Behind-The-Scenes Race Car Build-Up At Rick Jones And Quarter-Max

Rick Jones Race Cars and Quarter-Max take us inside their Galesburg, Illinois facility for a walk-through of the construction of a pair of 2012 Chevrolet Camaro Super Gas racing machines. Read More


Pro Mod Champ Rickie Smith Ready To Rock Again

Rickie Smith is rarin' to go for a third consecutive NHRA Pro Modified championship. "Right now I'm going to roll another year," he said. "I plan on going out there and aggravating them guys another year." Read More


BirdDoc: The Six-Speed GT500 Record Holder And Its High Flying Pilot

What does it take to set the six-speed GT500 record? We take a look at Mark Duber's London Chassis Dyno built BES and Kenne Bell Powered GT500. This T-56 Magnum equipped beast granny shifted to an 8.80 ET at MIR. Read More


Feature: Paja Agatonovic’s Stunning Outlaw 10.5 ’69 Camaro

With 903 cubic inches of nitrous-fed horsepower under the hood and more chrome and polish than you can shake a stick at, Paja Agatonovic's '69 Camaro is one of the baddest Outlaw 10.5 cars anywhere in the world. Read More

121-ProModVon Smith-Sun-Englishtown

Departure Of Al-Anabi Racing Not News To Take Lightly

Al-Anabi Racing's departure is another definitive blow for professional drag racing, leaving many employees in search of work with the race season looming, and it's not something any of us should be applauding. Read More


We Rank ‘Em: The Top Ten Biggest, Baddest Runs Of 2014!

We've charted all the biggest, baddest, most spectacular runs of the 2014 season from around the world and ranked them in our Top 10 list of runs of the year. Did we get it right? You tell us! Read More


Interview: Dan Scheid Discusses Diesel Performance

We get the opportunity to set one on one with Dan Scheid of Scheid Diesel. We talk fuel, turbochargers, motorsports and emissions. Find out why he says the day of p-pumps is coming to a close. Read More


’72 Buick Riviera Powered By A 24V Cummins Tearing Up The Street!

A wolf in sheep’s clothes! This Riviera appears to be quite docile, but the compound 24 valve hiding under the hood; isn’t to be messed with. Check out this ’72 Riviera that Brandon Carr has created. Read More


Valve Seats: Will 50- or 55-degree Angles Work For Your Engine?

Very few race engines run a 45-degree valve seat anymore, but that doesn't mean a 50- or 55-degree seat works on the street. Experts weigh in on selecting the right valve-seat angle for your engine. Read More


86-Year Old Radial Racer Willard Kinzer Proving Age Still A Number

Nearing his 87th birthday and 70th wedding anniversary, young-at-heart racer Willard Kinzer is still proving to the world that age is just a number, doing so one low four-second pass on Drag Radials at a time. Read More

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PRI 2014: Next Generation WinDyn Software Coming From SuperFlow

The next version of SuperFlow's popular WinDyn data acquisition software is scheduled to be released next year. Check out the video to learn more and take a peek at more SuperFlow products. Read More


Never-Run 2012 COPO Camaro “Barn Find” Pulled From Dust And Cobwebs

The crew at ATI Performance Products pulled this 2012 Camaro - 1 of 69 built - that had never turned a tire on a race track from the dusty corner of a shop and have given it a new lease on life. Read More

pri-2014-vortech-gets-charged8 copy

PRI 2014: Vortech Upgraded Billet Impellers Make More Power

Vortech is hitting the streets and racetracks of America hot and heavy with their new billet-impeller YSi and Xi supercharger designs. Also new this year is an EcoBoost Mustang intercooler. Read More

dynolead copy

PRI 2014: DynoJet’s 3rd-party Controllers For Precise Dyno Tuning

DynoJet is making life easier for vehicle tuners by integrating select 3rd-part controllers into its Power Core software. That means the tuner can see more vehicle information during the dyno run to spot problems. Read More


PRI 2014: Fel-Pro’s Gasket Expertise, and Real World Testing Methods

We took some time at the PRI show to chat with Federal Mogul about gasket technology, and the importance of the Fel-Pro Field Test Garage, where their products are put through real world testing by employees. Read More


PRI 2014: Deatschwerks Introduces DV2 Injectors and DW400 Pump

Deatschwerks was showing off their 1,500cc DV2 injectors, based on the latest technology, during the PRI show. They were also showing off their super high flowing DW400 in-tank fuel pump that will be released soon. Read More

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