At last year’s SEMA Show, we got our first look at Advanced Clutch Technology’s (ACT) new twin-disc clutches designed for the late model Mustangs, the Chevrolet Camaro, and the Corvette, bringing to market a product with heavy duty pressure plates, a single diaphragm design, and more in an all-out performance package.

With twice the number of friction surfaces, the twin-disc offers better wear, heat capacity, and lifespan than a single-disc. Combined with ACT’s Positive Lift Floater System, these clutches gave quiet and smooth operation with little to no rattle.

ACT's Street (left) and Race discs.

Along with the release of tons of new products this year, ACT has also focused on furthering the performance of its 10.5 and 11.5-inch twin-disc clutch line, bringing some subtle but certainly noticeable improvements to what was already a stellar piece. These efforts have resulted in a product with greater release, a better pedal feel, and smoother engagement. According to ACT, the twin-disc exhibits a sport yet stock feel, roughly five pounds heavier than a stock OEM clutch.

The twin-disc clutches can be paired with ACT’s line of clutch discs designed for varying applications, beginning with the premium organic street discs with steel backed linings, spring-centered construction that come in Modified, Performance, and Rigid versions. ACT also offers their full-on Race discs, featuring 4 or 6-pad, rigid-hub or sprint-centered designs with chromoly hubs, high quality ceramic friction material, lightweight construction for quick shifts, and a heat-treated drive plate, all in Spring-Centered, Rigid-Hub, or Full-Faced Sintered Iron versions, depending on the application and the owners’ driving style.

ACT has plans to roll out new twin-disc clutches in 2013 to cover the year model vehicles not currently offered. In doing so, they will bridge the entire Mustang line from 1964 to current, the Camaro from 1967 to current, all C4, C5, and C6 Corvettes, and the Dodge Viper, with plans also to add the early A- and B-body vehicles, as well.

Learn more about these twin-disc clutch kits and more, including the wide variety of applications that ACT offers clutch kits for, by visiting their home on the web at