Lingenfelter's "other ZL1"...

It must be nice being the guys over at Lingenfelter Engineering. Not only do they have an impressive array of vintage and modern iron to play with, but they get to design some of the latest and greatest components for today’s musclecars.

So while we were all a little depressed to find out that they missed their target of breaking into the 10-second zone the other day with their red ZL1, little did we know that they had an ace up their sleeve –a second ZL1!

The timeslip doesn't lie..

Yup, while the simple bolt-on Camaro just missed the elusive 10-second timeslip by a hair, their yellow ZL1, which benefits from similar modifications, plus a set of CNC ported heads, a low restriction air filter, an LPE GT9 camshaft, an even smaller pulley, and a 15% OD damper managed to pull it off.

The fruits of their additional efforts rewarded them with a dyno sheet reading, 722rwhp and 621 ft.-lbs. of torque, and the right to claim they are the first folks to put a ZL1 in the 10’s. The end result as of this writing is a 10.794 at a blistering 134.36mph in the 1320, while the boys keep tuning and tweaking the yellow Z for a better time and even more power.