Stockholm Top Ten Battle: Nitrous Volvo vs Boosted Volvo

The crew from Street Outlaws aren't the only ones going big in street racing. Check out two bad ass Volvo wagons as they battle for a spot in the Stockholm Top Ten. Read More

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VIDEO: Chris Cadotto Faces Blaze In His “Big Red Brick” Pickup

Chris Cadotto faced an intense explosion in his popular "Big Red Brick" Dodge Ram pickup at Milan Dragway. Peek inside at the video and find out just how hot the cab got during the inferno. It was intense! Read More


Dart Machinery Expanding; New 82,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Purchased

Dart Machinery's just-purchased, 82,000-square-foot facility will allow them to consolidate operations under one roof. President Richard Maskin explains what this means to the company. Read More

Mazda 1

Video: 9-Second Wankel-powered Mazda 323 Rips Up The Track In Oz

This mighty Mazda is packing some serious heat under the hood and it has the time slips to prove it. Check out this video of the rotary under the hood doing some work and running in the 9's! Read More


Tim McAmis Launches Ultimate Carbon Fiber Transmission Tunnel Kits

If carbon fiber is the way you've got to go, then the Tim McAmis Performance Parts Ultimate Carbon Fiber Transmission Tunnel Kit is for you. The panels are large enough to occupy any interior. Check it out! Read More


Brown, Beckman, McGaha, Hines Win Rainy Keystone Nationals

Antron Brown increased his 2015 Countdown to the Championship round record to 12-0 with his Top Fuel victory Sunday at the NHRA Keystone Nationals. Read More


Video: From The WTF Files – Crazy Comp Crash From The Keystones

We've seen some crazy video clips over the years, but this one is truly one of the most bizarre we have encountered. Check it out, and see if you can help us understand exactly what happened! Read More


Strange Engineering Releases New Adjustable Aluminum Shocks

Strange's new Adjustable Aluminum Shocks make tuning your suspension easy and are available in both single and double adjustable configurations. Check them out here! Read More

Hughes fluid

Hughes Performance Jumps Into The Transmission Fluids Game

The transmission and torque converter giant introduces its Xtreme Series Street Strip Synthetic Type F transmission fluid. Hughes Performance is aiming to be a one-stop transmission source for your drag needs. Read More

Watson 4

Watson Engineering First To The 8s With An IRS-Equipped 2015 Mustang

The Mustang performance trendsetter raises the 2015 Mustang GT bar...or should we say lowers it into the 8s with a Whipple supercharger and the factory IRS. Watson Engineering runs an 8.90 at 153 mph. Read More


Meziere Enterprises Launches New User-Friendly Website

The company hopes to expand its customer base with the new user-friendly portal to the online world. Meziere is known for its line of electric, mechanical, and remote water pumps, but it's so much more than that. Read More

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Video: Street Outlaws’ Andrade vs Larry Larson’s Chevy II

Drag Week pioneer Larry Larson and Street Outlaws' John Andrade, Jr plowed through the field at the Annual Mustang/F-Body Meet in Kansas City, MO to meet in the finals! Check out their race here! Read More

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Video: Hyper Max 6 Sec Tripple Turbo Diesel Dragster!

This diesel rail features and International powerplant and triple-compound turbo setup! How much boost are they putting through this car to run in the 6 sec range? Read More

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Video: “The Mistress” Twin-Turbo Nova Hits The Street

Does Shawn Wilhoit's big-block- twin-turbocharged Nova have enough to take on the 405? Watch this monster make a hit on the street and decide for yourself. Read More


Tool Time Thursday: Optima’s Digital 1200 Charger and Maintainer

The Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger and Maintainer features a battery maintainer port and a cable for when your hot rod is tucked away for a long winter's nap. Read More


Mike Knowles Takes “Mob Edition” Pro Mod Mustang To Winners Circle

Mike Knowles drove his Tim McAmis Race Cars-built, 'Mob Edition' 1967 Mustang to its first NHRA Pro Mod victory Sunday at the Midwest Nationals in St. Louis. Read More

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