NMRA Bradenton 2010 Full Race Recap


Just in case you didn’t get a chance to check out all the race results over at our sister site StangTV.com from last weekend’s NMRA Bradenton race coverage, we have it here for you today.  Inside is all our notes from this record breaking weekend.  Follow along and don’t forget to check out the drop downs for each day including the video coverage.

It is the first race of the year as it always is in sunny Bradenton, Florida. The weather will be cool all weekend though there is a high pressure front rolling in, allowing for some truly record runs. Check back throughout the day, and all weekend for the updates from Bradenton. Yesterday there was a testing session here at Bradenton and the same goes for this morning.  At 3pm today we will roll into our first round of qualifying.  We started the morning by roaming the pits to see what people have been up to in the off season.

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News from the Pits – Friday Morning

Sam Vincent showed up at the end of the 2009 racing season with some strong numbers in Super Street Outlaw. Sam then ran last week at the ORTC and put down a 4.60 @ 157mph during qualifying, though that later resulted in a first round loss. Sam says they have been working mainly on converter/gearing combinations while performing some chamber work to allow for a better air/fuel/nitrous mixture. Also you can see he added a new hood scoop.

Speaking of Tim Matherly, we caught him applying stickers to his brand new 2010 Mustang with a totally new Procharged engine combination.

In a turn of events, Mark Anderson is now driving Tim Matherly’s old car with a Pure Street (no power adder) engine combination for this race only, simply for points. Mark lost the championship last year by missing one too many races and he wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Though look to see Mark in Steve Gifford’s old Factory Stock car, converted over to Pure Street for the remainder of the season.

Walking to Mike DeMayo’s pit you will notice something different about his Hot Street car. That being the fox body was converted from a hatch to notchback - which is cheaper than building a whole new car. The conversion took some time but it saved the team over 40 pounds. Tech had a close eye to make sure the roof lined up properly within the stock specs, and it did.

Jim Blair has been working on some new engine pieces, mainly his new intake manifold design. They also moved the throttle body under the dash and went with a 4-5” piping step configuration. They also added a wideband O2 sensor in each primary and worked on improving valvetrain geometry on the internal side.

As we mentioned before, the air this weekend is going to be awesome for the forced induction cars with a high pressure front moving in. Needing to change the rear gear to accommodate the needed MPH, Steven Biggs crew was changing from the 3.4:1 to a 3.0:1 piece. Talking with Marvin Bridge, he hopes to have Joey back in the country by Atco and running in their red Mustang. Marvin managed to run a 8.15 on a soft tune at the NMCA finals last year, so look for big things from the Bridge team later this year.

Dan Baumann purchased Robin Lawrence’s fox body in 2005. Dan had been running some local series racing but decided to step up to Real Street by changing some engine pieces. They changed the pistons, added some fresh TFS heads, and a new chromemoly cage. They went 6.04 to the eighth yesterday with a 1.32 short time.

Pro Outlaw 10.5 2009 runner up Mike Murillo is here with his freshly wrapped fox body Mustang. Finally the two holes for the rear mount turbo setup is now covered up.

Test and Tune Notes

Drag Radial 2009 runner up Enzo Pecchini went out and ran an 8.17 @ 173.07. And had a bit of a hairy ride at the top end when the shoots opened, shooting the car to the right lane. Second pass Enzo managed a 8.19 @ 145, lifting early.

The first run for Drag Radial champion Jason Lee was a respectable 8.08 @ 176.57mph.

Johnny Mac attempted to go out for his first pass but they had problems with the car in the burn out box. After some quick adjustments, they rolled the SSO Mustang back up, though ended in aborted run.

Hot Street champion Don Bowles was in Bradenton a few weeks ago testing some new carburetor and tire combinations that are now allowed in the Hot Street class. Don ran a respectable 8.50 @ 157.26 mph.

John Leslie Jr is having problems with his Factory Stock ride, smoking down the track. Unconfirmed reports say that Leslie is down about 20-30 horsepower.

Qualifying Round 1 Notes

It was an action packed qualifying round with half of the class records being broken.  Below is some of the top action from the first round of qualifying.

Jim Blair was the only Pro Outlaw 10.5 car that made it down the track for a full pass with a 6.944 @ 191.08 mph. Dwayne James had problems with getting the car on the bars, Jim Brown blew the tires off right at the start and Mike Murillo broke on the line.

John Urist made history in Super Street Outlaw by becoming the first in the 20s with a 7.296 @ 194.13 mph. Chris Tuten followed in second with a soft hit but a still respectable run with a 7.407 @ 194 mph.

Renegade champion Alton Clements edged out his own 2009 record with a 8.347 @ 164.86 mph. Dan Rawls is currently in second with a good pass as well, a 8.436 @ 162.89 mph.

Rob Valden was one of the first cars out in the Hot Street class, blasting to a record breaking 8.448 @ 156.22 mph. Robbie Blankenship would come out an run an identical 8.448. But then when it was time for Charlie Booze Jr to come out to run, he would shock everyone with a 8.412 @ 160.37 mph pass to take the number one spot. There is no doubt that the adjusted Hot Street rules is working out.

Continuing on the records in Drag Radial is Bob Kurgan. Bob would have a sweet wheel stand that he carried out over 200 feet. Pointed straight down the track, he would motor to a new Drag Radial record with a 7.947 @ 176.29 mph. The rear gear change would prove beneficial to Steven Biggs who ran a 8.086 @ 177.93 mph.

Qualifying Round 1 Sheets

Notes from the Pits After Qualifying Round 1

It was a evening filled with drivetrain woes in the pits at Bradenton after the first round of qualifying.

When Mike Murillo went to come off the transbrake, the car lurched backward a bit, alerting on-lookers to the potential problem with Mike’s forward gears. This would be the problem, though a spare in the trailer will be swapped in its place. This is the fourth race this engine has been in the car for without being serviced.

Next up would be Drag Radial champion runner up Enzo Pecchini with a broken first gear. Enzo’s fox body twin and fellow competitor Chad Doyle was also having problems with their transmission. They planned to haul the transmission over to Jim Blair’s pit so Jason from ATF could rebuild it.

We found Tim Matherly servicing his transmission on his brand new 2010 Mustang. What we thought was a clutch change, we later found out that Tim had plans to swap in his championship-winning two valve combination in favor of his current three valve setup.

David Guy seemed frustrated with his first round effort that ended in tire smoke off the line. David relies heavily on his driveshaft speed sensor on setting the tune up on the car, and has been chasing bugs with it lately on getting it to work properly.

We are happy to report that John Leslie Jr’s smoke show during test and tune was the result of a “non-critical engine malfunction” that was quickly fixed after the round. John feels that the gearing in the car is wrong and it is costing him power. Plans was to swap out for a lower ratio.

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