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PRW Industries Reintroduces Fall Rocker Arm Rebates

PRW Industries has announced that they have reintroduced their popular Rocker Arm Rebates for the fall season, offering prepaid Visa gift card rebates on selector products. Read More


Chevy Tough Video: Drag Racing ’55 Chevy Rolls 4-Times At PPIR

Are cars built safer today? Ask the drag racer that rolled his '55 Chevy four-times at PPIR, who had his seat belts fail, and was thrown through the front windshield and walked away. Watch the video here. Read More


Video: Mitsubishi Eclipse Packs a 6.2-Liter Surprise Under the Hood

This LS-powered Mitsubishi Eclipse doesn't know its own strength--especially when nitrous get added into the mix! Watch the owner blaze his creation down the track and break out into 9-second territory. Read More


Damion Gardner Goes 200 MPH At Bonneville In A Sprint Car

Sprint car veteran Damion Gardner took a car that normally goes fast and turns left and made it go over 200 MPH in a straight line at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Read More

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KBX Performance Delivers First Turn-Key X275 Radial Tire Car

KBX Performance has raised the bar even higher in X275 with their first in-house build for Missouri racer, Jared Johnston. Read More


Free Precision Turbo & Engine Giveaway For Fans At NHRA St. Louis

Precision Turbo and Engine is proud to be the presenting sponsor for the NHRA Pro Mod series at the next NHRA race in St. Louis, MO beginning September 25th. Read More


Chassisworks Components Power Bob Guido’s Mustang At Drag Week

After damaging his '69 Mustang in a crash last year at Drag Week, Canadian Bob Guido built a new car, complete with suspension components from Chris Alston's Chassisworks, and returned to compete once again. Read More

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X275 Behind-The-Scenes: Travis Burger’s Unique “Fordmaro”

Missouri racer Travis Burger is hard at work on this very unique X275 Chevrolet Camaro that sport, of all things, turbocharged power from a small block Ford. Read More


CPR Racing Introduces New Universal Bypass Fuel Regulators

CPR Racing's new universal bypass fuel pressure regulators help your machine create awesome power at all times. Two available AN fittings, adjustable PSI pressure, and an anodized finish make these parts great. Read More


SAM Racing May Try Variable Cam Timing in Engine Masters

SAM Racing may try variable valve timing with its 2014 entry in the Engine Masters. The Ford Mod motors are no longer legal, and EngineLabs has the inside scoop on the SAM team's plans to win back the title! Read More


Video: Former Pro Mod Ace Quain Stott Makes Epic Save In His Gasser

Check out this video, where former IHRA Pro Mod World Champion Quain Stott wheels his "new" ride, a Gasser-style '41 Willys out of a near-disaster at Rockingham, where the South East Gassers ran with the PDRA. Read More


ProTorque Powers winners, Record-Setters At Drag Week

If you look up the word “domination” in the dictionary this week, you’re likely to find reference to ProTorque converters at Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week. Read More


Quarter-Max’s Universal Carbon Transmission Tunnel

Saving weight is an essential aspect of high-performance racing. With Quarter-Max's new universal carbon fiber transmission tunnel, you can have your lightweight, highly durable cake and eat it too. Read More

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Drag Racer Dan Parker’s Quest For The Salt

After a crash that left him blind, drag racer Dan Parker decided he wasn't going to let his disability keep him from the sport he loves and began laying the ground work for the next stage of his racing career Read More


It’s Official: Angelle Sampey Is Back in the Saddle at Dallas

ng press conference in Charlotte, Star Racing announced that Angelle will return to Star Racing for the entire 2015 Star Racing 35th Anniversary season as well as a few races in 2014. Read More

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Video: Wild Street Nitrous Explosion Blows Nova’s Hood Open

Nitrous can be a great way to make big power, but can also be a a great way to send your hood into low orbit. This radial tire racer found out the hard way what happens when things go wrong the giggle juice. Read More

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