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Wolf’s Word: Be Gone Polar Vortex – It’s Time To Go Racing!

It’s only the beginning of March, and already the new racing season has presented us with a year’s worth of exciting moments that have only served to lay the groundwork for all that lies ahead. Read More


Question Of The Week: Is Drag Racing A Better Show At Night?

What's your opinion: Is drag racing a better show at night, under the lights, when the race track is cool, ripe for big speeds and elapsed times, and there’s an undeniable electricity in the air? Read More


Wolf’s Word: It’s Time Drag Racing Rocked The Boat

No doubt there a lot of ideas out there regarding the right of the proverbial ship, some good and some bad, but there are also a lot of misconceptions thrown around. So what does drag racing really need? Read More


Susan Wade: The NHRA Could Use A Little Brainstorming

The creative, spontaneous problem-solving process is a practice in genuinely inventive, imaginative businesses. The National Hot Rod Association is another matter, says veteran journalist Susan Wade. Read More


Wolf’s Word: Giving Credit Where It’s Due In The Street Legal Debate

What constitutes a street car and who has the world's quickest is a hotly-debated topic, but perhaps rather than attempt to govern it, credit should simply be given where credit is due for one's accomplishments. Read More


Question Of The Week: What Type Of Racing Gets Your Juices Flowing?

What drag racing class sucks you in and gets you all hopped up to watch or participate? Is it small-tire drag radial racing, NHRA Pro Stock, bracket racing, Top Fuel, or...? Read More


TV Ratings Follow-Up: Street Outlaws Widens The Gap On NHRA

While the NHRA lost viewers in 2013 for its race telecasts, Discovery's reality program Street Outlaws widened the gap in television ratings, gaining in both outright numbers and in the 18-49 demographic. Read More


Question Of The Week: What’s Best Drag Racing TV Show Of All-Time?

What do you feel was/is the best television programming that our sport has ever enjoyed…not based on sheer viewership numbers or at what hour it aired, but what it did for the sport and the content it aired? Read More


Introduction: West Coast Racer DJ Reid’s Off Season LSX Engine Build

West coast 275 Drag Radial and Outlaw 8.5 racer DJ Reid is constructing an all-new LSX bullet for the 2014 season, and he's documenting the entire project here on Dragzine. Check out the introduction to the build! Read More


TECH5: VP Racing Fuels’ Jason Rueckert Educates Us On VP’s X16 Fuel

Racing fuel is formulated specifically for certain applications, and X16 is VP's newest 116-octane fuel. VP Racing Fuels' Jason Rueckert explains the applications where it works well and more inside. Read More


Question Of The Week: What Was ‘The Run Of The Year’?

What was the single greatest run of the 2013 season? We've compiled a list of all the big speeds and low elapsed time that made the 2013 a record-breaking one. Now it's your turn to debate. Read More


Wolf’s Word: The Disorganization Of Organized Outlaw Pro Mod Racing

If you’re a Pro Modified racer, team owner, sponsor, or fan, the 2013 season was one that will be long remembered, but it’s not likely to be for any of the right reasons. Read More


Question Of The Week: How Do You Spend The Racing Off Season?

We want to know how you cope with the long winter away from racing. Do you spent the months working on the car, or do you take up other hobbies that feed the need to compete in some fashion? Read More


Question Of The Week: What Would YOUR Drag Racing Series Look Like?

Realistically speaking, if you were presented with a fresh slate to build a drag racing series from, and an ala carte menu of classes to assemble, what would a drag racing series under your watch look like? Read More


Wolf’s Word: The NHRA’s Television Ratings Woes Continue

The NHRA's television ratings on the ESPN networks have fallen for the third consecutive year, prompting discussions of what is to blame: the network selection or the very core of NHRA drag racing as a whole. Read More


Question Of The Week: Are The Records More Exciting Than The Racing?

One can easily argue that numbers -- all-time records and performance barriers -- are more exciting, have more appeal, than the side-by-side racing itself. What do you think? Read More