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BirdDoc: The Six-Speed GT500 Record Holder And Its High Flying Pilot

What does it take to set the six-speed GT500 record? We take a look at Mark Duber's London Chassis Dyno built BES and Kenne Bell Powered GT500. This T-56 Magnum equipped beast granny shifted to an 8.80 ET at MIR. Read More


Feature: Paja Agatonovic’s Stunning Outlaw 10.5 ’69 Camaro

With 903 cubic inches of nitrous-fed horsepower under the hood and more chrome and polish than you can shake a stick at, Paja Agatonovic's '69 Camaro is one of the baddest Outlaw 10.5 cars anywhere in the world. Read More


’72 Buick Riviera Powered By A 24V Cummins Tearing Up The Street!

A wolf in sheep’s clothes! This Riviera appears to be quite docile, but the compound 24 valve hiding under the hood; isn’t to be messed with. Check out this ’72 Riviera that Brandon Carr has created. Read More


Never-Run 2012 COPO Camaro “Barn Find” Pulled From Dust And Cobwebs

The crew at ATI Performance Products pulled this 2012 Camaro - 1 of 69 built - that had never turned a tire on a race track from the dusty corner of a shop and have given it a new lease on life. Read More


Feature: Ray “Hollywood” Johnson’s Stunning Outlaw 10.5 Ford Mustang

Despite some hurdles along the way, Outlaw 10.5 veteran Ray "Hollywood" Johnson made his return this season, and we take you inside the stunning new big block twin-turbo 2004 Ford Mustang. Read More


An Inspiring C10, Brett Deutsch’s 8 second 1969 Duramax Powered C10

Check out this 8 second street legal 1969 C10. The triple turbocharged Duramax engine makes over 1,100 horsepower. The truck is completely custom and oh-yeah, still has air conditioning. Read More


Video Feature: DirtyMax Racing, MBRP And G&J Diesel 1941 Willys

We met up with Brad Makinen from G&J Diesel to discuss their brand new MBRP 1941 Willys. This radical Duramax powered Pro Stock car will be at the top of the podium next year. Check out our interview with him. Read More


Reader’s Rides: Kevin Chatelain’s Chevy-Powered Toyota Pickup

This week's Readers Rides brings us a hybrid of a different sort: a small block Chevy-powered Toyota pickup truck belonging to Kevin Chatelain that clicks off 10-second passes. Read More


Inside Brian Macy’s 8-Second Turbocharged SBC Drag Week Camaro

A former Dragzine project vehicle, noted EFI wizard Brian Macy has turned this single-turbo 2001 Camaro into a potent, 8-second piece that's already proven itself on the torture test known as Drag Week. Read More


Jeff Disinger’s Wild Electric Mini Funny Car Heads For The Sky

Jeff Disinger's scaled-down Funny Car, with a potent electric motor housed under its shell, has more than ample instantaneous power, as it proved recently when it pointed straight to the sky on a test pass. Read More


Build Spotlight: Fred Henson’s Texas Twister Mustang Cobra Jet

With a level of detail that could have it easily mistaken for a show car, MR2 has built Fred Henson an incredible Cobra Jet for NHRA Super Stock competition. The car stole the show in the pits at the US Nationals. Read More


Small And Mighty: Steven Konarik’s Arctic Cat-Powered Mini Dragster

The vision of former sand drag racer Steven Konarik, this very unique 600+ horsepower, turbocharged Arctic Cat snowmobile-powered mini dragster covers the quarter-mile quicker than you might imagine. Read More


Not Your Daddy’s Caddy: Stanley & Weiss’ New Pro Mod Cadillac CTS-V

Stanley and Weiss Racing set the Pro Extreme class on its ear last season with incredible elapsed times - then built a brand-new stunning new Cadillac at Jeffers Pro Cars. Check out this Dragzine exclusive feature! Read More


Feature: Charlie Baucom’s Ultra-Clean All-Motor Top Sportsman Camaro

Charlie Baucom and Jeff Wilkerson have teamed up to build this beautiful naturally-aspirated Top Sportsman Camaro. Step inside to get a close-up look at this six-second Chevy that's getting it done on motor alone! Read More


Fiscus/Klugger Racing’s Radial Mustang Is Complete And It’s Badass!

Fiscus/Klugger Racing and Racecraft, Inc teamed up to build one of the most insane radial-tired Mustangs we've ever seen. Now it's done, and Dragzine has exclusive photos! Read More


Scott Fry’s 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger Is One Sweet Ride

At first glance this pretty little Swinger looks like a show car, but look again and you'll find a resurrected bracket racing example of classic Mopar muscle. Read More

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