Reviving An Oldie But Goodie: Sinbad’s SBC Enforcer Nova Engine


Over the years, Edelbrock has strived to bring car enthusiasts the most bang for their buck. Offering a slew of performance products, Edelbrock has developed a loyal fanbase worldwide that follows them wherever they go.

In particular, there is one customer whose loyalty to Edelbrock cannot be matched. We’re talking about musclecar enthusiast Mark Storjohann or better known by the associates at Edelbrock as Sinbad.

We spoke with Eric Blakely at Edelbrock who informed us of what they were going to be doing for Sinbad’s small-block mill, and Sinbad’s divine respect for Edelbrock. The technicians at Edelbrock built a SBC Enforcer engine for Sinbad to help rejuvenate his Chevy Nova.

The SBC Enforcer

Designed specifically for small-block Chevys, the E-Force Enforcer Supercharger systems consist of a traditional positive-displacement supercharger that is ideal for use in musclecars and street rods. Moreover, the kit includes a newly-designed intake assembly with Eaton Gen VI 2300 TVS internals, also found in the Corvette ZR1, drive pulleys, manifold, a 10-rib serpentine belt, and all the necessary components to get the system operational.

Offering quiet operation and minimal temperature gains, these are the pinnacles of Eaton’s patented technology. Complementing the Eaton internal components, Edelbrock’s supercharger maximizes efficiency and performance by minimizing the air restriction into and out of the supercharger system by utilizing an integrated bypass valve.

As a result, the bypass valve diminishes parasitic loss under light throttle, improving fuel efficiency. With a shorter distance to travel, the path for air flow is improved as it becomes less restrictive and without the need of a jack-shaft.


A closer look at the four-barrel Edelbrock throttle bodies for the small-block Chevy engine.

The E-Force Enforcer supercharger systems are sold as complete kits. They are pre-assembled and allow for easy bolt-on installation. To note, these specific supercharger assemblies are available with or without dual-carburetors and/or dual EFI throttle bodies.

The kit offered by Edelbrock is a low boost system that operates with minimal stress on the engine. With no cutting or major modifications needed under the hood, the E-Force supercharger system’s OEM fit and subtle finish make it look like a factory installation.

Being a simple bolt-on application, these systems are specifically designed to be installed on a factory style front end drive with either a short or long water pump. These kits are available in natural satin aluminum, black powder coat, or a polished finish for that classic look. Sinbad chose the black powder coat finish, giving the engine a more vintage feel.

What really sets the E-Force supercharger system apart is its classic styling, combined with modern technology of supercharger design efficiency. The engineers at Edelbrock relied on their knowledge base of late model roots type supercharger design on their previous LS and LT1 architecture to create a Gen I small-block Chevy package that produces substantial amounts of low end torque and top end horsepower. That, coupled with an integrated bypass valve helps to eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle, potentially providing better gas mileage and low rpm drivability.


The E-Force supercharger before installation onto Sinbad's engine.

Reviving Sinbad’s Mill

Offering his motor for surgery, Sinbad sent his engine to Edelbrock to have it revamped with an E-Force supercharger system. Sinbad houses a 406 cubic-inch engine in his tuned third generation 1968 Chevrolet Nova.

He’s going to be stoked as it will be a huge upgrade for his small-block engine.
– Eric Blakely

“Sinbad has come out to SEMA to help us set up and tear down our booth,” he said. “He really digs being around us, and shows up to several of our events.”

Sinbad is an individual who loves to drive his car daily and quite often. He was searching for more power and graciously asked Edelbrock if there was anything they could do for him.

“The engine will be going into Sinbad’s Nova,” said Blakely. “It’s a stout car, but won’t win any shows. It’s a nice driver nonetheless. He takes it on the Power Tour every year.”

When installing Edelbrock’s Enforcer EFI Supercharger for 302-400ci small-block Chevy’s, this was going to be a challenge since Sinbad’s engine was a guinea pig to experiment with. The engine was already fitted with Edelbrock’s Victor Jr. intake, Victor Jr. 64cc heads, and an Edelbrock Performer 100 shot nitrous kit with a window switch.


Sinbad had some good equipment prior to the E-Force install.

