screen_shot_2016-01-06_at_10.52.55_amThe iconic 1/4-mile Auto Club Famoso Raceway, located in a rural section of Bakersfield, California, erupted in to a blaze around the 3 O’clock hour this early morning. When Kern County Fire Department crews 12471560_10153796545858917_988349523212142920_oarrived on scene the timing tower was reportedly fully engulfed in flames.

Thanks to the fire crews’ quick efforts, the flames where knocked down quick enough to prevent the total loss of all the equipment. Thankfully, the newer part of the tower that houses the invaluable timing equipment did not receive the brunt of the devastation, incurring only minimal damage to this part of the structure.

Flames did, however, ravage the older part of the tower that was recently reconditioned to a VIP 12471721_10153796545918917_1501017284665004517_oand hospitality area, and resulted in the collapse of the structure. The storage area at the base of the older tower was also effected resulting in the complete loss of some critical track operation equipment.

In the tragic wake that rocked Auto Club Famoso Raceway, officials are receiving a full range of support from the racing community, have been contacted by racers, fans, and tracks across the country offering to get the track back up and running for the 2016 season. Famoso track officials are determined to hold true to the committed 2016 schedule, and keep it unaltered to host the historic March Meet and other events.