Jones in a monster matchup for the crowd.  Massey took a slight starting line advantage which ended up telling the story at the stripe, as Massey’s 3.978 at 181 mph was just enough to hold off Jones’ quicker but loosing 3.970 at 178 mph.  Side by side threes to open the first round, with plenty more on the way.

T27JimmyJonesKebin Kinsley was out next paired with Raymond Dawson.  Dawson’s newly lettered “High Octane” machine was looking to upset the “Nitro Junkie” car, but Kinsley had this one from start to finish.  Kinsley took a tenth at the starting line and clicked off a career best 3.92 at 175 mph to not only take the round win but also become the 19th member of the OFAA 3 Second Club.  Kinsley also took home the Good Vibrations “Quick Reaction Time” bonus in this match-up with his .090 light which was the quickest of the round.

Terry Brian’s “II N’Tense” and Donny McSwain’s “Wild One” crept into the beams as eliminations continued with this powerhouse blown alcohol matchup.  McSwain jumped the gun and left before the tree activated while Brian clicked off a 4.10 at 175 mph to take the round win, a very important round to keep his position in the points lead.

Bobby Marriott’s “Shockwave” lined up with DoDad Burton’s “Free Spirit” in the next pairing.  The drivers were off the line together and Marriott started to pull ahead and his 4.07 at 180 mph was enough to advance over Burton’s respectable 4.16 at 168 mph.53HowardFarris

Mark Bowman’s “Blown Income” and Howard Farris’ “War Wagon” were the next pair through the water box.  Farris went red at the starting line and threw away low elapsed time of the round with a header flaming 3.87 at 189 mph pass, while Bowman cruised to a clean and quick 4.13 at 171 mph to take the round win.

In the final pairing, Mary Reep’s “Grim Reeper” and Jim Overly’s “Fuelish Habit” came to the line.  The winner of this pair had to run better than Donnie Massey’s 3.970 to bump into a spot in the final round, a time Reep was easily capable of beating.  Reep took this one from start to finish as she blasted down the eighth mile, lighting the scoreboards with a 4.00 at 181 mph earning the round win but coming up just a bit short of a ticket to the finals.  Reep did earn the North Texas Diesel “Quickest Rd 1. Non-Finalist” bonus with her 4.00 elapsed time. 

10KebinKinsleyKebin Kinsley would move into his first final round appearance for the Roger Hennen owned “Nitro Junkie” team while Donnie Massey would now have a shot at winning two final rounds in one day counting his earlier win over Farris from the Ardmore rainout.

First Round Eliminations Results:

(W) Donnie Massey (.105 rt) 3.970 @ 181 mph vs. (L) Jimmy Jones (.125 rt) 3.970 @ 178 mph

(W) Kebin Kinsley (.090 rt) 3.92 @ 175 mph vs. (L) Raymond Dawson (.275 rt) 4.19 @ 152 mph

(W) Terry Brian (.123 rt) 4.10 @ 175 mph vs. (L) Donny McSwain (No Time – Redlight)

(W) Bobby Marriott (.132 rt) 4.07 @ 180 mph vs. (L) DoDad Burton (.146 rt) 4.16 @ 168 mph

(W) Mark Bowman (.091 rt) 4.13 @ 171 mph vs. (L) Howard Farris (-.145 rt) 3.87 @ 179 mph

00(W) Mary Reep (.134 rt) 4.00 @ 181 mph vs. (L) Jim Overly (1.134 rt) 4.70 @ 124 mph

As the clock approached midnight the final race of the night was brought to life as the nitro fumes poured from the headers and the stands shook from the 5,000 horsepower thundering on the starting line.  Donnie Massey and Kebin Kinsley crept into the beams and at the ambers they were off the line almost even, Massey taking a slight advantage.

By half-track, Kinsley had closed the gap and was pulling ahead as the cars blasted header flaming high and side by side down the strip.  At the stripe, Kinsley lit the win light with a career best 3.82 at 193 mph to Massey’s close 3.91 at 184 mph in the quickest side by side pass of the night.  Kinsley posted his third straight career best run and the “Nitro Junkie” team erupted in celebration on the starting line as they claimed their first OFAA event win. 

Final Round Results:

(W) Kebin Kinsley (.106 rt) 3.82 @ 193 mph vs. (L) Donnie Massey (.095 rt) 3.91 @ 184 mph

“Our boys worked so hard to get this car to perform the way it did tonight, I’m so happy for all my guys and Kebin did an outstanding job behind the wheel.  This win means a lot to our team and the Outlaw Fuel Altered group is the best bunch we could ever hope to race with.  We’re going to take this win and go celebrate for a few weeks before we head to the next race at Denton to whoop up on those pro mods,” said team owner Roger Hennen. 57KebinKinsleyWinnersCircle

With this win, Kinsley jumped up several spots in the points standings now in seventh.  Kinsley could fill a trophy room with all the accomplishments he and the team achieved at this event.  The “Nitro Junkie” gang set low elapsed time and top speed of the event, improved on their career best on three consecutive passes, won the Good Vibrations “Quick Reaction Time” bonus and claimed their first OFAA series win all in one night.  Well done boys!

Terry Brian was able to hold onto his points lead and Jimmy Jones is sitting closely behind in second place.  Brian also claimed the 3rd Coast Commissioning Services “Best Burnout” award at Texas Raceway.  Bobby Marriott was awarded the Competition Sales of Dallas “Luck of the Draw” and both Kinsley and Massey will be awarded the Wizard’s Warehouse “Final Round” bonuses.

 The OFAA series will have a month off before heading to North Star Dragway on July 5th and 6th where they will take part in a special two day event, running heads up against the Texas Outlaw Pro Mod series.  More information, team profiles, event photos and more can be found at

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