FueLab’s New Catalog Welcomes Enthusiasts To The Digital Age

The crew at Fuelab, those guys that have been producing top notch fuel system components for over fifteen years, have rolled out their new online catalog filled with fuelish goodies. Ok, maybe fuelish isn’t a real word, perhaps fuelicious then? If neither of these are words recognized by the Webster’s dictionary people, they should be. To get a clear definition of what fuelicious is, you need to look no further than Fuelabs new digital catalog.

The catalog is filled with fuel delivery components from tank to intake, starting with the Fuelab’s prodigy line of fuel pumps. A proven dependable fuel pump that helps prevent, if not eliminate problems associated with cavitation from vapor lock, the Prodigy line of pumps is the base component for any high performance engine. The prodigy fuel pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol fuels.

Fuel pressure regulators and mini regulators are featured next in the catalog.  The Fuelab regulators are also compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol fuels, so there is no need to worry about mixing and matching if you are running an exotic fuel. Sensitive to auto enthusiast’s needs to customize their engine bays, Fuelab offers the regulators in six different color options so that the looks can match the performance of your mill.

Suppose you want a fuel filter that is also compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol or ethanol fuel that is color matched to the regulator. Fuelab has that in the catalog as well. These fuel filters support a wide range of engine gallon per hour requirements, in various sizes of filter elements and materials. From fiberglass elements to paper or stainless steel, six micron to seventy-five micron, there is a filter to meet any engine/fuel combination out there.

Wrapping up the fuelicious goodies in the catalog is a choice of gauges to monitor your fuel system accurately. Fuelab supports both EFI and carbureted applications with a 1.5-inch diameter fuel pressure gauge that mounts directly on the fuel pressure regulator or fuel rails.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your fuel system to meet your engine’s performance, check out Fuelab’s new catalog at Fuelabs new digital catalog.



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