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The Difference Is In The Details: Mike Bowen’s Coyote Stock Maverick

Interested in the NMRA's Coyote Stock class? Check out what Mike Bowen built for competition in the sealed crate-engine class - a 1971 Maverick, found on eBay! Read More


BTR Performance, Bill Trovato, and One Mean 5th Gen!

So how does a guy go from specializing in classic Oldsmobile musclecars to racing a 5th Gen Camaro? It's not as big a jump as it might seem, once you know the backstory... Read More


Matt Happel’s Newest 9-Second Junkyard Fairmont ‘Sleeper’

Matt Happel is at it again with another epic 'sleeper' of a Ford Fairmont, this time pairing a 5.3L junkyard truck motor with a billet turbo and other upgrades-on-the-cheap to go well into the nines at over 145 MPH! Read More


Readers’ Rides: The Beedy & Malloy Front-Engine A/Fuel Dragster

Illinois natives Robert and Daneen Malloy own the beautiful Beedy & Malloy injected nitro-burning A/Fuel Dragster that's driven by "Diamond" Dave Brown Read More


Mickey Tessneer’s ‘Green Reaper’ Leaf Spring Chevy Nova

Mickey Tessneer and his killer 1966 Nova, "The Green Reaper" have broken the bar in half when it comes to clean race cars. This small tire wonder can turn on the win light and take home best in show. Read More


Reader’s Rides: The Buckles Family’s Trio Of Weekend Warrior Fords

This weeks Reader’s Rides is a true team effort, with a trio of weekend warrior Ford’s from the 1960's, 80's, and 90's campaigned by the Buckles family from Tennessee. Read More


Dark Knight Races: Ron And Jerico Balduf’s New ’41 Willys Pro Mod

Florida racers Ron and Jerico Balduf will be carrying this sharp, Batman-themed '41 Willys built by Coast Chassis Design and powered by a Jan-Cen Hemi into NHRA Pro Mod battle this season. Read More


Kevin Volk’s New GT500 From Victory Racecraft For NMRA/NMCA Action

A Dragzine Exclusive - Kevin Volk's new Victory Racecraft-built GT500 is one of the cleanest machines we've seen in quite some time, and it's scheduled to make a debut later on this season in NMRA and NMCA action. Read More


Standing Out: Barry Lutz’ Outlaw 275 Drag Radial Chevelle

Creating a car that stands apart from the crowd in the highly competitive 275 drag radial class is extremely difficult, yet this is exactly what Barry Lutz has accomplished with his stunning Outlaw Radial Chevelle. Read More


Reader’s Rides: Todd Buckbee’s Gorgeous 1964 Nova Bracket Warrior

We’re back with the final Reader’s Rides for the month of February, and we’ve got quite a piece to bring you this week, with this gorgeous 1964 Chevy Nova that was sent to us by its very proud owner Todd Buckb Read More


Reader’s Rides: A Pair Of Potent Nitrous-Fed 8-Second Chevrolets!

This week's edition of Reader's Rides brings us a pair of very quick rides, including John Dougherty's mean little Chevy S-10 and Greg Seher's show-quality '67 Camaro, both of which have been in the eights! Read More


Mike Meyers’ LS Corvairs – One Heck of a Pair of Chevys

We've pretty much seen it all when it comes to LS-powered vehicles, but every once in awhile we run across a vehicle that expands the modern Chevy-powered family a bit further. Mike Meyers' Corvairs are just that! Read More


Reader’s Rides: 1,200 HP F-150 Pickup And A Sleek ’70 Challenger

The rides keep pouring in and we've got a fresh new round of killer machines from our faithful readers, including a street and strip terror of a Ford pickup and a sleek Dodge Challenger bracket warrior! Read More


Factory Fast: Dave Bridgewater’s 2012 COPO Camaro

Take a look at an awesome COPO Camaro, owned and operated by Dave Bridgewater, and check out the story of how he obtained such a beastly, rare factory hot rod. Read More


Reader’s Rides: Featuring A Duece And A ‘Digger’!

The first-ever Reader’s Rides published last week was a certifiable hit, and we’re back with another fresh round of sweet whips from the Dragzine faithful, featuring one with doors and one without. Read More


Wes Goddard’s Wild Six-Second Top Sportsman ’58 Nash Metropolitan

Wes Goddard's 1958 Nash Metropolitan is one of the most unique Top Sportsman cars out there. Packing a pair of turbos, this small, short-wheelbase car make for an insane ride as it franks off 6-second, 200 MPH laps. Read More