New Products


Stainless Works Releases Aluminum Trailer Accessories

New from Stainless Works – trailer accessories. They're made from high-grade aluminum for rugged strength, and are lightweight and easy to mount wherever you want your tools and other essentials stored. Read More


Strange Engineering Releases S-Series 9-Inch Center Sections

New from Strange Engineering – S-Series 9-inch center sections. They have a nodular iron case with a radial rib design for increased strength over OEM units. Check 'em out! Read More


Good Vibrations Motorsports Releases T-handle Spark Plug Wrench

Removing and installing spark plugs is a hassle made easier by the new T-handle wrench from Good Vibrations Motorsports. It's made from premium steel and powder-coated for durability. Check it out! Read More


Holley Expands Hooker Blackheart Exhaust Line

The new Hooker Blackheart exhaust products from Holley are sure to make a noise with enthusiasts today. Made from 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, these units offer great strength, longevity, and style. Check 'em out! Read More

Rhodes Race Cars

RRC Now Offers Billet Aluminum Caps With Weld In Bung

RRC, or Rhodes Race Cars, now offers Billet Aluminum Caps with an aluminum or steel weld in the bung, and are made in a variety of sizes and colors. Check 'em out! Read More


Chassisworks Launches Builder Wheel Tubs

Make the choices you want to make for yourself with Chassisworks' new builder wheel tubs. Made from 18-gauge cold-rolled steel, these tubs can be made to fit into any application you need. Check 'em out! Read More


Wilson Manifolds Releases New Billet Aluminum Water Manifold

Wilson Manifolds has introduced their new Billet Aluminum Water Manifold that makes for a brilliant way to cool your engine, while staying lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Check it out here! Read More

JEGS Driveshaft Loop

Jegs Offers Universal Driveshaft Loops Perfect For Drag Racing

Prevent catastrophic collateral damage from a snapped U-joint or driveshaft with the all-new JEGS Universal Driveshaft Loop. Fit for use with drag racing applications, this product is a must-have. Check it out! Read More


ATI Launches Vasco Inputs With Lightweight Drums For T400s

Less weight, more durability – what's not to love? That's what you get (and more) with ATI's new Vasco Inputs with lightweight drums for T400 transmissions. They're 16 percent bigger than OEM T400 units. Read More


Performance Design Releases Carbon TR Intake for LS Applications

Performance Design's new Carbon TR Intake Manifold for LS applications was designed and manufactured with performance and function in mind. Check it out here! Read More


Tim McAmis Launches Ultimate Carbon Fiber Transmission Tunnel Kits

If carbon fiber is the way you've got to go, then the Tim McAmis Performance Parts Ultimate Carbon Fiber Transmission Tunnel Kit is for you. The panels are large enough to occupy any interior. Check it out! Read More


Strange Engineering Releases New Adjustable Aluminum Shocks

Strange's new Adjustable Aluminum Shocks make tuning your suspension easy and are available in both single and double adjustable configurations. Check them out here! Read More


JEGS Releases New 4-link Suspension Kits

JEGS has introduced their new 4-link kits for drag cars that are designed to strengthen your drag car's suspension without breaking the bank. Check them out here! Read More


AEM “Drag Race” Template Available for AQ-1 Data Logger and AEMdata

AEM Performance Electronics now offers a "Drag Race" file for the AQ-1 Data Logger simply with virtually no setup and no need to calibrate any sensors. Check it out! Read More

Adjustable Pedals

Tim McAmis Releases Adjustable Pedal And Steering Kits

Make sure that your technologically advanced race car can accommodate any driver with this adjustable pedal kit from Tim McAmis Performance Parts. Check it out! Read More


XS Power Batteries Launches XS15K And XS30K Batteries

XS Power Batteries now offers these new XS15K and XS30K batteries to ensure the proper balance with the electronic monitoring and balancing system (EMBS) for maximum performance and reliability. Read More

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