Q80 Racing’s New Camaro Becomes First Turbo Car In The 3.60’s

Images credit: Proline Racing

Images credit: Proline Racing

The team at Proline Racing had shared with us recently that the finishing touches were being put on the Q80 Racing Team’s new turbocharged Pro Extreme entry, and just dsys after the world got its first looks at the incredible new race car, it was making its precense known.

In its very first test outing under the guidance of accomplished driver Eric Dillard and wih the tuning prowess of Steve Petty, Q80’s new Camaro ripped off the first 3.6-second eighth-mile pass ever by a turbocharged doorslammer at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, clocking a 3.684 at 206.42 MPH, whichw as coupled with a very stout .956 short time and a 2.502 to the 330-foot clocks.

But equally as impressive as the barrier-busting numbers to the eighth-mile are the quarter-mile numbers: an off-the-throttle and coasting 5.869 at just 184.72 MPH. That’s more than 60 MPH short of what a turbocharged car making that kind of steam is capable of, leading many to wonder just how quick the Q80 car can go. Petty addressed the question himself, confidently pinpointing the full-pull numbers on the pass at 5.52-5.53-seconds.

q80_pro_mod09_06dec13The Q80 Camaro was built by Jerry Bickel Racing Cars and  is powered by one of the Proline’s beastly 481X powerplants with a pair of Precision turbos, and after testing, is scheduled to be sent off to Qatar for the winter racing season, where Petty and company have every intention of putting it into the 3.50’s.

The Q80 Racing Team was founded in 2009 by Sheikh Duaij Fahad Al-Sabah, and has garnered championships in Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Last winter, Q80 teamed with Tim Lynch and Steve Petty to campaign their record-setting Corvette in the Arabian Drag Racing League winter season.

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