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BlownZ 2.0 runs 7.52/190 in NMCA West Street Outlaw Debut

Project BlownZ 2.0 made its season debut just over a week ago at the NMCA WEST’s opener showing exceptional promise with a 7.52 in the first round. We give you the details on the first debut race weekend. Read More


Five Things You Need To Know About Parachutes With Stroud Safety

Regardless of whether you've ever used a parachute before, or if your program is getting quicker and you need something different, you need to check this out - it's all you need to know about popping the 'chute. Read More

(24) trans case driver side

Tech: Building A Drag Race Turbo 400 With Hughes Performance

We’ve teamed with the gang at Hughes to not only deliver us a top-flight piece for BlownZ this season, but also to take us (and you, the reader) on a guided walk-though of the construction of their Turbo 400's. Read More

1-The Finished Product

Blown Z: LME Assembles Super-stout 400ci LSX For New ProCharger

Part of a winter rebuild for Blown Z included a new 400ci LSX engine built by Late Model Engines to support a bigger ProCharger supercharger. Check out all the details that make up this very stout engine. Read More


Project BlownZ’s Intercooler and Tubing Update for the 2014 Season

Project BlownZ takes advantage of the latest advances in intercooling technology with a 5-inch tubing upgrade, along with a brand-new air-to-water intercooler with a straight-through design. Read More


A Look At ‘Bullhorns’ As We Build A Custom Set Of Headers With Kooks

We dive into what a set of bullhorns are and what they accomplish as we build a set of custom headers for our Project BlownZ Camaro with PMR Race Cars and the team at Kooks Custom Headers. Read More

MG3_9051 (Custom)

How Headers Are Designed And Built By Pertronix Performance Products

Follow along with us as we take a look at how Pertronix creates a set of stepped long-tube headers for Project Biting The Bullitt - and a new part number that fits the early Mustang with TCI's tubular suspension! Read More


Stage 3 Snow Water/Methanol Injection For Our Blown ’65 Mustang

We add more power and cooler air inlet temperatures to Project Biting The Bullitt with a Stage 3 Water/Methanol injection system from Snow Performance. Join us for a walk-though of the installation and dyno testing. Read More


Reviewing Racetech’s Lightweight One-Piece Carbon Seat

Our project car Blown Z has been outfitted with an ultra-trick Kevlar/Carbon seat supplied by Racetech USA, designed for the utmost in the driver safety while remaining lightweight and strong. Read More


Inside Racepak’s Entry-Level ‘LDX’ Data Logging Programmable Dash

Join us for an inside look at Racepak's LDX Logger Dash, part of their entry-level UDX line of programmable dashes, that brings data acquisition capability right to the fingertips of grass roots racers. Read More


Building A Billet NXS Torque Converter With Neal Chance

Find out all about the tricks of the trade that went into Neal Chance Racing Converters' brand-new NXS torque converter and every converter that NCRC builds. Read More


Updated: Project BlownZ 275 Drag Radial Project Update: 2014 Edition

After a stellar 2013, we're well underway with the 25.3 2014 re-build of Project BlownZ, and a new year means a fresh new slate of tech updates to the quickest and fastest project car ever. Read More


The 2-Week Build: Introducing Our Project Fugly “Sleeper” Wagon

Behold, the introduction of a fresh new project car in the Power Automedia garage: a 9-second capable "sleeper" of a 1982 Malibu wagon that we'll be building from start to finish in just two weeks in 2014. Read More


Distributor Belt Drive Versus Coil-On-Plug In LS Racing Applications

When we built the engine for Project BlownZ, we realized that we had a choice – stick with the factory-style coil-on-plug ignition, or “go backwards” and make use of a distributor. We discuss both inside. Read More


Project Biting The Bullitt Makes Successful Debut In Bakersfield

Our Project Biting the Bullitt 1965 Ford Mustang made it’s long-awaited debut at the NMCA WEST’s World Street Finals in Bakersfield, California recently, making consistent high nine-second runs. Read More


Project BlownZ Drag Radial Camaro Build Update

Want to keep track of all that's going on with our NMCA and PSCA 275 Drag Radial 4th Gen Camaro build, from the ProCharged LSX down to the Mickey Thompson tires? It's all right here! Read More