Video: “Big Chief” Victorious At $100K Street Outlaws Event

Street Outlaws star Justin “Big Chief” Shearer earned what was likely the single most financially lucrative victory of his racing career on Tuesday night in Bristol, Tennessee, when he defeated Street Outlaws: New Orleans’ Jerry Bird in a to-be-televised, 32-car, $100,000-to-win No Prep shootout at the Bristol Dragway.

Shearer, in his new “Crow” Pontiac GTO — almost literally zip-tied together after a rough day of racing, including losing his door earlier in eliminations — drove away from Bird’s familiar Ford Probe, one of the winningest machines in No Prep of late, to claim the crown and a whole chunk of cash  … with rumored numbers ranging from a $65,000 portion to the full hundred-grand going back home to Midwest Street Cars.

“….as I’m putting on my helmet I hear the announcer say “who’s gonna’ get the 100 grand folks? Kye Kelley, The Probe, Chuck, or the Fireball Camaro?” said Shearer. “And my core temperature went up about 30 degrees. Not even gonna’ mention my name as a contender? This is the best parts we could afford (or steal from Shawn), this is the best crew I’ve ever had, and we showed ‘em that sometimes it don’t matter how much motor you got, how big your toter and trailer is, nor how many folks you have on the payroll. Sometimes it’s about heart…..and this was one of those magical times. Every single thing that happened and every single person that touched this car or brought over parts, advice, data, welders, etc., all of them had the heart of a [expletive] lion. Wildest group of degenerates I’ve ever had the pleasure of racing with, and they put me and my beat up car with that little bitty motor at the starting line in front of a sold out Bristol, Tennessee crowd, and we ate all their [expletive] faces off!”

The Bristol event, which was free and open to the public, was filled to capacity, forcing track and local law enforcement officials to close the gates and turn away thousands more hoping to get a glimpse of the television stars from Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Texas, Ohio, and all points in between. The race, filmed by Discovery, will air during an upcoming season of Street Outlaws.

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