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Performance Design’s Carbon TR Modular Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold

Performance Design's new Carbon TR intake manifold is the order of the day for maximizing flow without suffering side effects like heat soak, structural weakness, or heavy weight. See the details inside. Read More


Holley Announces Earl’s Billet Aluminum Fuel Cell And Fill Caps

Holley is proud to showcase these new fuel cell and fill caps from Earl's Performance Plumbing. Manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, these caps have lasting looks thanks to the anodized bright black finish. Read More


Good Vibrations Launches FIE Electronic Valve For Drag Racers

Good Vibrations Motorsports is pleased to introduce its new FIE electronic valve for drag racing applications. Its 12VDC solenoid can be triggered by a momentary switch to help modify fuel flow when staging. Read More


Strange Engineering’s Chrome Moly Transmission And Pinion Yokes

New driveline yokes from Strange Engineering are here to deliver strength and durability with every pass down the track. Choose from 1350 or 1480 U-joints to deliver power at the limit you set. Read More


Icengineworks Releases Welding Clamp Set For Custom Header Builds

Say goodbye to lost time and wasted effort on custom header fabrication. Icengineworks is here to change the game with its new welding clamp set, allowing you to preview how your headers will appear when finished. Read More


Edelbrock’s RPM E-Tec Motors Now Offered With E-Force Superchargers

Edelbrock has taken the next step in the evolution of its popular RPM E-Tec engines to include a swell new E-Force supercharger. These handmade engines are a real force to be reckoned with, no matter where you go. Read More


Strange Engineering Releases Pro HD Aluminum Differential Case

Strange Engineering's new Pro HD differential cases combine light weight, long-lasting durability, and excellent lubrication to give you a product worthy of your quarter-mile ride. Read More

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Racetech’s Pull Door Handle Stays Light, Fits Great In Your Ride

Racetech's new door pull handle is the right blend of light weight, low visibility, and simple installation to get your racing application prepared for the track. Read More


Crane Cams Crank Trigger Distributors Save Space Under The Hood

The Crank Trigger distributor from Crane Cams clears up space in the engine bay while delivering consistent, reliable power. Discover how it will help you in the information inside. Read More


SCE Gaskets’ New Head Gaskets For Ford FE Motors

Don't give in to that FE motor's antics--SCE Gaskets now makes the proper head gasket for the popular V8, and it's able to handle up to 12.5:1 compression ratios without breaking a sweat. Read More


ATI Racing Offers 1.62 Ratio Vasco Gear Sets for Powerglides

The new Vasco gear sets from ATI Racing are here to take your Powerglide application to the next level. They can handle up to 3,500 horsepower and keep on running. Read More


CPR Racing Introduces New Universal Bypass Fuel Regulators

CPR Racing's new universal bypass fuel pressure regulators help your machine create awesome power at all times. Two available AN fittings, adjustable PSI pressure, and an anodized finish make these parts great. Read More


Quarter-Max’s Universal Carbon Transmission Tunnel

Saving weight is an essential aspect of high-performance racing. With Quarter-Max's new universal carbon fiber transmission tunnel, you can have your lightweight, highly durable cake and eat it too. Read More


Innovate Motorsports’ SCG-1 Boost Controller Is Small Yet Mighty

The new SCG-1 wideband boost controller is here to show off capabilities including programmable shift light, integrated OLED display, and enhanced compatibility with datalogging units. Check it out! Read More


Tim McAmis Performance Parts Releases New Composite Repair Kit

This new composite repair kit from Tim McAmis Performance Parts has just about everything you'll need to fix breaks, fractures, and other damage to your race car's body panels. Check it out! Read More


ATI’s Superglide 4 Transmission Comes Ready To Rock

Get ready to let it rip with ATI's new Superglide 4 transmission. It can handle up to 3,500 horsepower and keep on going through thousands of runs. Don't believe it? See for yourself inside. Read More

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