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Wolf’s Word: The Unlikely Marriage Of Street Racing And The NHRA

Can the NHRA and street racers (and the Street Outlaws) really work in harmony without overstepping their theoretical boundaries? I’d answer that with an emphatic yes and no.Read More


Hi, I’m New Here, Kinda: Dragzine’s Associate Editor Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner is a lifelong drag racing fan that now gets to co-pilot the leading drag racing publication on the web. Read the story of his self-described addiction to drag racing.Read More


Question Of The Week: Can Anybody In Pro Stock Stop KB Racing?

KB Racing teammates Jason Line and Greg Anderson have thoroughly dominated Pro Stock so far in 2016. In our question of the week, we want to know who you think will step up and challenge the Summit Camaros?Read More


Wolf’s Word: Can We Prepare For The Unthinkable?

Drag racing is a dangerous sport. It's also one that's been made incredibly safe over the years. But can we -- as media, spectators, and crew -- avoid the one-in-a-million scenarios?Read More


Wolf’s Word: No Prep Racing Is A Return To Drag Racing’s Beginnings

No prep racing, despite its taboo nature, has all the makings of a redux of the early days of drag racing, when the cars were real, the racers were average joes, and the racing was simple.Read More


Wolf’s Word: Positivity Abounds As 2016 NHRA Season Kicks Off

Positivity, combined with a lot of hard work, breeds positive results, and for the National Hot Rod Association, there’s a lot of positivity going around as the 2016 season roars to life.Read More


Wolf’s Word: What’s Ahead For An Already-Fast 2016 Season

As quickly as last season seemed to pass, the 2016 has arrived, and we're taking a look ahead at what's already gone down and what lies ahead as the drag racing world rumbles back to life.Read More


Wolf’s Word: Empty Stands, The Hierarchy, And A Kudos To NHRA

When it comes to effectively running a drag race, the NHRA should serve as the model for doing it right: because no one should be turned away from the sport because they didn't get to see the show they paid for.Read More


Wolf’s Word: The “New” Pro Stock Misses The Mark

The NHRA is to be commended for taking action with their Pro Stock category moving forward, but are the changes they've brought forth anything more than a band-aid solution?Read More


Question Of The Week: When Is A Street Car Really A Street Car?

The events of Drag Week this year beg the question: what criteria makes a car a true street car, and who REALLY owns the outright street car records?Read More


Wolf’s Word: The NHRA’s New FOX Sports Deal A Winning Move

Based on numbers and data, the NHRA's new television deal is a very positive move, cementing newly-named President Peter Clifford as a go-getter ready to move drag racing forward.Read More

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NHRA Mandates EFI, Other Changes in Pro Stock But Stingy on Details

The NHRA announced numerous changes for Pro Stock, including adapting EFI and encouraging more interaction with fans; however, officials didn't provide specifics for engine builders. Find out what we know!Read More

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NHRA Ponders EFI and Other Changes to Pro Stock

Should NHRA Pro Stock adapt EFI, get rid of hood scoops and impose a RPM limit? EngineLabs explores the winds of change swirling around drag racing's most secretive and technologically advanced pro division.Read More


X275 Five Years Later: Where It’s At And Where It’s Headed

We take a look at the current state of the x275 class with creator John Sears, promotor Jason Miller, and frontrunner racer Ron Rhodes as they share their thoughts on where the class is and where it's headed.Read More

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Michael Johnson: An Introduction To The Dragzine Faithful

I am for all things fast, which includes Mustangs, Camaros, Mopars, Buicks, and whatever else you guys can come up with. Read More


Our Predictions: The 2015 NHRA Professional Champions

In what's become an annual tradition here on Dragzine, we take a crack at predicting the NHRA professional class champions on the eve of the season kickoff in Pomona.Read More

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