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X275 Five Years Later: Where It’s At And Where It’s Headed

We take a look at the current state of the x275 class with creator John Sears, promotor Jason Miller, and frontrunner racer Ron Rhodes as they share their thoughts on where the class is and where it's headed. Read More

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Michael Johnson: An Introduction To The Dragzine Faithful

I am for all things fast, which includes Mustangs, Camaros, Mopars, Buicks, and whatever else you guys can come up with. Read More


Our Predictions: The 2015 NHRA Professional Champions

In what's become an annual tradition here on Dragzine, we take a crack at predicting the NHRA professional class champions on the eve of the season kickoff in Pomona. Read More

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Wolf’s Word: Is Drag Racing Performance Progressing Too Quickly?

Drag racing has seen an explosion in technology and on-track performances in recent seasons, but is it smart business to allow classes to spiral out of control in such short order? Read More

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Susan Wade: Sheikh, Rattle, And Knoll: Al-Anabi Exit Case Of Deja Vu

Alan Johnson and Al-Anabi Racing today are linked only in drag-racing history. But Johnson is back on the track with driver Shawn Langdon, his hope for a fourth Winternationals victory in six years. Read More


Tech5: TREND Performance’s Steve Rhodey Talks Pushrod Design

In this installment of EngineLabs Tech5 feature, TREND Performance's Steve Rhodey discusses pushrod specifics, valvetrain failures, and more. We've pumped him for the answers to ten questions this time around. Read More

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Departure Of Al-Anabi Racing Not News To Take Lightly

Al-Anabi Racing's departure is another definitive blow for professional drag racing, leaving many employees in search of work with the race season looming, and it's not something any of us should be applauding. Read More


We Rank ‘Em: The Top Ten Biggest, Baddest Runs Of 2014!

We've charted all the biggest, baddest, most spectacular runs of the 2014 season from around the world and ranked them in our Top 10 list of runs of the year. Did we get it right? You tell us! Read More

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Wolf’s Word: Import Racing Powers Its Way Back Onto The Map

With import racers from a number of nations locked in a seesaw battle to record the first five-second pass, the once-heralded drag racing niche is gaining ground on -- and respect from -- the masses. Read More


Should NHRA Have Uniform Standard For Its National-Event Tracks?

Rather than beat a dead horse regarding the Charlotte facility and it's troubles last month, the suggestion here is to use this incident as a trigger for a discussion about the quality of its venues. Read More


Wolf’s Word: The Drag Race Where Nothing Seemed Impossible

Those who were there will be telling of the epic Outlaw Pro Mod battle at the Street Car Super Nationals St. Louis for years to come, but what does it all mean to the sport of drag racing? Read More


Question Of The Week: What Will Be The Winning ET At Drag Week 2014?

Who will win the Unlimited class at Drag Week this year, and what will their winning elapsed time be? Do you think we'll see anyone dip into the 6.30's or 40's? Read More


Wolf’s Word: Thoughts And Ramblings – Part Deux

As promised, this month’s Wolf’s Word is the second of a two-part look at the unscientific, uncalculated thoughts of your Editor on a range of topics concerning every corner of the sport of drag racing. Read More


Question Of The Week: Who’s Gonna’ Sponsor John Force?

As John Force's run with Castrol and Ford draw to a close later this year, speculation continues about who will fill their place. We want to know: who do you think will sponsor 'the champ'? Read More


Question Of The Week: Radials Or 10.5’s First To the 3’s?

The race to the threes is most certainly on, but which tire will get there first: the 315 radial tire 'Radial vs The World' cars or Outlaw 10.5? Read More


Susan Wade: NHRA Needs To Make Hard Budgeting Decisions

If American auto racing can’t make significant progress on the revenue-stream front, then all sanctions are forced to concentrate on the cost-cutting end. And that’s a pressing need for the NHRA. Read More

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