Image: Bang Shift

As we sit underneath the flicker fluorescent light bulbs, hammering away at the keyboard waiting for the weekend to begin, we wanted to stop and take a look back at Larry Larson’s record-breaking ’66 Nova that shook last year’s Drag Week with his ridiculous 6.95-second pass at 205 miles per hour. A true-blue street driven, 3,500-pound street machine, Larson’s Chevy II later went on to improve upon perfection with a 6.934 (at 211.59mph) at the PSCA Street Car Super Nationals shortly thereafter.

Propelled by twin 88mm Precision Turbos force feeding a Larson Race Cars water-to-air intercooler 36lbs of boost down the gullet of a Sniper intake manifold capping a Mike Moran Racing Engines’ 565 cubic inch big-block Chevy. The ‘Deuce shows its mettle in the two videos below, one of the record pass and the second as it leisurely cruises the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Larson made his record pass after driving all 1,200 miles of the tour over highways and on country roads, through the rain, and only 20 minutes after maiking a 7.005-second pass. If that doesn’t prove that this is the Fastest Street Car ever, we don’t know what will!