American Drag Racing League


Wolf’s Word: Drag Racing – The Sport Of Opportunity

Never before has drag racing enjoyed the opportunity and the variety that it does today, and if you ask us, that's been nothing but a positive thing for both racers and fans.Read More


Video: Cameraman Nearly Struck By Debris From Pro Mod Crash

Back in 2006, Urban Hillbilly's Sean Melton nearly got caught up in the melee of a crash involving Pro Extreme racer Bill Blackwell, when his door when up and over the wall, headed right for Melton.Read More

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Wolf’s Word: Import Racing Powers Its Way Back Onto The Map

With import racers from a number of nations locked in a seesaw battle to record the first five-second pass, the once-heralded drag racing niche is gaining ground on -- and respect from -- the masses.Read More


Wolf’s Word: The Disorganization Of Organized Outlaw Pro Mod Racing

If you’re a Pro Modified racer, team owner, sponsor, or fan, the 2013 season was one that will be long remembered, but it’s not likely to be for any of the right reasons. Read More


ADRL, Al-Anabi Payout Controversy Boils Over During Holiday

Controversy between the ADRL and Al-Anabi Racing has boiled over on the internet after a pair of opposing statements was issued regarding the payment and use of a reported $380,000 in Battle for the Belts purse.Read More


ADRL Announces Eight-Race 2014 10th Anniversary Schedule

Officials from the American Drag Racing League have announced the series’ 2014 schedule, which will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the popular 1/8-mile door slammer drag racing series.Read More


Jason Scruggs Rockets To World Record 219 MPH At ADRL World Finals!

Jason Scruggs reset the ADRL's Pro Extreme record to a whopping 219.47 MPH this past weekend at the ADRL World Finals at Royal Purple Raceway in Texas. Scruggs' Corvette qualified first and went to the final round.Read More


Precision Turbo & Engine Named ADRL Outlaw 10.5 Title Sponsor

Some cool news for fans of Precision Turbo & Engine: the company has just been named the title sponsor of the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) for the newborn Outlaw 10.5 class. They've also announced their contingency program.Read More


Breaking News: ADRL Announces The Addition Of Outlaw 10.5!

It appears that the American Drag Racing League is raising the bar once again, announcing via their Facebook page on Tuesday evening the addition of Outlaw 10.5 as a new eliminator with the 1/8-mile heads-up drag racing series.Read More


Wolf’s Word: The ‘DRL’s Go Head-To-Head

The competing ADRL and X-DRL outlaw doorslammer series recently went head-to-head on the same weekend for the first time, and while the two have played relatively nice thus far, it will be interesting to see if they can keep the political shenanigans that rocked open wheel racing out of the picture.Read More


Blockbuster: ADRL Adds Pro Drag Radial Class To Lineup

Officials from the American Drag Racing League announced today that their 2013 World Champions in Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Pro Extreme Motorcycle and their newest class Pro Drag Radial will have an opportunity to win bonuses worth an unprecedented $1,000,000.Read More


Monday Race Report: The March Meet, NMRA, ADRL Season Openers

The annual March Meet was the headline attraction in the drag racing world over the weekend, but elsewhere in the country, the ADRL and the NMRA were kicking off their 2013 campaigns, while the NHRA and IHRA division trails marched on into spring.Read More


ADRL Releases 2013 Schedule And Class Lineup

The ADRL released a schedule and class lineup for the 2013 season at the Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando, Florida, including seven events and a host of changes in the racing program.Read More


Fight Hard MMA Acquires American Drag Racing League

Fight Hard MMA, headed by Kenny and Jessica Nowling, has acquired the American Drag Racing League, it has been revealed. A press conference is scheduled for Friday at the PRI Show in Orlando, where this and other developments are expected to be announced.Read More


Video: Frankie Taylor Makes History With This Blistering 3.577 Pass

Frankie Taylor closed out the 2012 ADRL season with a grand farewell, as the Texan now claims the quickest run in the history of the American Drag Racing League and the new world speed record.Read More


Rumor Mill: The ADRL For Sale? Kenny Nowling The Buyer?

According to reliable sources around the sport but unconfirmed at this point, American Drag Racing League majority owner Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar has placed his stake in the series up for sale, with a related rumor pointing to co-founder Kenny Nowling as the buyer.Read More