Savage Chevy: Tony Basso’s Blown Outlaw 10.5 Nova

Tony Basso's classic 1967 Nova is brutally quick and makes a ton of noise, and that's exactly how he likes it. It's all he wants out of a race car and more. Read More

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Improving Cylinder Head Flow With SuperFlow

Getting the best flow characteristics out of cylinder heads takes know-how. With the P-D valve from RTS Tooling SuperFlow helps us take out the guesswork. Read More

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Babe Of The Month: Sitting Down With The Lively, Bubbly Dani Medin

Taking time out of her busy schedule, we were able to chat with the stunning and witty Dani Medin. Click here to learn more about Dani, which stretches from her lifestyle to what makes her day. Read More


Protecting Your Asset: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Safety Seats

While there is some debate as to what design makes for the safest racing seat, simply knowing what you need, and how to properly install it in your race car, is half the battle. Read More


Brittany Force Rises Quickly Above Shaky Start

Once John Force found the right mix of personnel to direct daughter Brittany’s Top Fuel efforts, performance improved for the entire organization. Her No. 1 ranking is proof she's headed in the right direction Read More


Hemi For The Water: Amphibious Motorsports

Building a Hemi for a Lucas Oil Drag Boat series Pro-Mod is a serious task. We had a look into the evolution of one teams powerplant program. Read More


Top 10: The Baddest Small-Tire Street Cars Of Florida’s “352”

We selected 10 of the baddest small-tire street cars of the 352 area code in Central Florida at Gainesville Raceway's first ever Small Tire shootout. Go under the hood as we show you what makes them tick. Read More


Wolf’s Word: No Prep Racing Is A Return To Drag Racing’s Beginnings

No prep racing, despite its taboo nature, has all the makings of a redux of the early days of drag racing, when the cars were real, the racers were average joes, and the racing was simple. Read More


Top Fuel Community Reacts To Bob Vandergriff Racing Shutdown

Uncertainty abounds following Bob Vandergriff’s decision Monday to shutter his Top Fuel operation, but the former driver turned team owner says 22 years is enough. Read More


Feature: Jim Laurita’s McAmis Camaro Ready To Storm PDRA

Jim Laurita's new Camaro has been set up for PDRA Pro Nitrous; Tim McAmis, Brandon Switzer, and Chris Bell have pulled out all the stops on this machine. Find out more about this potent racer and his program here! Read More


Feature: Jeff Kinsler’s Pontiac-Powered Ultra Street Firebird

With a 500-inch Pontiac for power underneath his 1968 Firebird, Delaware's Jeff Kinsler's represents a rare breed in heads-up racing -- he's also highly competitive, busing into the 4.80s and garnering some wins. Read More


Pro Street Beast: Dennis Deveau’s ’57 Chevy Is Blowing It Big Time

Dennis Deveau always had a dream to build a 1957, and after a long wait his dream came to life. His dream car is the type of car that grabs attention no matter where it is due to the big blower and amazing detail. Read More


Despite Victory In Opener, Smith Not Keen On New Pro Mod Rules

Nitrous-powered Rickie Smith won the NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod Series opener at Gainesville, Florida but that hasn’t changed his opinion that the new rules still favor the turbocharged set. See his Plan B for 2 Read More


Nostalgic: Tod Barker’s Period Correct Ford Anglia

After sitting for 22 years this Ford Anglia turned into full-blown competitive nostalgic gasser, and showed up to the March Meet in some awesome new paint. Read More


Pro Stock Adapts Quicker Than Expected To Costly Changes

Some felt the pinch more than others did. One benefited from the kindness of an affluent team owner. But NHRA Pro Stock drivers responded better than expected to radical tech changes as the season began at Pomona. Read More

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Safety Wire Your Way To Racing Reliability

Safety wire is a racing mechanic's best friend when it comes to preventing hardware from loosening and causing problems, see how to do it properly. Read More

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