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Fragola Performance Systems O-Ring Boss Carburetor Fittings

Fragola has made a big splash here in 2015 with the new o-ring boss carburetor fittings. We're talking 6061 aluminum construction, bright black anodized finish, and high flow radii for big motor applications. Read More


Simpson’s New Hybrid Pro Lite is the Lightest Hybrid Head Restraint Yet

Jolts and jostles won't faze you when you hook into the new Hybrid Pro Lite head restraint from Simpson Performance Products. Comfortable, lightweight, and FIA/SFI 38.1 approved, this piece of gear is a must-have. Read More


Holley Offers Carbon Black Ceramic Coating On Intake Manifolds

Tired of the same old manifold? Holley is pleased to announce that its new Carbon Black coating is now available for certain intakes, and it's as good as yours with a phone call or online order. Check it out! Read More


Precison Turbo & Engine Starts Off 2015 Right With New Products

Precision Turbo & Engine has entered 2015 going full steam ahead, with several new products already here or on their way. Get a sense for what's the latest and greatest here. Read More


AEM Launches 380LPH Fuel Pump For High-Horsepower Applications

AEM's new 380lph fuel pump is the terrific addition to your drag racer. It supports up to 1,200 horsepower, and will make a big difference if you're in the market for better flow and performance. Check it out! Read More


Crane Cams Launches Crank Trigger Sensor Guard

Crane Cams is pleased to offer its new guard for crank trigger sensors, made from billet aluminum and offering full protection for these somewhat fragile (and valuable) additions to drag racing vehicles. Read More


Tim McAmis Performance Parts Introduces New 24V Starter Box

Starting power is increased for your drag racing application when you order the new 24-volt starter box from Tim McAmis Performance Parts. It's light, sturdy, and has a long-lasting charge capacity. Check it out! Read More


Nitrous Express Debuts The Lightning 500 Bottle Valve

Nitrous Express is turning the bottle valve on its head with the new Lightning 500. With its massive .500-inch orifice and piston lift, this is one bad boy you'll want running under your hood as soon as possible. Read More


JMS Chip & Performance’s New Liquid-Filled Gauges

Wrapped in chrome and filled with quake-resistant liquid, these new gauges from JMS Chip & Performance put a stop to messy readings during harsh use. Check 'em out! Read More

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Burns Stainless Offers Double Slip Turbo Assemblies

Burns Stainless is taking care of turbocharged applications with the expansion of it Double Slip merge collectors. These new components are the key to better breathing, as well as peace of mind. Read More


Nitrous Express Debuts NX Lightning 375 Progressable Solenoid

Nitrous Express has rolled out its new NX Lightning 375, capable of delivering electronically progressable nitrous oxide flow that's denser and less apt to reach boiling point. Check it out! Read More


GZ Motorsports Debuts High Volume Blow Off Valve

Overpressure from supercharging or turbocharging can lead to serious problems in an engine. GZ Motorsports offers a way to take care of it with its new blow off valve, made from billet aluminum. Check it out! Read More


Edelbrock Debuts Victor Intake Manifolds For SB2 Cylinder Heads

Edelbrock has now expanded its Victor intake manifold line to support SB2 cylinder heads. What does this mean for you? Better horsepower gains, as well as extra material to allow for CNC porting if you wish. Read More


Edelbrock Releases Super Victor Intake Manifold for LS3s

The LS3 just got a sweet offering from Edelbrock, capable of running on 700+ horsepower applications without breaking a sweat. Nitrous and forced induction are welcome, of course. Check it out! Read More


Aeromotive Debuts The Dual Phantom Fuel Pump

Aeromotive has one-upped itself with the Dual Phantom fuel pump, now capable of handling applications in excess of 2,000 horsepower! Find more details inside. Read More


MSD’s Power Grid 3-Stage Delay Timer Is Available Now

MSD Performance has launched the new Power Grid 3-Stage Delay Timer to the masses, allowing users greater control and utility in their high-performance machines. Check it out! Read More

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