ev-camaro-1The future of the automobile is pure electric, or at least that is what some people would have us believe. The fact is, the internal combustion engine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, unless somebody turns off all the oil spigots at once. Yet there are still electric vehicles worth getting excited over, especially in the drag racing world.

Ron Adamowicz’s all-electric Chevy Camaro doorslammer is just such a car. Having already run the quarter mile in just over 10-seconds, this electric-powered Camaro isn’t a joke, and Ron is hoping to put together a video series to document his racing team’s 2013 season. But he needs help, and has turned to crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter to get it.

Ron’s electric Camaro started out on a 1981 body, and has since graduated to a fiberglass 2010+ Camaro body. To date, the best run we know of from Ron’s racing team, Lithiumaniacs, has been a 10.08-seconds at 127 mph, very nearly a single-digit run. Not bad for a pure electric vehicle, not bad at all!

Electric drag racing has grown exponentially in the past few years, and now there are more EV drag racers than ever trying to go fast sans the big, expensive engines. Ron wants to document his team’s efforts for posterity, and is seeking $5,000 in Kickstarter funding to get a film crew together. So far they’re more than $4,800 away from that goal, but we wouldn’t mind seeing what it takes to get a pure electric Camaro to scream down the track in ten seconds or less. How about you?