Project Grandma

Project Grandma Gets a New Fuel System

Project Grandma Gets a New Fuel System

Project Grandma started out as a plain-Jane, refrigerator white, underpowered, smog-strangled ’78 Malibu that was in desperate need of attention. After we got our hands on her, she was fitted out with a 25.5 roll cage and an asphalt-tattooing Edelbrock/Musi 555 cubic inch engine.

Stripping our Grandma

Stripping our Grandma

Project Grandma got serious in this episode where we removed the stock V6 engine from the '78 Malibu and got everything prepped for our big block engine.

Grandma Gets Drained...

Grandma Gets Drained…

We decided to have a little fun with granny before the build begins, so we pulled the fluids out of her, started her up and took bets on how long she would last. Check it out...!!

Grandma's Joint Replacement

Grandma’s Joint Replacement

Our old grandma was a little weak in the in the hip, so it was decided to replace the body bushings. Something that would stand up to the abuse that this car is going to be receiving. Something like Energy Suspension’s Hyperflex Bushings

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