Also, Sinbad’s engine has an MSD Ignition system, which helped by bringing out the most power out of the small-block engine. His Nova was already quite capable, as it posted a 1/4 mile time of 11.5 seconds at 111 mph, using a 100 shot of nitrous.

Blakely mentioned that they haven’t done this setup before. “We’re thinking with this engine being naturally aspirated, that we can make upwards of 600 horsepower,” he said. “The heads he has on the engine should be able to handle it, as basic 350 cubic-inch crate engines make about 444 horsepower.”

Observing the technicians building Sinbad’s engine, they hit a few walls that called for some minor fabrication because of the age of the engine. A few holes had to be re-drilled since the bolt heads were not fitting correctly.


Some minor fabrication was necessary to get the bolts to tighten properly.

To put the assembly together, the technicians used simple tools and LED flashlights to meticulously build Sinbad’s engine to perfection.

“He loves what we do, and he loves his car,” said Blakely. “He drives his car everywhere, no doubt about it. The engine we’ve built for him is essentially our crate engine with minor modifications.”


Disassembling Sinbad's engine was no problem for the technicians at Edelbrock.

When asked about power numbers, Blakely spoke with much confidence and assurance. “We are aiming to gain up to 200 horsepower on top of what it puts out currently,” he said.

Looking for something new to spice up his Nova, Sinbad entrusts Edelbrock to take care of him with high quality performance parts. “Essentially the motor was old and he wanted to refresh it,” said Blakely. “It just wasn’t good enough anymore so he asked us for a blower. It’s going to be cool for him because he is going to be making a lot more power.”


The technicians at Edelbrock made sure everything was fastened properly for Sinbad's revamped engine, especially the intercooler.

Judgment Day


After the supercharger system was successfully installed, it was time for the team at Edelbrock to put the engine to the test. Utilizing a Superflow SF-902 dynamometer, the technicians were able to get some good runs in, to see if the mill gained power.

According to the dyno readings, there was a significant gain between the old setup and the addition of Edelbrock’s E-Force Supercharger system. Before the supercharger, Sinbad’s 350 cubic-inch engine cranked out 445 horsepower and 441 lb-ft of torque at 5,300 rpm without the nitrous kit installed.


Before the E-Force supercharger system install.

That’s plenty of power, but with the installation of the E-Force supercharger system, the game changed drastically. Running Sinbad’s engine on the dyno with the supercharger kit from Edelbrock installed, the Nova engine’s new power output was rated at 629 horsepower and 623 lb-ft of torque at 5,300 rpm.


Sinbad’s new engine power output after installation of the E-Force Supercharger system.

Gaining 183.8 horsepower and 182.2 lb-ft of torque with this simple, bolt-on installation, this kit serves as a testament to Edelbrock’s dedication to bringing out the most in small- and big-block Chevy engines. With another successful build, Edelbrock was able to revive Sinbad’s engine giving it a breath of fresh air and newfound power.

(Left: Before, Right: After) Sinbad's engine saw a significant power increase with the help from Edelbrock.

Overall Impressions


The black finish helped to make the components appear factory-installed.

In the end, Edelbrock was pleased with the results of the SBC Enforcer engine. With a gain of almost 183.8 horsepower and 182.2 lb-ft of torque, Sinbad’s engine has evolved into a new beast. We can’t wait to see how it performs when back in the Nova.

With the massive gains across the board, we’re sure Sinbad will enjoy performing donuts, as he will have plenty of power hitting the pavement. Although minor modifications were required to get the kit to fit, Edelbrock is glad to see another customer satisfied with their quality line of performance products.

Proven with power numbers to back it up, Edelbrock’s E-Force supercharger is a complete system that any musclecar or street rod tuner can’t go wrong with. Its ease of installation and superb reliability gives users a dependable performance package that doesn’t put a strain on the engine.

To see if there is an E-Force supercharger system available for your ride, check out Edelbrock’s website here to view their entire product line and more. If you’re looking for untapped potential, you can count on Edelbrock’s E-Force Supercharger system to get the job done, and then some.


Overall, the build was simple and required only basic tools to complete. Note the picture above was before the E-Force installation.

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