Project MaxStreet


Project MaxStreet: 1966 Chevy II/ Nova Build Update

MaxStreet is the name given to our 1966 Chevy II/Nova for the simple reason that it's going to be built for maximum street presence. Follow along with our build progress here to keep you up to date with the build.Read More


Project MaxStreet: JE Reel Gets All 1,100 Horsepower To The Wheels

Quality is crucial when throwing parts at an 1,100-horsepower machine like Project MaxStreet. We went with a J.E. Reel driveshaft to get all those ponies to the rear end, and Jim Reel himself guided us through it. Read More


Fueling MaxStreet Part II: Creating The Infinite Loop

Utilizing parts from FAST, Aeroquip, and Rick's Tanks, we're going to deliver you the second part of the fuel system install, as we complete the loop and get one step closer to filing the tank and rolling our Project MaxStreet Chevy II out the back door.Read More

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Project MaxStreet Gets A Chassisworks 10-point Roll Cage

Project MaxStreet, our blown, big-block '66 Chevy II, is full of cool stuff—850 ProCharged rear-wheel horsepower, all good parts that ensure this rig will be a fun ride down the quarter-mile. That ride could, however, be our last if not for some necessary safety gear, namely a 10-point roll cage. Read More


MaxStreet’s Supercharged Musi/Edelbrock 800 HP+ 555ci Rebuild

Our 555 Edelbrock/Musi Big Block has been rebuilt for a tour of duty in our Project MaxStreet '67 Chevy II, now sporting a ProCharger F2 centrifugal supercharger setup, and in this project update, we'll take a detailed look at our rebuild and the components it will entail.Read More


Phase One Of Project MaxStreet’s Fuel System Installation

With several checked off the to-do list, we're very close to dropping the engine and transmission down into our Chevy II. But before we can do that, we've got the sometimes headache-inducing task of wiring and plumbing the car. In this installment, we'll be focusing on the plumbing side of things.Read More


MaxStreet Update: Phase One Of Our Fuel System Installation

We've been hard at it here in the powerTV garage getting some of the odd and ends of our Project MaxStreet '66 Chevy II complete, and in order to get you, our faithful readers, up to speed, we're going to take a little peek at what we're up to at the present moment. Next up is our stout new fuel system setup.Read More


Project MaxStreet Update: Flaming River Steering System Installation

With our subframe and rack and pinion box in place, we just needed to finish up the rest of the steering system before we could check this part of our project off the to-do list. And so we called upon our good friends at Flaming River to supply us with some of their industry-renowned components for our buildup.Read More


MaxStreet Nova Gets Moser 9-inch and WaveTrac Differential

You can have all the power in the world, but if you cannot transmit that power to the rear tires properly, it doesn’t do you any good. When it came to putting a rear end into our Project MaxStreet Nova II, we turned to Moser for that reliability, including their new Wavetrac differential.Read More


Putting The Final Touches On Project MaxStreet’s Suspension Upgrade

Our Project "MaxStreet" 1966 Chevy II has been nearly eight months in the making here in the powerTV garage, and to say that we're itching to get the old girl out and stretch her legs a little would be an understatement. With our suspension modernization project nearly complete, we're close to taking that step.Read More


MaxStreet Nova: It’s ProCharger F-22 Time

What's better than a big block Chevy in a Nova II? How about a big block Chevy with a big, nasty ProCharger F-2? The ProCharger bracket, crank pulley and cog drive belt fit perfectly onto our big block. Check out the update for more pictures and details on the install!Read More


Project MaxStreet Chevy II gets four-linked with Detroit Speed

Our Project MaxStreet Chevy II needed a rear suspension that could handle the power from our Musi/Edelbrock 555-inch big block and really plant the tires effectively. The folks are Detroit Speed hooked us up with their new QUADRALink that will accomplish just that.Read More

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Video: Chassiswork’s g-Machine Chevy II Front Clip Install

Watch as we completely replace our 44-year-old factory front clip with Chris Alston’s Chevy II g-Machine Subframe System and see how it saved us some weight while drastically improving front end rigidity, suspension geometry and durability; transforming our stock unibody into a true street/strip machine.Read More


MaxStreet: Chassisworks g-Machine Suspension Install & Review

Our MaxStreet Chevy II wasn’t designed to be a real performer out on any type of track. Even dumping all the money in the world attempting to revive the stock style suspension will only get you so far. Something had to be done to help this car be able to hold it's own.. and Chassisworks got the call!Read More


Installation of TCI 6X Six-speed transmission in project “MaxStreet” Chevy II

If four forward gears is good, six must be better, right? That is what TCI is thinking, with the release of their 4L80E-based 6X six-speed automatic high performance transmission. For our powerTV Project MaxStreet Nova II, the 6X was right up our alley. We needed a transmission that can handle 850hp+ that will be produced from our Edelbrock/Musi 555 big block Chevy and F2 Procharger, while cruising at low RPMs on the highway as well.Read More


MaxStreet Nova II – Third Update – DSE Four-Link Suspension and Rear End Install

In this update on our Project MaxStreet Chevy II, we get to work installing the Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension and new Moser 9-inch housing.Read More

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