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XS Power Introduces New Line Of Lithium Batteries

XS Power's new state of the art lithium ion batteries offer extreme power with the ultimate in safety for daily driven vehicles. Check them out here! Read More

Holley Fuel Reservoir

Holley Performance Launches HydraMat Fuel Reservoir Systems

Holley Performance Products is now ready to offer its much anticipated and patent-pending HydraMat Fuel Reservoir Systems for those low fuel conditions, whether it's cornering, braking, inclines, and more. Read More


Harwood Introduces New Lightweight Race Car Dash

Harwood's new Lightweight Race Car Dash is tough and can be trimmed to fit almost any drag car application. And with its glossy black gelcoat finish, it looks the part too. Check it out here! Read More

Rhodes Race Cars Mustang Falcon Fuel Tank

Rhodes Race Cars’ New Aluminum Fuel Cells For Mustangs And Falcons

Rhodes Race Cars now offers an Aluminum Fuel Cell for the 1964-1968 Ford Mustang and the 1963-1965 Falcon. Just like the cars they're going into, these tanks are made here in the USA. Check 'em out! Read More

Vortech Supercharger

Vortech Superchargers Just Released V-7 JT-B Supercharger

Vortech Superchargers just launched its V-7 JT-B Supercharger that features a freshly designed billet impeller, and is gracing the Winner's Circle of various racing classes, one including the NMRA Coyote Modified. Read More


Crane Cams Launches New Tel Tac Tach Adapter

Crane Cams just released its new Tel Tac Tach Adapter that is used to correct an irregular readout. All leads are color-coded for a simple installation. Check it out! Read More


CPR Racing Launches New 1.25-Inch Internal Diameter Fuel Rails

CPR Racing's new 1.25" internal diameter fuel rails optimize the cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution allowing for more power and better reliability from your race engine. Check them out here! Read More


K&N Introduces Xstream Air Flow Top 66-1400R For Racing Applications

With fewer cotton layers and a wider surface area, the K&N Xstream Air Flow Top 66-1400R can handle just about any road-going performance application. Get better breathing and underhood style with this new produ Read More

Ny Trex Remote_Cord_Push_Button_Switch med

Ny-Trex Launches New Remote Cord Push Button Switch

Ny-Trex has just launched its Remote Cord Push Button Switch that is designed to work with all Ny-Trex nitrous systems. It will also work with most nitrous, purge or intercooler systems on the market today. Read More


PRW Announces New Line Of SFI-Rated Dampers

Helping you to retain control of your car, especially at a high speeds, PRW introduces a new line of SFI-Rated dampers for AMC/Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Honda/Acura, Mopar, Oldsmobile, Nissan, and Pontiac applications. Read More

ATI 300M Output Shafts

ATI Launches New Heavy Duty 300M T400 Output Shafts

ATI Performance Products just released a new heavy duty 300M T400 Output Shaft that aids that T400 transmission in regards to durability. Upgrade that old output shaft in that high horsepower Pro-Mod. Read More


Nitrous Express Launches VXL Nitrous Nozzles

Nitrous Express' new VXL nitrous nozzles produce up to 200hp per nozzle and have just the kind of adjustability and precision you're looking for. Check 'em out! Read More


S&W Racecars’ Extreme Duty A-Arm Front Frame With Suspension Package

S&W Racecars introduces new narrow Extreme-duty A-Arm front frame and suspension packages. They're designed to withstand the loads applied by both heavy weight E.T. race cars and the heaviest Pro/Streeter. Read More

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations Motorsports Releases Upright Burndown Breathers

Good Vibrations Motorsports just released these cast aluminum Upright Burndown Breathers that permit engines to vent to an external puke tank, especially in the event of failure. Read More


BMR Releases New Double-Adjustable Toe Rods for the 2015 Mustang

BMR's new double-adjustable toe rods will help your 2015 Mustang launch harder, reduce wheel hop, and add cornering consistency. Check them out here! Read More

JEGS dual steering switch

JEGS Releases Steering Wheel Button Brackets

Make sure not to engage switches on that Grant 5-Bolt steering wheel by adding some JEGS unique brackets. Read More

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