Putting it on the Bars with all Four Wheels off the Ground

Quite often we like to take a venture onto the lighter side of things and have a bit of a laugh at those moments that could have been a lot worse. Fortunately in these instances the driver and car most likely has come away unharmed while making for a great video or photo opportunity. Just about anytime you see a racer like Joe Newsham or Tim Lynch, you are likely to see just how to wheel a 3000 plus horsepower Outlaw 10.5 car on two wheels. Hey, but what would life be without the guy who is always trying to outdo the competition?

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For this wild and crazy moment we travel to Hub City Dragway where this beautiful Mustang that was formerly owned by Brian Carpenter. The red Mustang was always a threat in the south and with performances like the one we are about to share with you here. As the Mustang leaves the line with the boost built up it hazes the tires and the driver gets out the throttle for a split second but as he stands back on the throttle things started to get interesting.

Nearing half track the boost is coming back in and really starts to plant the rear tires hard. So hard in fact that the Mustang rides onto the wheelie bars and has all four tires off the ground as it crosses the finish line. A great piece of driving and a little luck kept the Mustang intact and out of harms way to come back and race another day.

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While Matt doesn't own any fast cars for himself, he does enjoy shooting photo of heads up doorslammers. Stationed in the northeast, Matt handles a lot of event coverage duties for Dragzine.
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