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BirdDoc: The Six-Speed GT500 Record Holder And Its High Flying Pilot

What does it take to set the six-speed GT500 record? We take a look at Mark Duber's London Chassis Dyno built BES and Kenne Bell Powered GT500. This T-56 Magnum equipped beast granny shifted to an 8.80 ET at MIR.Read More


Video: Installation Time-Lapse Of The Fresh New 3M Wrap On BlownZ

This cool new video provides a time-lapse view of the new black-on-white 3M wrap applied to our Project BlownZ Camaro this spring by the crew at SocalWraps. Check it out!Read More


Street Racing Culture in Los Angeles Examined by National Geographic

Street racers are a segment of the hot rodding and automotive cultures that most of the rest of society would like to see disappear. However for those heavily involved in street racing, there's more to it than a wicked burst of is a way of life!Read More


Video: Replay XD – Small Camera Gives You Big HD Video

If you've been thinking about getting a video camera to record your track sessions, the Replay XD is one that will impress you. At about an ounce, it's one of the lightest cameras yet it packs a good punch.Read More


Part 2: The Greatest Wheelstands Performed On The Street

The second in a two-part series and as an ode to those that can make a high-powered car hook in a rainshower, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best wheelstand videos on the street. Enjoy, but once again, don’t try this at home, folks!Read More


Part 1: The Greatest Wheelstands Performed On The Street

In the first of a two-part series and as an ode to those that can make a high-powered car hook in a rainshower, we've compiled a list of ten of the best wheelstand videos on the street. Enjoy, but don't try this at home, folks!Read More


Video: Inside our 388 LSX Race Engine Build

Our ongoing 388 LSX race engine project with Virginia Speed is off to a good start, and we have a new video to introduce the project, let you in on our goals, and give you a preview of all the good stuff to come. Read More


NMRA Joliet 2011 Event Videos

Missed the racing action from the NMRA/NMCA Joliet race this last weekend? Don't worry, we have a whole pile of videos inside that will make you feel like you were there! They are sorted from newest to oldestRead More


Video: Insane Homemade Chassis Dyno Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Using the rear axle from a heavy-duty truck, a pile of rocks and dirt, and a metal ramp system, these creative geniuses have built their own dyno and seem to use it on a regular basis to test and tune their drift cars. Don't try this at home, kids!Read More

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Video: COMP Cams Introduces New Products to Help Engine Builders

COMP Cams has some tips and new products for engine builders. We have a video that shows these helpful tips and products here.Read More

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Video: Chassiswork’s g-Machine Chevy II Front Clip Install

Watch as we completely replace our 44-year-old factory front clip with Chris Alston’s Chevy II g-Machine Subframe System and see how it saved us some weight while drastically improving front end rigidity, suspension geometry and durability; transforming our stock unibody into a true street/strip machine.Read More


Cars Gone Wild: Ten Crazy Dragstrip Videos

Great moments at the dragstrip are being captured on video every day, and we've got ten of our favorites (plus a few bonus clips) for your viewing pleasure, so kiss the rest of your work day goodbye!Read More

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Video: Five Spectacular Drag Racing Nitrous Explosions

Nitrous oxide can be a lot like playing with fire (okay, actually it’s a lot like playing with fire). To showcase that point, we present five spectacular nitrous explosions and subsequent fires for your viewing pleasure. Get your marshmallows! Read More

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Grandma Gets Drained…

We decided to have a little fun with granny before the build begins, so we pulled the fluids out of her, started her up and took bets on how long she would last. Check it out...!! Read More