Shannon Morgan: The First Lady Of No Prep Racing

As a female race promoter, Texan Shannon Morgan is already a rare breed, but she's also a hard-working businesswoman, a mother to an 11-year old son, and a highly-respected voice in the No Prep racing world.Read More


Despite Painful Setbacks, Pro Nitrous’ Chris Rini Is Still Driven

Pro Nitrous competitor Chris Rini had high, but realistic, hopes for 2016 in debuting a brand new race car, but nothing could have prepared him for the start to his season. Read More


The Street Outlaws: A Visit To Midwest Street Cars Automotive In OKC

We recently took a tour of the Midwest Street Cars Automotive and spent some time chatting with Justin "Big Chief" Shearer and Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington, the stars of Street Outlaws.Read More


Blazing Trails: The Soon-To-Be Fastest Trailblazer SS Ever

While Kyle Brixey's story starts like many before it, it's on a trajectory to end with his 2009 Trailblazer SS being hands down the fastest in the nation.Read More


Clearing Up Mod Motor Misconceptions With John Mihovetz

John Mihovetz's racing portfolio makes him the ideal candidate to rifle through the common misconceptions that surround the coveted mod motor platform.Read More


Wolf’s Word: The Unlikely Marriage Of Street Racing And The NHRA

Can the NHRA and street racers (and the Street Outlaws) really work in harmony without overstepping their theoretical boundaries? I’d answer that with an emphatic yes and no.Read More


Grocery Getter: Aussie Scott Sharpe’s Big-Block Valiant Wagon

Australian Scott Sharpe turned this Valiant wagon on its head, purchasing the car online and transforming it into a big-block Mopar-powered brawler fit for street or track duty.Read More


Q&A: Peter Clifford Discusses The NHRA’s Direction At Mid-Season

NHRA President Peter Clifford maintains an optimistic outlook about the growth of organized drag racing and remains steadfast in broadcasting the company’s commitment to safe racing in a controlled environment. Read More


Mighty Mopar: Ryan Milliken’s Wicked Nine-Second Diesel Dodge Truck

There is nothing small about Ryan Milliken's love for racing, or his Dodge Ram known as "Mini-Wheat. This twin-turbo diesel powered monster makes some serious power, and lays down single-digit passes at the track.Read More


Rick Jones Slows Things Down With Modernized ’49 Chevy Pickup

Rick Jones Race Cars and Quarter-Max have outfitted many of their drag race-proven parts on a custom 1949 Chevrolet pickup that serves as Jones' joyride machine, with a ride quality "as good as a new truck".Read More

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We Follow Along As Larry Dixon Builds An LT4-Powered ’66 Nova

How many of us have put our cars in storage to pursue our careers? Larry Dixon did just that many years ago. Now, he has the opportunity to enjoy his classic Nova once again. Find out what's in store.Read More


Hired Gun: A Chat With Doorslammer Veteran Rob “The Gangsta” Valden

Rob Valden ranks among the top small-tire racers in the business, having raced everything with doors over the years with great success. Check out this look at "The Gangsta" and his storied racing career.Read More


Video: Hemi Under Glass Does A Shake, Rattle, And Roll With Jay Leno

Jay Leno wanted to fulfill his bucket list and go for a ride in the famous Hemi Under Glass Barracuda. Things didn't quite go as planned, so we called up driver Bob Riggle to get the full story.Read More


Kirk Marburger’s 8-Second 1966 Twin Turbo Chevy Nova

Kirk Marburger has always been a life-long GM musclecar lover, but his 1966 Nova is more than a car, its an amazing bond between two friends that just so happens to be a rowdy, boosted, eight second street car.Read More


The Yetti: Jimmy Dolan’s Roaring Twin Turbo 4-Second Ford Lighting

Jimmy Dolan's Ford Lighting known as the Yetti is truly a monster that began life as a simple street driver, but now is packing twin turbo power under the hood.Read More


‘Full House’ Guerilla Tactics Bring “Big Chief” And NHRA Together

"Street Outlaws" boss "Big Chief" has settled his disagreement with the NHRA - or vice versa - and he's extolling the virtues of safer racing . . . and scoping out the NHRA landscape.Read More

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