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Fragola Performance Systems Announces Expansion Of Hose End Reducers

Fragola Performance adds to their vast portfolio with the addition of new hose end reducers, adding both bent and straight ends with three reductions, as well as full swiveling capabilities. Check 'em out! Read More


Racepak Launches Standalone GPS V-NET Module

Racepak releases a new standalone plug-and-play GPS V-Net module. Increased vehicle function, plug-and-play installation, it's all here in one package. Check it out! Read More


Strange Engineering Releases 4.71 Ring and Pinion for 8.8″ Ford

Strange Engineering has listened to the racers and is now releasing a new 4.71 ring and pinion for the 8.8" Ford rear end. Check out this great new product here! Read More


Good Vibrations Motorsports Now Offers Several Premium Linkage Kits

Good Vibration Motorsports is now proudly offering premium linkage kits for tunnel ram carburetor, blown carburetor, and blown injected applications. Check them all out here. Read More


Mark Williams Introduces 10-Inch Gear 3rd Members for 9-Inch Rears

Beef up that rear end with race-ready 3rd members for 9-inch rearends by Mark Williams Enterprises. Normally, no modifications are needed to be retrofitted to OEM steel housings. Check 'em out! Read More


Precision Turbo Releases Game Changing NMRA/NMCA Legal 76mm Turbo

Precision Turbo and Engine has long been an industry leader in turbocharger technology. The company continues to lead the way with its innovative new 76mm turbocharger, and it's legal for certain NMCA/NMRA classes. Read More


RCD Engineering Debuts Screw Blower Snout

Forced induction will never feel the same again when you use the new screw blower snout from RCD Engineering. No more failures, just all-out performance that doesn't add lots of weight to your setup. Check it out! Read More


Classic Dash Adds 1987-93 Mustang To Its Roster Of Vehicles

The Mustang Fox Body is becoming a classic. Parts are getting harder to find. Looking for an aftermarket dash? Classic Dash has just added the Fox Body to their list. They have 15 styles to choose from. Read More


Jiffy-tite Quick Release Fittings Now Available In Carburetor Kits

New from Jiffy-tite: carburetor kits. When working on your carburetor, leaking fuel isn’t good. With Jiffy-tite you save time and fuel. Their fittings don’t leak when connected or disconnected. Check 'em out! Read More


Ace Racing Clutches Debuts Long Style Clutch

What's on your shopping list for your drag racer? How about something that's tough, adjustable, and won't burn itself up? That's what you get with the new long style clutch from Ace Racing Clutches. Check it out! Read More


Dynatech Headers Introduces Torque Boosters

Want more torque without the loss of horsepower? Dynatech Headers just released their Torque Booster. Fast and easily installed, it'll gain you 10 percent or more torque. Read More


Modular Flexplates Just Released From QuickTime Have Extra Strength

Cracking flexplates have always been a problem until now. Just released from QuickTime is a modular flexplate. 100% made in the USA out of 4130 chromoly steel, they're stronger and 10% lighter than OEM flexplates. Read More


RCD Engineering’s Inline Stainless Steel Filter Plumbing Kit

Just released from RCD Engineering are these inline stainless steel filter plumbing kits. Made from stainless steel, they're ready for you to install and keep your oil running smoothly and cleanly. Check it out! Read More


Precision Turbo And Engine Debuts Turbocharger For True Street

Do you race True Street? We have an update for you. New from Precision Turbo and Engine: class legal GEN2 PT6785 CEA turbocharger for True Street. Out perform your competition and blow them away. Check it out! Read More


AFCO Racing Launches Lightweight F33 Forged Aluminum Calipers

Decreasing weight helps you go faster; when making parts lighter, performance is the goal. New from AFCO Racing are F33 forged aluminum calipers that only weigh 2.8 pounds. Check 'em out! Read More


New Frontal Head Restraint From Impact Racing Weighs Only 1.8 Pounds

Keeping you safe and comfortable is what Impact Racing has been working on. Today's release of the Accel Frontal Head Restraint is all the above. It only weighs 1.8 pounds. Details inside. Read More

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