Performance Design Release Carbon TR Intake for LS Applications

Performance Design's new Carbon TR Intake Manifold for LS applications was designed and manufactured with performance and function in mind. Check it out here! Read More


Between The Joints: Installing A Carbon Fiber Driveshaft From QA1

Carbon fiber has been used in a variety of motorsports, from kart racing to formula one. QA1 now offers carbon fiber driveshafts that can withstand up to 2,000 horsepower and up to 1,500 lb-ft or torque. Read More

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Mark Williams Enterprises Racing Calculators Eliminate The Guesswork

Whether you're constructing a new project or race car, or are busy making your plans for next season and know some changes are in order, these calculators from Mark Williams Enterprises can provide valuable data. Read More


Pevlor Finding His Stride In Ultra Street With Nitrous Pro-Flow

Shawn Pevlor has found his stride rolling into the back half of the season, much of the reason being his new Nitrous Pro-Flow Crossbar plate system. Read More


Video: Newman Wins Most Violent Award at Wheelstand Competition

Byron Dragway hosts the World Power Wheelstand Championships annually and this year was full of excitement, including Wes Newman taking home the Most Violent Award. Check out his monster wheelstand here! Read More


Video: Turbo 4-Cylinder Puts On A Clinic At KOTS!

Everybody loves a good underdog story, CDub Racing took their 2.0L, single turbocharged import to KOTS and put the big cubic inch V8 warriors in the Gangster category on notice! Read More


Mickey Thompson Propels Radial Cars Into 3s With New Pro Drag Radial

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels is expanding their market with the newest tire on the racing market, the 3062R Pro Drag Radial. Check out how the new tire performed at No Mercy VI! Read More


Video: On Board With A Nostalgia Nitro Dragster

Ever want to take a nitro dragster for a quick trip down the track but don't have the funds? Well, Les Mayhew gives you that feeling without putting the screws to your bank account in this killer video! Read More


611 Cubes Of Big-block Ford Fury From Straub Technologies

Pulling truck engines require development in different areas from a traditional drag race build. Scott Foxwell of Straub Technologies explains the thought process behind this 611-cube big-block Ford. Read More


4th Energy Suspension NMCA WEST Street Car Nationals Test And Tune

VP Racing Fuels NMCA WEST season hit the strip at Fontana towards the end of September, and we spent the day Friday for the Test and Tune sessions and spoke to a couple of drivers about their experiences. Read More


Stockholm Top Ten Battle: Nitrous Volvo vs Boosted Volvo

The crew from Street Outlaws aren't the only ones going big in street racing. Check out two bad ass Volvo wagons as they battle for a spot in the Stockholm Top Ten. Read More


Helmet Selection, How Much Is Your Head Worth?

Modern helmet technology has come a long way in the last 50 years, leather caps have given way to space-age composites. Take a look at some of the considerations when selecting a helmet, manufacturing, and testing. Read More

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VIDEO: Chris Cadotto Faces Blaze In His “Big Red Brick” Pickup

Chris Cadotto faced an intense explosion in his popular "Big Red Brick" Dodge Ram pickup at Milan Dragway. Peek inside at the video and find out just how hot the cab got during the inferno. It was intense! Read More

54-gallon drum BlownZ

The Story Of 16: VP Racing Fuels’ X16 vs C16 vs Q16

A comparison of VP Racing Fuels' C16, X16, and Q16. What makes them different from each other, and which is the one that will most benefit your drag car? The answers are inside. Read More


Ohio Valley Raceway’s Terry Huff Talks Dollars And Sense

From feast to famine, floods to packed stands, Ohio Valley's Terry Huff tells all on the challenges of operating an 1/8-mile drag strip full-time in today's difficult racing economy. Read More

Hornback 3

High School Hot Rod: Rick Hornback And His Open Comp ’69 Chevelle

From high school transportation to a 9-second stick car, Rick Hornback's 1969 Chevelle has come a long way in the almost 40 years he's owned the car. He hopes to step it up in the future as well. Read More

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The Head To Toe Billet LS Next2 Engine Build With Late Model Engines

The latest and greatest in LS race engine development is on full display in this in-depth article on the state-of-the-art Dart LS Next2 billet engine block buildup. Come on in for the full details! Read More


Dart Machinery Expanding; New 82,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Purchased

Dart Machinery's just-purchased, 82,000-square-foot facility will allow them to consolidate operations under one roof. President Richard Maskin explains what this means to the company. Read More

Mazda 1

Video: 9-Second Wankel-powered Mazda 323 Rips Up The Track In Oz

This mighty Mazda is packing some serious heat under the hood and it has the time slips to prove it. Check out this video of the rotary under the hood doing some work and running in the 9's! Read More


Tim McAmis Launches Ultimate Carbon Fiber Transmission Tunnel Kits

If carbon fiber is the way you've got to go, then the Tim McAmis Performance Parts Ultimate Carbon Fiber Transmission Tunnel Kit is for you. The panels are large enough to occupy any interior. Check it out! Read More

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